Moon Type Thread

Just putting a thread for if people ever want to talk about their moon type. Or moon type of a celebrity or just moon type.

I asked my intp if he would pick entp or infj moon for me and he says entp, because in his words, when math seizes me it’s very personal and devouring. I don’t know…why am I not convinced. None of that sounds personal, definitely not a soul. Maybe maybe spiritual. Somehow it all feels besides the point.

I wonder what his :crescent_moon: would be

From what I’m discovering about being an ENTP, I’d say I see that in you especially in your post about Time, most of all in how you elaborate your perceptions of the objects within experience. It had a strikingly different note, but not out of tune with the Lunar I have experienced thus far. It was not feeler stuff, it had a kind of cold mechanic to the conceptualization, which, who knows, maybe you were acting upon the quantum physics of things.

I’m not saying that’s an ENTP thing to do, but from the perspective of the Unified Field it is hard to say it’s not.

I’m still exploring what it means to have an INFJ moon. For now, I’d say it is a reflection of ENTP through an INFJ lens.

So let’s say ENTP is the color blue and INFJ is the color black (or shade, or whatever) then that Blue would go through the lens of Black, and darken. Something like that?

And let’s say that a different moon would be a color red, so ENTP with that colored red moon type would go through that lens and show up as purple.

Okay disclaimer, I don’t like to use color theory but it is a very strong analogy to illustrate the principle.

The Moon is a modifier of the Sun expression. The output, is not the moon. So the moon is probably hidden, as it is. What the moon expresses is a modified Sun expression, while it obfuscates its nature.

Then, ENTP sun with INFJ moon, that moon would show up as a variation of ENTP. So From one version, to the next, Sun to Moon expression.

Then I suppose, however that transition from sun to moon changes over time, would be the Rising type.

Or even more precisely (linguistically), “Rising” from “sleeping” going from Moon to Sun, Then, would be as such:

The Moon modifies the Sun expression as a variation on the theme. Then, the expression trends towards Sun expression. This pattern of change is the Rising type, how I see it.

And, this trend of Moon modifying Sun, Then Rising, then Sun is only one variation of possible personality vectors.

This stuff is so fun to think about!

I think you already read this, but I thought it’d be good to take it back to the start. Going to this post and the entire context of that conversation always brings me some clarity.

That’s what I feel, too. I think the subtyping shit is getting in the way of what’s more important…which is to follow the Sun path.

I don’t think you are INFJ moon… I feel a sort of detachment from you that I haven’t seen in any of the INFJ moon Stellar Mazians thus far. Also, your picture made me pretty sure that INFJ must be in the rising position and ENTP must be in the moon. And I doubt that an ENTP soul would feel…soulful…or “personal”… ENTP is the Zero archetype after all… Whereas INFJ Fi id could be where “soul” reaches its apex… Put INFJ in the moon position, and what we might get is something highly, highly felt…almost…tainting… Perhaps this effect could lead to INFJ moon people over-identifying with the INFJ archetype, thus insisting on being “true” INFJ types?

I hadn’t read it! Thanks for bringing it up. This is very helpful in improving my understanding. I think my ignorance on the subject of astrology is not helping, so maybe I go to odd places in the logic, but I’m starting to get it, little by little. Good stuff.

This was enlightening to read.

Interesting. It doesn’t feel like that to me. Which isn’t to say that I want to follow the Moon path, even when it’s somewhat tempting… I know, I know… balance is the key.

I ended up getting into the Moon stuff because the Sun wasn’t providing me with enough explanation for the things that were going on. But I always forget to factor astrology in. I’m a triple Cancer, triple Moon ruling over me. It’s Moon, Moon everywhere! :new_moon:
I also think you’re spot on with what you said in the particular case of INFJ Moon.

I don’t feel a risk of going off track though, and I think that is partly due to the fact that I’m certain everything is correctly identified (Sun/Moon/Rising) and I’m starting to see more clearly which (motivations/behaviors/reactions) is which. Thank God for that! All this MB stuff can be so subjective and yet, I think subjectivity is a strength when trying to understand it. At least for me. But then again, for anybody, there isn’t really any other way but subjective? Having the correct labels gives me clarity to see the functions right within myself.

Anyway, back to going off track from the Sun path. I don’t feel this is a risk for me if, as I said above, everything else is properly delineated. I think the Sun imposes itself upon us anyway. Maybe my Moon thinks she’s a bird and wants to fly, but my human body (Sun) won’t allow it anyway. Not if I’m being reasonable. I could be unreasonable and try to jump off a building, but… I’m hoping some common sense will push me on another path, like paragliding. I’m counting on things balancing out naturally somehow.

I’m gonna be honest @nr.nom, I had a hard time following some of what you were saying (which is my issue not yours, ha). Some of how you were describing a moon sounded a little more rising to me. But I really don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about here.

I also have a really fucking hard time with this, if I’m honest:

And maybe that’s specifically an INFJ moon thing. Because if I focused on following the Sun path (whatever that would be for me), I think it would cause some serious fucking problems for me and my INFJ moon. Of course, the sun shit is primary, and I can’t ignore it. That would be detrimental. It’s almost like ignoring my Sun path/Sun issues would be like ignoring my basic needs like shelter & food. But ignoring my INFJ moon path/issues would be like choosing a career or family dynamic that was all wrong for me. In that scenario I might be all balanced on paper, but be fucking dying on the inside. In some ways, I think this is what was wrong in my last relationship… I think we were probably a decent match for my Sun type but because of poor pairing with my moon, I felt like I was dying inside.

Maybe some moons carry more power than others, depending on the type. Or maybe it’s this “tainting” thing in particular with an INFJ moon, almost like a fallen position or something. But I sure as shit don’t think it’s “over-identifying”. Trust me, I don’t want or choose this shit. Ha.

EXACTLY. The third quote was exactly what I wanted to say at some point. You beat me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I feel ya! I mean, YES to everything, but especially this.

Oh, And @Nur your moons coax the currents of my ocean in all the right ways babe :smirk:

Well, I would say that in general ENFJ and INTJ seems like a very poor relationship match to me…

Also…to add onto this:

I think depending on the Sun/Moon combination, the moon type could be more felt… perhaps an annoyance or something felt as regressive to one’s journey towards growth. And I think in cases where the Sun and Moon types are “very different” from one another, it might be helpful to be aware of one’s moon type to find a way to make two very different drives work together…with the ultimate aim being to support the journey towards the Sun path: meet the needs of the Moon and move on ASAP.

And yeah, INFJ moon sounds like Scorpio Moon to me…so I would imagine INFJ moon could be a particularly challenging position to deal with.

EDIT: And if one could find the best life path, like a field of work, that could integrate both the Sun and Moon type, one could reach the highest of heights? But this would require good understanding of Sun/Moon synthesis…

@carley hmmm… :heart_eyes:

Personal anecdote, I held back on expressing some of this stuff here for a long time out of fear of being considered self-deluded. I would relate to many of the things @Erika was talking about and tried to understand how was that supposed to match with my INFP self. Was this the ENFJ shadow (per Socionics) or something? Since the INFJ Moon first manifested in ENFJs in these waters I thought it was an ENFJ thing. Anyway… here we are.

Yes, madam, I think you just described my issues with career paths.

Truth is (and I’ve been trying to gently come clean about this recently) I just ain’t no ENFJ sun. It’s embarrassing as shit to admit it. But it’s the fucking truth. I promise. Mayyyybe rising, but the jury is seriously fucking out there too if you ask me. I know how I come across here. And it’s all me baby, but I promise you I am no ENFJ sun. I wanted to believe it. I just can’t even pretend anymore.

All I can say is, this makes perfect sense for an INTJ moon. My INFJ moon just ain’t buying that shit. Sorry. But again, it’s very fucking possible I don’t know what’s best for me. Particularly if this moon of mine is as nasty as everyone seems to think it is.

I think people could find a creative career path integrating both Sun and Moon types…

Or… Follow a Sun-based career path, and meet Moon needs via close relationships and choice of living environments, etc… :grin:

yeah. maybe it wasn’t an ENFJ thing at all. Maybe it was all INFJ moon shit you were relating to. I promise I’m no ENFJ. I really hated to come clean, possibly to you most of all. :grimacing:

I think maybe you are reacting like this because my words come across as if the Moon isn’t very important? I think if my words are true (which I can’t be sure of in the first place, lol), your INFJ moon should buy that shit! Because if your Moon needs are not being met, maybe it’d be difficult trying to grow into your Sun. It’s like these dying urges that can’t be ignored…to the point of distraction and suffering etc… Obviously that’s not good for anyone’s growth.

And maybe saying “meet the needs of the Moon and move on ASAP” might sound like ditching the Moon once the business is over, but I think the wording is a bit off. I think one could continuously satisfy the urges of the Moon over one’s lifetime whilst fulfilling one’s Sun path. e.g. meeting Moon desires via relationships, Sun wishes via career…etc…

The id can be regressive if one is “locked into” it for too long, but the id is also a necessary component to anyone’s psychological makeup. If the id is a bit of a poison…well… it’s a necessary poison. Or rather, the poison is moreso in the “dosage.” This is assuming the Moon type behaves similarly to the id function…like one whole MB type as a “second id” to the id of the Sun type.

So anyways what I’m saying is. The Moon is important. Me getz it. Don’t get me wrong on that. It’s just that attaching oneself too much to the Moon can be a problem if it obstructs the journey towards the Sun path.

Yeah, since we’re on it, it might just very well be that my ENFJ was not ENFJ either…
I think I might have to take all my ENFJ “knowledge” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

But whatever, I like you, not your label, whichever that may be.

Speaking of INFJ moon relating with Erika…

My confession is that from the very beginning, I related most with Prax, an INTJ. The way she talked about herself and her manner of expression all rang a bell to me. She’s also a double Leo (Leo sun and Leo moon), which might also be why I felt like she was quite similar to me in some sense (I have an actual Leo Moon). Prax might be a good example of a Leo-ified INTJ. And basically that’s me in the lab! That’s how Leo Moon and implicit Aquarius Moon (w/ maybe ENFJ rising) seems to manifest in my crazy lair.

The thing is I think I come across as INFJ most of the time on the forum, so I don’t think most people here see any traces of INTJ. Sometimes I come across quite ENFJ. I think Erika thought I was too “loud” to be INFJ.

I think ENFJ rising, INFJ sun, INTJ moon was best summed up by Sammy in his short description of me: “Ni/Ti with a three-foot long dick and Fe bottom shelf whiskey. Scary :grimacing: