MBTI Getting Food!


This is MBTI Getting Food!

ESTP- “Let’s get food.” (Dom Se, so is the first person to mention it)

ENTP- “No, let’s get this food!” Always debating on what to get)

ENFP- “What kind of Food?” (Indecisive, so just asks what kind)

ESFP- “Omg, I want food!” (All excitable and wants to be in the crowd)

INFP- “I’ll make the food.” (The most creative type here making the best food)

ENFJ/ESFJ- “Do you want food?” (Caring for other people with their Fe)

ESFJ- “Okay let’s get food.” (Agreeable so goes along with it)

ISFP- “Food is bae.” (It’s Before Anyone Else)

ISTP- “Give me food.” (don’t mess with ISTP’s food, just give it to them)

INTP- “What is… food?” (Id Ni always questioning stuff…)

INTJ- “Food is this, that comes from this and does this” (Damn id Ti going everywhere)

ENTJ- “Food is this dammit short and simple.” (Being all aggressive just trying to eat)

INFJ- “Wait, why do we need to eat?” (Dom Ni now coming to play…)

ESTJ- “Shut the F**k up and eat.” (Aggressive ass ESTJ)

ISFJ- “Guys chill, just eat.” (aux Fe trying to create peace for everyone)

ISTJ- “Finally now we can just eat but remember-” (Here comes Mr. Si talking about food…)

This was a little modified from my original Instagram post but I’m going to try to make new content and tell me what you guys think!


Lol…this is brilliant - could picture the whole scenario too like a play but as an exemplary comedy on MBTI types and functions! Lol.

Oh yeah and these two were especially funny but so true:


Ahahaha! Thanks! At first when I made this it wasn’t intentional but eventually it started to become that way.