My trump theory


This guy can’t be this dumb. Trump I mean.

But I do think Jared Kushner might be this smart.

And he wouldn’t be the first son in law to want to destroy his father in law.

So he convinces the guy to fire the head of the FBI and do a lot of other things. Why? Probably because kushner himself is implicated for various bullshittery; he basically convinces trump, who can’t imagine being taken down by a chain of command that reports to him anyway, to can that dude who was the head of the FBI and become the new focus of an incoming probe. (That I can’t remember his name, former head of FBI, is reminiscent of my difficulty remembering the names in other low quality shows I’ve seen where characters seem to keep showing up and dying real fucking fast. Remember that kid on the motorcycle in breaking bad? And then Matt Damon II is like bam. Next.).

Trump does all these stupid things as a long chain of reactions to an initial radical decision to fire kushner…and he does so many that eventually trump definitely may as well fire mueller and everybody else who could prosecute Kushner. And Kushner went silent circa may 2017 and by next year will seem like a reasonable, baby faced, who knows what the fuck he even sounds like old democrat. Oh yeah, there’s that part. I mean, the dude is a democrat.

Kushner avoids scrutiny like a new moon near a bright orange mid day sun.





Trump is an INFJ in deep cover as an ESTP.


Are u joking?


Prove me wrong.


Oh ok:) That’s fine:) I just wasn’t sure if it was meant as a joke.
Well he does have something bristly Ni-Se-?Fi? so that’s not even that far off from entj
It isn’t crazy.
I’m actually gonna just think about it lol
Edit: okay I think the way he “holds his own” is like a person who can take combat. He can get emotional but he just either starts talking all gloriously or starts attacking etc. when he attacks it’s not the same type of evisceration of an infj. It can be sensitive viscous but it’s less personal than would be for infj. It’s almost like he seems more innocent than infj