Myers Briggs type of comedian Bo Burnham


I don’t like calling Bo Burnham a celebrity because he’s not rotten and also I don’t think he likes it either. But ANYWAY, some of you probably have heard of or seen Bo Burnham. He is a comedian which is what he’s primarily known for but he’s also a poet, lyricist, musician, writer, etc etc. He’s stuff is deep and if you don’t know him you should check him out… Basically all hope for the world rests in his hands and influence. But what do y’all think his type is? I think INFJ because INFJs are the best ever.


I’ve watched him before. pretty hilarious.
he seemed almost like a T type to me, during his shows.
but he always seems to get so emotional after the show is over.

maybe you’re right. infj?

he’s funny as hell. genius.


he reminds me of someone on his Marc Maron interview. who who who
istp? isfj?


Thank you for the introduction, Jessica! I had not seen him before.



oo enfj. argh. bye for now! it’s like quicksand in here. everything is too tempting to look at