Meh: A fight



Yeah, see, that doesn’t work.

Right. [quote=“Erika, post:29, topic:373”]
You cannot choose how we all communicate and try to relate.

Not at all trying to do that. I’m merely expressing how I feel about it. And what I think some of these terms are symptomatic of. I entertain no illusions that what I say will change any of this. I don’t even know that it should change. Language is just an expression of where people are at at any given time.

But, just like you freely and liberally express your feelings and likes and dislikes all across this forum, I do the same, and, to be honest, not even to the same degree that you do.

Yes, but not as a matter of course. That’s the difference. When I have occasionally used the word meh, I do it because I think it’s funny. I’m making fun of it. Because I think it’s funny. Cause if I don’t think its funny, then I think it’s sad and pathetic. So, I aim for the humor. As a matter of course. [quote=“Erika, post:29, topic:373”]
And hipocritical of you. But alas, we are all hypocrites and life is ironic.

OK, on a serious note, no, we are not all hypocrites. That’s just an easy way of getting out of something in my book. If we are all hypocrites then the term has no meaning. It doth not denote anything.

So, again, I have a respect for language and the meaning it denotes. That’s another thing Louis CK so insightfully was talking about in the show that clip was from. The show is called Hilarious and lives up to its namesake.

Anyway, what he says somewhere in that show is that people not only sound a certain way in this country (America), but, they also reach for the top shelf when they are trying to describe something. Something that happened was described as hilarious by them, when it didn’t merit that word. Or someone is a genius because they remembered to bring an extra cup to a gathering.

Misuse of language. Not everything is hilarious. Not everyone is a genius. And, as you were saying, no, everyone is not a hypocrite.

It’s like you call me a hypocrite and then you expect me to agree with it because “hey, aren’t we all hypocrites.”

No, we aren’t.

I don’t take that term lightly. If you call me a hypocrite or a hipster, then, you better be right.

Otherwise, fuck you. I won’t take anything else you have to say seriously.

If I call someone a hypocrite, I mean it. And the term has meaning. If it doesn’t what is the point of even using it on someone.

Words have lost their meaning to a large degree. And I’m not happy about that. Most of the time I do not make a big deal about it and most of the time when I do, I’m doing it in jest. I see the humor in it. Otherwise, I’m gonna go hang myself because of how bankrupt and empty American culture in the age of Millennials is.

Yeah, no shit.

Yes, perhaps. But, that really hasn’t been my experience. After long and vast amounts of experience on this earth and in relationships and so forth, I have come to the conclusion that I understand myself better than anyone else does.

And I understand myself better than most people understand themselves.

AND I often feel that I understand certain other people better than they understand themselves.

So, as far as this whole understanding people (either myself or others) business is concerned, I’d rate myself very high in this regard.

Which is probaly why people seek out my services in this regard and why people pay me to be in this very forum. [quote=“Erika, post:29, topic:373”]
Also, understanding takes time. And, a desire to be understood.

Not necessarily. Sometimes understanding of another is relatively instantaneous and other times no matter how hard you try, understanding is elusive.

This depends on a number of factors, one of which is obviously personality types. Some intertype relationships are relatively good in the understanding department. Other types will never understand each other (and don’t want to) as long as they live, until death do us part.

As far as desire to be understood, I don’t think that matters that much. A person can be understood without them having a desire to be understood. That would just be one more factor in understanding them - that they don’t want to be understood.

Much of the time, it’s mixed. People simultaneously want to be understood, yet, they don’t. Or in some areas, they want to be understood, and in others, they don’t

Point is, I understand myself exceedingly well. And most people, in my experience, have a rather poor understanding of how I really operate. Most, but, not all.

And I think I allow myself to be understood a good deal of the time. Of course, there are times where I deliberately choose to be an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery.

At the end of the day, I don’t care whether I’m understood or not. I find that it’s just too much to expect for such a complicated person as myself and that understanding usually happens quite easily for me with certain people with very little effort. Those are the ones I aim for.

Also, understanding, like so many other things, isn’t going to be perfect.

There are degrees of understanding just like there are degrees of hypocrisy. If the degree of either reaches a large enough extent, then, at that point it becomes fair to say that this person understands or this person is a hypocrite.

Boy, you’re really trying to piss me off today. You must be bored you little Millennial you. Meh.

I think you need a good kick in the ass. Nay, I think you need a good kick up the ass.

I care. But, like I said, at the end of the day, I don’t really expect it. I’ve sorta given up on it. Just wanna have fun.

I think kicking you up the ass would be fun. For example.

No. Other people’s eyes are generally inferior to mine. So, to be understood via them doesn’t do much for me.

Unless, I want something from them. Then, I’ll attempt to understand how they see me so I can get what I want from them.

Otherwise, other people’s understanding me has generally proven to be inferior to my own understanding of myself.

Or, if I want to help another person (god forbid), then, I’ll try to determine how they are seeing me, so I can better adjust myself to that purpose.

But, it’s all for other people’s benefit, not my own. I don’t gain much in understanding of myself from other people.

Most people simply do not have the depth or insight to understand someone such as myself.

Which isn’t their fault, but it is the way it is.

Hey, this is fun!

Shut up you cray-cray Millennial bitch!

And I want my centipede back.


perfect summary.

and damn @Ankh! pushing Blake’s buttons hahaha

making him saying things that I hope he doesn’t regret later :joy:

still love you all. But this is funny


No. He just has to continue running the idiot parade. The world needs a good spanking for sure. Some children make better decisions after a good spanking.[quote=“Blake, post:26, topic:373”]

You sound like a self-righteous INFJ to me. On a mission of morality. However, you are on lower ground than you think when it is evident that you think you are on your high horse.

What is your point of calling Trump a savior?..That sounds like morality too. But I know that it’s not the true focus of morality for you.

This is your moral dream for the world:

An awesome moral issue by the way.

Or are you the moral champion of proper grammar?

Either way, morality is a bull shit distraction in defense of your p.o.v.

Again, this is something you are projecting as well…Through all his ignorance and incompetence you still see a savior? Why? Maybe because he’s a tool for all your dreams to come true. Or do you actually see some sort of coherent genius in him?

If my invisioned process and ideal outcome for the world were to come to fruition, they would be similar to yours. But you are over focused on the context of “morals”. You are blinded by your own “moral” perfection of wording and context.

So I hate liberals and dems prob as much as you do. But you lumped me in with them because you assumed I disagreed with you because of my sloppiness of thought. (Sorry bout that!) I’ll take responsibility for that, but it goes to show how your hate for millennials overshadows everything you see. If you read the article above…it had less to do with millenials as a focus. It always seems to be a distraction for you…millenials.

Oh that’s your morality agenda! You are trying to save the millennial’s from themselves! Well it worked! I’ve read all your articles! Found happiness, focused creativity and I enjoy life a little more…so Thanks…and I mean this whole heartedly…but I also hope it annoys you a little bit. :grinning:


Tensions are running high so I’m just gonna post a ‘meh! You guys are awesome.
…so go and continue to unleash your cray here (and irl too)’ and leave it there :kissing_heart:

And now I’ll go enjoy the debate from the sidelines :popcorn:


YOU. What’s with da sudden identity change?? It almost gave me a heart attack lool…don’t be afraid to be yaself!! I’m liking this deleted post a la @supernokturnal in hopes of you resurrecting your comments…


@e10242008 I was so excited that you were fighting back like a boss. I was enjoying this interaction so much and was like “oh damn! go Erika!”

I was even like oh shit, I hope Erika maintain this attitude everywhere and voice her opinion wherever she goes, this is fucking awesome.