My favorite black moon song by a male artist(s) (dedicated to Nancy Pelosi)

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Here’s my favorite black moon song by a female artist (dedicated to Ze Monsta)

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Bam, I’ve been thinking PJ must have had an INFJ moon. Deep, tortured, themes of hellish desire - of fucking course!

I love how she does justice to all those fucked up feelings via raw and ugly groans and moans.

And that’s a super good black moon song:

You’re not rid of me
Yeah you’re not rid of me
Yeah you’re not rid of me
Yeah you’re not rid of me

I beg you my darling
Don’t leave me
I’m hurting
Lick my legs I’m on fire
Lick my legs of desire

I’ll tie your legs
Keep you against my chest
Oh you’re not rid of me
Yeah you’re not rid of me
I’ll make you lick my injuries
I’m gonna twist your head off, see

Talk about Fi id bondage. Burning desires. Pure feminine power of forcing a man to take her…including all the ugly. Destroying him the process.

And of course, cause she be ENFJ…shoving up all that shit in the man’s face in the ballsiest, most fearless way.

F-U-N!!! :clown_face:

Don’t you don’t you wish you never never met her

Have fun, chaps. And if you die trying, shit that’s all on you, mates. Cause didn’t you see? She warned ya. :smiling_imp:

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I was thinking just recently that growling could be a good way to express that internal fuming. I always found this song to be very cathartic.

The back and forth from low to high pitch then leaving off all instruments like she’s just gonna get stuck in your heads there is no getting rid of her. Hee.

The talent is unreal.

How is it not reminiscent of the witches’ grunting in the ending of The Witch?

It’s like pure expression of the chthonic. Something so base. Completely unkempt. Witchy. No words. No shaping, distilling out, refining, or constructing into harmonious forms.

Just as it is.

Could regular grunting be like…INFJ moon “morning pages” or something? Or maybe y’all Moon-ers need to join a death metal band. Heavy metal could be close enough, though…

…which then goes back to Metallica.

See? It all connects. :grinning:

But I prefer female artists much more. Especially if they have INFJ moon. :smiling_imp:

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I take this song as the cry of a woman who lost her lover. Perhaps that desire is burning so intensely precisely because he’s now unattainable. Maybe she didn’t even want him that badly at first.
Now lust alternately leaves room for the pain:

I beg you my darling
Don’t leave me
I’m hurting

and anger. Then pain actually turns into anger:

I’ll make you lick my injuries

I see that sort of playfulness you were referring to, @spring, as a release through the devilish pleasure of revenge. It seems like a good compromise to save her pride after begging him to come back to her:

I’m gonna twist your head off, see
'Til you say don’t you wish you never never met her
…[the other woman]

Anger is an effective way of elevating oneself from the depths of pain.

Tie yourself to me
No one else, no
You’re not rid of me

I’m gonna

Tie yourself to me

because HOW DARE YOU leave me,
you asshole

LEGS :smiling_imp:

Which makes me realise that this comes down to the burden of living with contradictory feelings of love and hatred. Hating the one you love, hating that you love them, hating that you can’t “kill” them/still need them, hating the realisation of how weak/dependent that makes you, swallowing up one’s pride, pain and anger and going through with it. Then hating on the one you love some more because they’re making you feel that way. Oh fuck.
Is this what Fi id is like? Probably solar INFJs also feel guilty/a bad person for feeling that way. Oh well, I don’t. I’m an Fi dom, so I know I’m a good person. :smiling_imp:

I dig your story ma’am.

It’s been a while since I let myself listen to PJ’s more tortured songs. I love her, but she really makes me want to kill myself. Still, she nourishes me with… something. :grinning:

And ooh yeah, the anger. :fire: :scorpion:

Basically, I see the anger as DICKISH Fi-id.

Meaning that Fi id, which is a pussy (meaning vagina in this context - not weak), can be “dick-ish” - not in the penile sense - but rather by being insistent and challenging in its own right. And if there is one word to describe the chthonic with some justice, I’d say a vagina, which has its own sort of power a penis can never have. And Fi in the id position is a damn powerful and castrating vagina.

Blake aptly describes it in the INFJ Woman in Love article:

[Demanding] An intimacy that is like an effrontery



(BTW, we’ve had some problems with different subjective interpretations of language on the INFJ vs INFJ article, like what each of us meant by pussies and dicks. I still haven’t had time to clarify some things over there, but hopefully what I have just said touches upon what might have led to the mix up.)

At the very least, Fi id signifies extremity with emotion, especially in the realm of soul bondage. Deep pain elevated via intense anger? Hell yeah.

Hmm, I never interpreted “her” as the other woman. I personally interpreted that as PJ herself.

Your take is very interesting, Nur. I like how you have this very plausible story that confers a lot of nuance to the whole interpretation. It makes a lot of sense.

And I think there is no better way for the Fi id to erupt than the prospect or reality of the Other leaving.

Aw hell naw.

(And revenge definitely falls into the boat of Fi id evils. :grinning:)

Yes, I think so.

Maybe. I don’t personally relate to it, but theoretically it makes sense.

lol, but seriously

We can keep the PJ Harvey stuff in mind, as it provides a lot of material to work with for understanding what the fuck is a Black Moon, but let’s try to put a bit more focus onto the Metallica song for a second.

Male artists. Do males experience and express the INFJ moon in a different manner from females?

What would that look like?

I mean, we spoke of Fi id revenge in PJ’s Rid of Me. And the theme of revenge also pops up in Metallia’s Am I Evil?

As I watched my mother die, I lost my head.
Revenge now I sought, to break with my bread

I wonder if INFJ moon males could be more violent in their acts of revenge, especially when paired with an Se type in the sun type. A more physical expression of noxious Fi id anger. Women are more likely to not take it out via acts of physical violence but rather emotional violence. Granted, PJ was pretty violent in her imagery (twisting men’s head off), but maybe not truly as murderous as these nice little fucks:

Twenty-seven, everyone was nice.
Gotta see 'em make 'em pay the price.
See their bodies out on the ice.
Take my time.

On with the action now, I’ll strip your pride.
I’ll spread your blood around, I’ll see you ride.
Your face is scarred with steel, wounds deep and neat.
Like a double dozen before ya, smells so sweet.

A mass murder, huh? Some real psychotic bloodlust?

I was also fascinated by the constant reference to some traumatic experience with the Mother.

And Mothers relate to the id function and the symbolism of the moon as well.

Often, I have read about some sort of dysfunctional relationship with the mother in Scorpio Moon or Moon-Pluto aspect descriptions. I’ve seen it with Cancer Moon (or just Cancer) descriptions as well… but I get the impression that the mother takes a more noxious emotional dominance over male natives with Scorpio in the Moon position. After all, the Moon is in fall in Scoprio.

And that one horrible experience with the mother could be taken out in murderous acts and dysfunctional sexual/romantic relationships with women.

Sent to avenge my mother, sweep myself…Sweet and timely whore, take me home.

Jeezus, I need to neutralise this toxic shit with Dudeism:

this aggression

My mother was a witch

^^Well there you fucking go.

OK, me shuddup now.

Some random intuitions would tell me that somehow, it would seem that it is precisely a dysfunctional relationship with Se that could be more dangerous than having Se in the top two (or three) functions. That, combined with the unprocessed/subconscious anger that might very well be related to

I think it might be dangerous precisely because it’s something that backfires, as if the man didn’t know what he was capable of before he ended up acting out on the violence. Revenge is a premeditated act, but it is the absence of intent that could make a violent act even more dangerous sometimes and I somehow see this as more of a male thing. Combine that with brute physical strength and here goes a recipe for disaster.

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It would be cathartic. Get up on a stage and just vocalize the shit out of it.

I’ll make you lick my injuries til you wish you never met me HOLY COW. I AM desire (falsetto) you can’t leave me—that pain is psychotic and she managed to express it with falsetto. It’s like a used dumped on the highway type of pathetic. That feeling any rejected woman might have, where they are a whore, but just don’t leave me. Next thing you know woman has you back under her control and tied up like a rag doll.

This song…lol, it uses up so much ENERGY.

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Lol, I’ll play along even though sometimes these songs sound more funny to me than they probably should. That Metallica song sounds very funny to me. Just striving so high for the ultimate sacrilege lol.

So I guess THAT’s what it looks like. Seeking to be the worst monster you can think of. Can you think of something more fallen than calling the one who gave birth to you a fucking witch and seeing her burned at the stake?

The song conveys going so far there is no going back. You are a monster, beyond redemption. And you are going to live in the night.

And man…I guess that’s a very extreme experience.

Lol, ?

It IS! :smiling_imp:

Methinks that Springster got it bulls-eye from a wide-eye POV.

Now I do have questions about all this INFJ moon business regarding the Metallica song, but I do get these moments of having a Ti-stick-up-my-ass sometimes.

So hold up, let me just sort my shit out. :poop:

Could the black moon be the black of another type of moon instead of infj moon? I don’t see infj moon very well.

Dumb question maybe but oh well–who is Springster? Is this some kind of cultural reference?