Meanings behind names


What do you think about your name? Do you like it? Does it suit you? Have you looked up what it meant, or where it originated from? Have you ever wanted to change it?


how about you??


I have a strange relationship with my name. I don’t particularly like it but nothing else would really fit. When I was younger and my parents’ attained naturalized citizenship, I had an opportunity to change my name. My Dad wanted it to be “Angelique” or “Amelie” since he spoke fluent French, but I didn’t want to change it.

Then there’s this weirdness since my name isn’t Anh, it’s Van-Anh, but no one calls me that, sometimes my parents. But rarely. No one pronounces it correctly, so everytime I hear my actual name, it weird.

A while back I did some research on my name: (Cloud petals or petals of a cloud is what my Mom was going for)
VÂN f & m Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 雲 (vân) meaning “cloud”.

ANH m & f Vietnamese
This name is frequently combined with a middle name to create a compound name; the meaning of Anh changes depending on the Sino-Vietnamese characters underlying the compound. It is often from Sino-Vietnamese 英 (anh) meaning “flower, petal, brave, hero”, though in compounds it often takes on the meaning “intelligent, bright”.

Hm, I brought this up since we were chatting about Murakami in the previous thread. In his novels, he pays particular attention to names. Names and fate and destiny.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: the Main character had four best friends each named after a color, while his name wasn’t.

South of the Border, West of the Sun: Protagonist Hajime-- there’s a good portion dedicated to his name, meaning the first, and existential meaning it brought onto him.

So I wonder if anyone else had connections with their name, or is it just a niche thing. But I try to avoid asking for people’s name directly to avoid breaking privacy.

What about you Super? Thoughts?


How would you write it out to show someone how to pronounce it? The writing Van-Anh is beautiful. I love names and their sounds and histories and meanings. I love naming my characters.


well well well! thanks for sharing!

i think your name truly does suits you well.

both Cloud and Intelligence.

it’s cool how you use the name Anh most of the time, because you are intelligent. that’s for sure.

and the cloud, i guess my interpretation is that you cannot be controlled, and you are flexible, like you can be a different shape anytime.
because cloud cannot be controlled. it is only controlled by the air. and air flows.
so your shape and form flows with the air going through the motion.
it also correlates to your atittude, like…
okay i’m gonna quote you.

and yeah.

another meaning of cloud is sort of ambiguity.
again. quoting you.

yeah. so i think it does suits you well.

btw. i know i’m kinda oddly good at quoting people on this website, but it only takes me a few seconds.
i have this weird skill at recalling things when i need to.

it’s like a double-edged sword. i can use it against you or for you. but 99% of the time use it as a tool.

so for my name. i won’t reveal what my name is because of privacy reasons.

but if you’re smart enough you might even be able to figure it out if i tell you the meanings.

i have two names. from two different country.

my one name, that i use often, it means "Real"
and i think it suits me so fucking well.
cuz i keep it real all the time. and i’m very realistic. and i’m genuine.

my other name means "planting a seed of goodness in the nation"
it could be broken down into different interpretation but i think the meaning speaks for itself.

but for the most part i think name does change your destiny.

actually. i believe it does.

every name has its meaning. even the way it sounds can have an affect on you.

and when we respond to our name, we are acknowledging that we are the hidden meaning behind the name. conciously or subconciously.

about 10 years ago or so, i spoke to this person who studies astrology, science, name, and all kinds of spiritual stuff.
she’s psyhic/shaman.

and what she explained to me still resonated with me, and she actually gave me a new name. but i never really used it.

and guess what the meaning of the new name means…

“Present” , like present moment. now.

ain’t that funny. but i don’t need it because i’m ESTP. i don’t need to be extra present. hahaha



This is my favourite online explanation of my first name. It’s both charmingly kitsch and yet surprisingly accurate. I especially love the list of professions! Clearly, I missed my calling in life…

**Meaning of name Stewart **

Etymology : From a surname which was a variant STUART.

Origin : English

Who is he?

Such a charming and endearing personality, Stewart, is tactful, sensitive, emotional and intuitive! He is both extremely shy and tender hearted, and is inclined to forget his own ego for the benefit of others. He is endowed with an active imagination, and his daydreams are in coherence with his master number 11, leaning towards altruism, innovation and utopia. Mother Theresa could seem a little self-centred in comparison! However, between fantasy and reality there is a gap that Stewart isn´t always capable of crossing, and so he will often live at the vibration of the number 2, a lower octave. This could make him passive, nonchalant or even lazy, cooperative as always, but relatively dependent on others. Faced with the harsh realities of life, he may be tempted to take refuge in a “fool´s paradise” such as drugs or alcohol…

Such an unselfish soul is a rare and precious thing: he is likely to be valued by others for his helpfulness, generosity and his understanding of the meaning of true friendship. As a child, he is fragile and needs to be showered with love and affection, as well as stimulation and encouragement. His school reports are likely to be peppered with remarks such as “he has his head in the clouds”, and “a daydreamer”…

So it would be a good idea to help him to keep his feet on the ground as well. His emotional and sensorial powers would be less abstract if he chooses to direct them into a hobby that he is passionate about, such as a musical instrument. On the same note, taking part in a group activity would equally be very beneficial to his development, going some way towards satisfying his aspirations with regards to friendship and solidarity, and he would give the very best of himself. Away from the warmth and protection of the group, he is like a fish out of water… coincidentally enough his astrological sign is very often Pisces; with Neptune is his ruling planet.

What does he like?

He likes people, friends, strangers and everyone in between; although he remains paradoxically very shy. Peace and quiet is essential to him and he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve it, using diplomacy and grace. Nevertheless, if the 11 is expressed (life Path Number, day of birth or if he was born under the sign of Aquarius), he could reveal himself to be passionate (social), impatient, brutal and even fanatic, with the desire to crush anything that gets in the way of his ardour. Romantically, he´s a knight in shining armour who understands the language of nature, as well as that of a woman´s soul, so similar to his own. He seeks synergy in a relationship: unity and paternity are essential values, in his eyes.

What does he do?

With 29 as his active number there could be some disruption to his emotional life as well as a tendency towards excess (strange or confusing situations), the creative aspect of this number favours success. Moreover, his ambition is to find meaning in his life, without necessarily considering the financial benefit. Hence he could choose one of the following professions: artist, decorator, hairdresser, florist, activity leader, occupations in connection with the media…, in relation to the human being (medicine, law, justice, counselling, parapsychology, religion…), in one way or another related to travel and overseas travel, and anything that will allow him to make the most of his innovative mind…


hahahahahaha i especially love the urban dictionary definition.
they’re the best


No, probably not. Lol.

What insights did she share with you?

Interesting, when I think about the word present. It’s not just the time of now. But also “present the present.” Which reminds me of you. You’re very present but you can also show other people how to be present. Have you heard of Eckhart Tolle? He has an entire book called “The Power of Now.” A lot of my friends subscribe to his teaching. I never read it, but the title stuck to my mind.

@Ankh, I really like the one you picked from urban dictionary. “To say she is a firecracker is an understatement” or “Erika is unforgettable.” The meaning from wiki “Sole ruler, eternal ruler, ever powerful.” It gives me a somber feeling, what does it make you feel?

@Stewart I agree! The opening lines sums it up “such a charming and endearing personality”. I think you would have been an exceptional florist :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the vibe:


basically what I said but in more complicated ways.
saying that how our name can change our destiny because we are responding to the hidden meaning of our names.
and even if a name doesn’t have a meaning, the sound of a name can have meanings.
not only does words have meaning. but vibration of a sound does also.

it’s like how we name our cat based on what suits them.
like the word itself doesn’t have any meaning but the sound does.

because we live in a frequency and vibration is frequency.
color is vibration. everything is vibration.

okay, all she basically said was how our name can change our density. other stuff I added because it makes sense. hahaha

she said something about universe blah blah blah but I don’t recall.
too long ago.


I’m definitely gonna start using that.


I think I’ve known the meaning of my name from childhood… Can’t say the name, but it’s clearly not Spice!

It’s a Sanskrit word, and if I have to translate, it means beautiful or pleasant. It’s not usually used to describe things or people specifically- more to describe nature or a moment, sort of.

I don’t know if it suits me as such, maybe my persona :thinking:


Omg I died laughing.


you gave your name away to me.

it starts with M right?


Well, doc, it all started in the womb. Jk :slight_smile:
I knew it was Norse. I knew it meant eternal ruler. But until yesterday, I didn’t know the breakdown. The beginning, ei, means alone, one, unique. That gives it a somber feeling. But I generally don’t feel somber about my name. I know my mom wanted to name me Brianna, but my dad wasn’t having that shit. Ha. And my sex was a surprise, so they planned Erika for girl and Erik for boy. I do like the “k” instead of the “c”. Gives it a more northern feel, ya? My name gets misspelled a lot, which pisses me off a little. Especially when all you have to do is look at my signature (email). My maiden name got misspelled a lot too. It has a double “n” at the end (German), and people always forgot the extra “n”. I remember when I was young, like 6-ish, the teacher spelled my name wrong on something and my dad wanted to make sure I went back and told her she spelled my name incorrectly and to fix it. By looking at my first name and maiden name alone, you’d be able to know what I look like, so I think that’s interesting. I know my grandma hated my name because there was a soap opera on at the time and a mean girl’s name was Erika. I remember my younger sister used to have a very difficult time pronouncing it, so she’d say, “ah-kah”. Aw. My name isn’t too common I think, at least by me. I’ve only met a couple of Erikas and they spelled their names, “Erica” and “Ericka”. My name seems to be popular among the Hispanic population. But they spell it with a “c”. I guess I like my name. It’s a birth right or something. I’d never change it. I already have enough identity issues! Ha. But if I did, I like the name, Karmen.


And, I’ll put @Blake’s up because we know he won’t. I love the urban dictionary’s definitions. So funny! I think it’s interesting - Blake has black hair. So his name perfectly fits! :slight_smile:


Haha no! im not even sure what name you mean


Mine is something like Pink Royal Poinciana or Rose Phoenix. I don’t think I can decipher what the last names mean though… I think they just belong to old influential families.

I got really into name numerology a decade or more ago and pretty much retyped up some chapter from a book I was reading on it at the time (Linda Goodman’s Star Signs or something like that). Had a Chapter on Chaldean system of numerology and I absorbed it so when Blake talks about Venus = 3, I immediately frown because I think Venus = 6. lol

So one of the things I remember is that my full name turns into the compound number 23, which she titled as “The Royal Star of the Lion”. So I now often spell out my full name on everything if I can, because I like to think it bestows whatever vibrational protection the book says it does. lol


Oh, that takes me right back to my Uni days, crooning along to The Smiths playing at full volume in my study bedroom, while trying to imitate Morrissey’s quirky dancing style…

In 1984, I shared a student flat with four other scruffy oiks who always had music blasting out from their rooms at full volume, so it was necessary to drown out their racket with my own. I had a big crush on a cute blond Law student named Mike; we used to lie on the floor of his room looking at the glow-in-the-dark stars he’d illegally stuck on the ceiling, listening to music and talking for hours about random shit while he got slowly stoned on weed. Happy days!

I still love the Smiths, and often get snatches of their lyrics playing in my jukebox mind. For some reason this pops up a lot when I’m procrastinating too much (so pretty often, as I could write a book on Advanced Time Wasting!):

Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do
I stole, and then I lied
Just because you asked me to
But now you know the truth about me
You won’t see me anymore
Well, I’m still fond of you, oh-ho-oh


And just wanted to let you know that you’ve nailed me perfectly by comparing me to Morrissey, who must surely be the archetypal INFJ male. It’s made me realise how different my external persona is to my inner self-experience, and explains so much about the way other people must see me.

And the sub-personality who’s in charge of my persona archetype is absolutely delighted at finally being recognised, so I’ve officially named him “This Charming Man”. He’s now telling me I should get this printed on a T-shirt…

< Sigh > What have you done? He’ll never go back into the closet now…

I wanted you to let you know that your intuition is incredible as far as I’m concerned, given that practically everyone on this forum is utterly obsessed with analysing your psychological type on that other thread. How does it feel to be the centre of so much attention? Must be like being a reality TV star… :dancer:


Yes!! Free the charming man!!! Let his Fe-ness spread! :hatching_chick:

Personally, I love it when INFJs come out of their shells. They have amazing things to say and find words for the most raw moments of life, and I’m just left stunned. What Difference Does It Make? is my favorite Smiths song, at least with lyrics, Oscillate Wildly, is the other one. “But now you know the truth, you won’t see me anymore, well, I’m still fond of you.” It’s just heartbreaking and all too relatable! Thaat’s the INFJ gift, they can really understand.

Thanks Stewart~ I really appreciate that. How does it feel? Honestly? It feels amazing! I want to be humble and say “I don’t deserve it” because it’s true, I don’t. Everyone on this forum is much better at typing than I am. And I’m very lucky to be apart of this, even luckier to get all this knowledge bestowed on me. I feel lucky, and happy, and grateful. :smiley: