Movies & Characters!

I watched Carol last night.

Cate Blanchett has a moment (involving lawyers, don’t want to say more) that was a strong acting moment. I still can’t get over her acting next day.

Watched Drive. Ryan Gosling. No idea if he is stp or isfp or not.
Will try Black Mass soonish. But is it scary violence. I struggled with Drive even though it looks stylized.

ooh I love that movie! the whole movie feels like ISTP.
Ryan gosling, such an actor!

check out Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling seems like an INFP here. and his wife, no idea.
it’s a sad romance. Fi id type of movie.
or, just Fi. feels like a scorpio.

for first 20-30 minutes yes. and after that it’s not too bad.

Adaptation. is a movie I could watch multiple times without getting bored…which is saying a lot considering that half the time I’ll be in the middle of a movie and get so bored or feel that everything is so stagnant and not exciting that I skip to the end no questions asked :ghost:

Never gets old. Mr Bean :slight_smile:
I don’t know if this movie rude to art or not but it cracks me up no end.

Any idea on Eddie Haskell from ‘Leave it to Beaver’? The mom of my best friend of 15+ years has always called me Eddie Haskell and I just got a little curious to what you all might think.

Stumbled upon this. ISFJ? :upside_down_face:

Blake says he likes 3 movies: Rounders, Amadeus & The Big Lebowski.

Got me thinking. If I were to choose one. The one that would most likely come before my eyes at the moment of death, for example.

It would be this one. Hands down.

Rade Šerbedžija (the main actor) is surely an E8 ENFJ. At least in this movie.


Got vanilla? :icecream:


No idea (if mr bean is isfj):slight_smile:

I like this interview where he says he finds almost nothing funny.

Yes, he is. Good call @Ignas.



+1 :relaxed:

:rice: + :champagne: = :shaved_ice: = :tongue: por tu

As another ISFJ said.

All my movie choices are bad!

I unironically watch the American Pie movies and Not Another Teen Movie!

So I had no business in the quantity vs quality thread :rofl::joy:.

But I love comedy movies, romcoms, and horror films. Also, I have a strange love for movies set in China…

Okay, incoming recs with bare summaries!

1.) Soul Plane
The bathroom scenes! Priceless.

2.) Not Another Teen Movie
I haven’t watched in a while, but the vibrator scene. Damn girl!

I couldn’t come up with three, but I will edit this post to at least be five when my brain is ready to work.

If y’all intuitives know what’s good for you, you’ll see ‘The Dead Don’t Die’.

I will watch it


Alright. Here is one of my favorites.

《《《 NAKED 》》》

A great film. In my opinion. I was told that only weirdos like me would like this kind of films.
Here’s just a little taste. Who likes it?

But you should see the whole movie. And I’m curious to know what you think about the characters.