MBTI system model comparison


so I was thinking about how I can relate each position of mb functions to a model.
here’s what I got.
please feel free to correct me.

if the whole car is their mbti function,
the ego, first function, is the body of the car.
the id, sixth function, is the engine.
the auxiliary, second function, is the fuel.
the tertiary, third function, is the luxury add-ons.
the inferior, fourth function, is the tires.
superego, seventh function, is the brakes
eight functions, whatever that’s called, is the spoiler
fifth function, I call it the “switch function”, is the rear view mirror.

what do you guys think?
I have my reasons but I don’t feel like explaining, maybe try to use it on your own type and see if it makes sense.

as for me
the ego, I think the outer shell of the car is what defines the car. something we can easily identify with. something everyone can see.

the tires are inferior, because without the tires, where is the car going? it might be small compared to everything else around the car but it’s very important.

superego is brakes, because I think sometimes we have to give ourself a brake, for maybe other people’s sake, and for our own health, we don’t have to brake all the time, but it’s pretty important to brake when needed.

fuel for auxiliary, because car cannot move without enough fuel, we need to refill our auxiliary function to keep us going. whether it’s something you do or express or feed, without proper use of auxiliary we ain’t going nowhere.

and id for engine because it’s something we don’t recognize right away until we open the hood, and engine is hot when it’s running, and it’s complicated, and it kinda works with the fuel, auxiliary. something we’re born with? what is a car without an engine? where is the core that moves the car? true car mechanic would say the engine defines the car, not the exterior shell.

rear view mirrors for fifth function because it can be useful sometimes. it might not be necessary and easily ignored but it doesn’t hurt to check our mirrors.

luxury add-ons for tertiary. It’s something we like messing around with. whether it is Bluetooth radio, seat heater, or whatever it may be. it’s definitely nice to have. who doesn’t wanna have add-ons? but it’s not absolutely necessary. but something we wanna toy with?

spoiler for eighth function. because who gives a fuck about a spoiler on a car? it’s something most people don’t care about having. we can do with or without. but most people prefer no spoiler. if you can have a spoiler, then cool, but like wtf?

i know it’s not in order but I just freestyled it so it’s whatever.

let me know what you guys think :thinking:


just in case for who don’t know what “spoiler” is

that thing. it looks kinda ridiculous doesn’t it?

this is how it looks where you’re doing the eighth function too much. it looks ridiculous.

and this is what happens when your inferior function is doing too much

yeah… that’s not even good for your engine.

and this is inferior grip

and then it becomes

then this…

and with mirrors in the car, there is a blind-spot.
so using a fifth function, you won’t have all the clear vision.

unless you attach a blind-spot mirror.


Ha, the pictures makes it even more hilarious!
I don’t even know much about cars, but I liked your associations.
I think tertiary can be more something like cruise control or automatic vs standard drive gear shifting or general dash controls. Something pretty important to ensure a smooth ride, but you might be able to rough it without them.


oh yeah that’s exactly what I was going for haha
so I can see cruise control as that too