My Humble Request for your Analysis

I would like to request your analysis of each character and whichever would be their MB personality type in my favorite movie.

@Blake , it is your analysis I request, mainly. However, I welcome anyone’s take on it. I would like to rewatch it with more perspective. I suppose i would learn so much about MB if I applied it to something I personally find relevant.

I don’t watch movies much. But this one I have seen many times. It is very funny.

The name of this movie is Seven Psychopaths. Perhaps you have seen it? It is a dark comedy.

I’m gonna watch it again soon. I hope I can do so with some knowledgeable new insights.

Very respectfully,


A secondary note for context. I am ENTP so you can understand I feel so terrible when I go over the same thing again and again…it makes me a little sad that things like this, which I appreciate, I am not able to tolerate it upon multiple review. So when I am able to expand my perspective I am able to re-enjoy my cherished memorable favorites.

I hope someone can help me out with this. Many thanks dear forum acquainances and respectful personages.

One of the best scenes with Christopher Walken:

LINK: youtube .com/watch?v=KsQq_w1jt5A

(sorry no preview, I can’t post links to youtube again. Remove the single space directly prior to “.com” in the url)

I think I read somewhere in one of the threads that Christopher Walken is typed as INTJ, but I think he plays an INFJ in this movie. At least, that’s who I type him as with my basic typing skills.

I like his acting style and he is one of my favorite characters in this movie.

I think Billy Bickle, the protagonist’s best friend in the movie, is ESTP personality type. He is hilarious.