Moon signs


I had an interesting text conversation regarding Moon signs last night with my ISFP brother, who recently hired a meticulous and knowledgeable decorator (Horace) who is also into astrology. I asked what Horace’s Moon sign was as I had an intuition that it would be compatible with my brother’s. Turns out I was right, as Horace has a Cancer Moon just like my brother. For some reason this info sent my own Gemini Moon into overdrive, but in retrospect my Moon-fueled monologue surprised even me with its insights:

Brother: by the way, Horace is a Cancer Moon

Of course he is!
Just like you!
Moon covers emotions and primal needs
So Cancer Moon has a powerful drive to create a secure and beautiful home
Preferably in traditional style
Or elegant and homely at least
Think of a crab and the importance of it’s shell!
That’s Cancer in a nutshell
Or should that be “crab shell”
Oh I’m so witty (not!)
And that was classic Gemini Moon joking around
I only just realised!
And that’s my Moonsign
Primal need to know everything!
And then take the piss out of everything
Gemini Moon is like a sponge for trivia and factoids
But a bit scattered and flighty🤪
Like my brain :tornado::zap:️:man_dancing::snowman:️:kissing:
Plus it never ever stops analysing bloody everything…
And it gets bored so, so easily!
To Gemini Moon everyone else’s thought processes seem so slooowwwww…
It’s a real problem sometimes as I can’t stand being bored at all
Like now when I’m supposed to be getting ready for bed
Mind gone into hyperdrive as usual
Thanks, Gemini Moon


I love the emoticons. They help me understand your Gemini :crescent_moon:

I’m also a cancer moon, and this popped up in my head when I read your post.


Great video - I must share it with my brother!

He has spent many years painstakingly (and - to my short-attention-span Gemini Moon - Oh so slooowwlyyy) redecorating it in the style of the English Arts and Crafts Movement, complete with authentic furniture and objets d’arts from the late 19th Century.

So “Shiny” is a perfect word for his living museum of a house. His collection rivals that of the Arts and Crafts section of the famed Victoria and Albert Museum in London!


To give you a taste, here’s a photo from my last UK visit showing me relaxing in his beautifully restored drawing room:


Ah!! It’s beautiful~ Yet, I’m very focused on the sheen of your leg!

What house is your brother’s moon in? Mine is in the 12th(among other annoying aspects) and I just can’t seem to get this level of polish and coherency.


The 7th, along with his Sun, Venus in Cancer and Mercury in Leo.


And here’s some clips of Dory from Finding Nemo, who must surely be an archetypal Gemini Moon character:


Yes, I have very shiny legs. Also a shiny forehead as my hair slowly recedes (very slowly, thanks to my parents good genes and my Venus-ruled Taurus Ascendent!).

But my Gemini Moon also likes shiny things; in fact I get distracted by “shinies” all the time, just like Dory in the Disney movies.

Hmmmm, maybe this is significant, after all what is the Moon but a shiny piece of rock that reflects the light of other heavenly bodies? Maybe “shiny” is a universal trait of all 12 Moon signs? What do others think?


Haha yes! Dory is very much Gemini moon(Nice new avatar). There’s a certain humor to gemini moons. “This and that, this and that and finally ¯_(ツ)_/¯” Ah the moon, so enigmatic. I contemplate on it.


And here’s my brother’s birth chart:


He self-typed as an ISFP, but later took the official MBTI a couple of times at his workplaces and got varying results as either INTJ (unlikely if you know him) and INFJ (a possibility as he can be quite intuitive at times) but IMHO he shows the signature tertiary Ni of an ISXP type (tho’ not as extreme as the manic Russell Brand…).


I tend to be surrounded by cancer moons a lot, and have the habit of picking up who they are before knowing their birthday. You can tell by their eyes most of all.


Elaboration, please?


Gentle and sleepy.


Very good! That definitely works for my brother and also my mother to some extent. She’s an ESFP with Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon and is gentle through and through.

As an extravert, she’s less sleepy than my ISFP brother (or me, for what that’s worth!), but when she gets tired it’s blindingly obvious to everyone, as her sudden loss of energy is immediately reflected in her changed demeanour and sleepy eyes.