Movies & Characters!


Where better to find good movies than to ask here around? Let’s share whack movies. And maybe type a few characters while we’re at it if it suits us.
I am trying still to work up the courage for the last movie people here were watching, so I get it if this is intimidating. I handle more now than I could for many years. I’ve become somewhat less sensitive, inured? [I do jags of mystery] but I have a very hard time with WWII movies and have to have loads of time/movies between each. And I just saw Wonder Woman, so my timer is barely begun. Go ahead and share of course, but I may not be able to join on those ones.

That being said, I am offering up a doozy.

I’ll start with what I saw tonight. Intense, absolutely not politically correct and violent and ouch. And yet, this one was special. Or maybe I was in a mood. See for yourself if you like. I was not sure I could do it in the first five minutes, but held out and enjoyed a character smorgasbord.
‘War on Everyone’ is on Netflix.
Has Alexander Skarsgard from Tarzan. I did not love a lot of things about the latest Tarzan movie, but I am coming to like the actor. He’s tall. Walks around like he is afraid of hitting his head on a doorframe.
Edited to add cause I couldn’t remember his name, Michael Pena, was an intriguing nut as well.
I have not had enough time to get a handle on their types, but wanted to get this out there for consideration.


If I get the chance I’ll check that War On Everyone. I might watch Blake’s type 6 istp movie recommendation first.

I just watched Ghost Dog and do wonder what his type would be. First thought isfp but then all those book quotes threw me off. Like maybe they show more Ti


Wanna try hardcore gangster movie that represents very dark side of ISTP?

try : Black Mass

it’s about Irish gangster, the main character I believe is ISTP
he is played by Johnny Depp

Depp playing ISTP.

it’s based on a true story.

it’s basically about how fbi agent and Irish gangster became a team because they were childhood friends.

@lunar wanna see an example of dark ISTP?
try this movie.

i really can’t see anything else except ISTP

when I used to do fucked up things, I had my ISTP buddy doing everything with me. and this guy’s whole demeanor reminds me of my ISTP friend whom now locked up.


Which one was Blake’s ISTP movie?


I am drawn to movies in Ireland, Irish characters, but having watched ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’, and a couple others within the theme of Irish/English war or gangs, I am somewhat afraid/cautious of them too. Some set me on absolute edge.

But do, tell me your favorite movies! Please, I want every kind. Just lay them on out when you remember one or see something noteworthy.
For instance, Castaway on the Moon. Unfortunately it is not on Netflix anymore as far as I can tell.


Ghost Dog (and Forest Whitaker) is enneatype 8 ENFJ. The book quotes show more Ni than Ti.


lol. sorry but I find it funny haha to be off all the time.
not surprised Forest Whitaker is enfj but surprised the character is lol.

what about all those peeps he works with? the “scary” “silly” men?
the cartoon watcher etc?


Full Metal Jacket. Mathew Modine (who plays private Joker) would be the enneatype 6 ISTP in question.

And since @lunar was just talking about Ghost Dog and Forest Whitaker, in the movie Full Metal Jacket there is another enneatype 8 ENFJ character (in ruins) played by Vincent D’Onofrio.

And I can see parallels between this character and that of Ghost Dog. They have that enneatype 8 ENFJ flavor. It’s more cosmic and largesse than ISFP.


alright so happens we’re watching Full Metal Jacket tonight :wink:
although actually i wanna rewatch Ghost Dog… just to see if I’m gonna buy that. it gets confusing
when there is a character and there is an actor I thought the character was an introvert lol but guess it is more like he is a lurker


yeah, Black Mass is pretty dark. and violent.
the first 25 minutes you gonna have to stomach some scenes.
but after that it’s not so bad.

it just really feels like ISTP in its darkest, if that even interest you.

i will list a few that i like.

i feel like the male main character is an INFJ or something.
can somebody tell me what the AI is? the voice is played by Scarlett Johansson
she definitely have a personality in this movie although she’s a software.

i think the boy main character in this movie is INTP.
and the scientist who created the AI, i think is ENTP.
and the AI? i don’t know… probably no MBTI.

the classic, this is old movie so i’m sure most have watched it.
Norton is probably IxFJ and Pitt is probably ExTP

i wish i knew what mbti each characters are.
the main male character feels like IxTJ,

omg. you have to watch this movie first.
i think the female main character here is some twisted, and brilliant INFJ. or…crazy INTJ.
i think the male character is ENFP. or… ExxP. idk. he plays a charmer.


Yeah, I don’t really make much distinction between actors and the roles they play as regards type. Actors are usually playing their own type in one way or another. Inescapably.

At least to my eyes.

Don’t remember them. I’d have to watch the movie again. Haven’t seen it in years.

But, yeah, Forest Whitaker, in whatever roles he plays always strikes me as enneatype 8 ENFJ, which I’m sure is counterintuitive to many people.

I mean, like, isn’t he an introvert?

Refer to my article Extraverts Aren’t Necessarily Social to explain this. Enneatype 8 ENFJs are often very asocial or antisocial. And ruminative and mystical and torn off from reality etc.

However, they are very instinctively aware of will and power. And essentially, they seek to either be dominant over others or if that isn’t possible to escape domination by others. They will not be dominated by anyone.

They do not make good little soldiers. And you can see what happens to Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in Full Metal Jacket when the attempt is made to ground down his individuality (nascent) in the Marine Corps. This works for their typological opposite, the ISTP, who is the soldier type.

Marlon Brando has this enneatype 8 ENFJ vibe bigtime in all his movies. No one can tell him what to do. He actually had it in real life too. He was notoriously hard to direct. He wouldn’t listen and he would come up with his own shit.

If I remember correctly, Ghost Dog was largely about power dynamics and philosophy of power.

And love too, of course. His pigeons.

It’s funny, there’s a similar thing going on with murdered pigeons in On The Waterfront.

Yeah, enneatype 8 ENFJs - love and power.


And loneliness. Yes, there is often this lonely loner vibe to these enneatype 8 ENFJs. And a pride. They’d rather be alone then in the control of the system. And they often subvert the system. Subtly. They go their own way.

And others may join them, but, only as inferiors. Enneatype 8 ENFJ always leads. Or they will be alone.

And of course, they often alienate people with their extreme stance and narcissism.


Yeah they can appear like lurkers. I understand what you are saying.

Am so excited right now.

I thought I saw a loyalty kind of (to the main gang dude that had once saved his life and who he refuses to kill in the end even in self defense) and at the end he kind of seemed to let some principle be most important…like what point was he trying to prove. But Guess he was overcoming the event with his mind.

I think samurai type is interesting for an enfj because of the supposed discipline. But I guess there is a kind of fight that is mind over body and circumstances and matter or some such thing. Fuck my brain mush. And enfj can do that.


I liked the Steve Jobs movie with michael Fassbender, the Station Agent, the Piano


I really liked the Station Agent! I thought about that one for quiet some time.
Also have liked, Her, Ex Machina and The Best Offer, the last just recently so it is fresh in my mind.
Have not seen the others yet.


oooh! awesome! what do you think the main character of Her is? INFJ? INFP?

and other character’s mbti? any guesses?


i need to know!

what mbti is this conductor?? Fletcher, in this movie.

he’s so fukking tough and hardcore

and the main character?

check out this movie if you haven’t. if you like music, or play a musical intrument/s, this will be pretty interesting.


I got to see the enfj in disarray.
The way he played it was exaggerated for effect. Reminds me of an enfj I know here who can turn on a character in 2 seconds. She enters as herself and is someone else by the time she hits mid-stage.


The AI in Ex Machina was like an INFJ with full control of her Ti function.


wow… i can totally see that as you brought it up!!

that is one scary INFJ.