Member Status and Posting Abilities


Don’t know what I can suggest Blake and Prax…
But I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s shit that some of us are creating random topics within the “site feedback”.

My first inclination is to suggest you get rid of all non-starling capabilities. But now, that’s a darn shame for all of the rest who are following the rules. That means you have to trust a crap-ton of people. Who can trust a crowd? Who should trust a crowd?

I know you’re thinking, I’m one who loves to break rules. Agreed - which makes this even harder to have the confidence to post this with the idea that people will honestly consider what I’m saying.

Main thing is - Prax, I think you need to be online more to stop these immediately … lol. And Blake, take a moment to reconsider your site perameters.


Yeah, the Site Feedback category is a pre-seeded category, which means that I cannot change its security settings. All I can do is delete the whole category. It’s open to anyone whom wants to post and I actually kind of wanted it to be this way.

Which, however, doesn’t mean that I want people posting random topics in it. I consider that disrespectful and/or dumb.

If I see that it begins to get a lot of people who start to abuse this, then, I’ll move all the topics in this category to Site Feedback 2 category (which I’ll create) and then delete the current Site Feedback category and then rename Site Feedback 2 to Site Feedback with new security permissions which allow only Starlings to post and reply to content.

As of now, it’s not too much of a problem.


OK, never mind, it’s a problem.

As of now, no one but Starlings can post or reply in the Site Feedback category.

As with the other categories on this forum (except Blake Space and Confessions), anyone may see the content of the category, but only Starling subscribers (active Starling subscribers) may create posts and make replies in it.

Blake Space and Confessions cannot be seen by anyone except active Starling subscribers.


I just left it the way it was so that if someone had problems with their subscription or with logging on or whatever issue could create a help topic about it in this section (also allowing you to complain about non-subscribers posting lol – then I would have just banned problem people who kept abusing it :3 ), but I guess Blake decided differently!