naughty story (nonfiction, true story)


I don’t know whether to make this private or public, but I’ll make it public and not tell too much details.

so when I was younger, I was working at pizza shop as delivery boy.
yep. I was a delivery boy.
it was summer time. my uniform was store’s t-shirt and a cap. and I wore the hat backwards. even the logo was on the front. why? just because.

i was dating this girl (not my wife), and we were on a break. why a break? because I couldn’t stand her but she didn’t want to break up. but it was toxic, so I just told her we should go on a break.

around 8pm or so, I was delivering pizza to this one house.
I see a girl walking to the door and I see her through the foggy glass.
I see a silhouette of her and I was already intrigued.

she opens the door. with big beautiful smile. bright teeth. prefect. shaped like a barbie. long silky hair. gorgeous.
my heart skipped a beat.

there were kids running around about 4-5 years old
I thought 'she must be their mother, what a lucky husband’
she says “kids are being crazy lol :slight_smile:” (she didn’t say “lol” she just kinda giggled)

i replied “aren’t they just lovely”

as I was walking away after receiving money, I hear her voice.
I turn my head and said "huh?"
she says, "nothing, I was just checking you out :slight_smile:️"
oh my gosh. my heart and my whole body felt tingly and I responded with “oh, I was checking you out too”

her: do you wanna take down my number?

Omg. so many thoughts went through my head in few seconds.
‘Omg this is like a scenario from a porn! she’s so hot. wait. she have kids. is she trying to set me up? wait. does she have stds or something? I don’t care. I gotta take this opportunity!’

I walk back to her and handed her my phone. she puts her number and tells me her name. then I tell her mine.
I walk away saying “I’ll hit you up”

she gives me the biggest smile again. oh man. my heart is melting and this feels so good to be true.

i text her.
she responds.

we texted back and forth until my shift is over. but I don’t ask her about her relationship status or anything. because I don’t wanna ruin it. I just ask her things about her. and asked why she thought I was attractive. she said I was good looking. damn. she’s flattering me. I tell her what I thought about her first impression too.
I ask her to meet me for a moment after I get off work.

she accepts my request. :grinning:

she tells me to meet her by fast-food restaurant.
I’m a little anxious. and excited at the same time.
the thought of ‘is she setting me up?’ is long gone.
I’m almost certain this girl is genuinely attracted to me.

i meet her outside of the busy fast-food restaurant. And I see all these guys staring at us. with envious look.
because she’s that gorgeous.

she told me she was trying to be cautious so she wanted to meet somewhere public. I reassure her that I felt the same way towards her. she asks me to go somewhere more quiet.

i get in my car, and she follows me to my parking lot.

i get out of my car, and I see her get out, and I see a young girl sleeping behind her car in her suv.
‘is she a mom?’

she says “I can’t stay too long because I have to take my niece back home”

‘yessssss!!! it’s her NIECE!’

we chat a little. and I’m looking at her petite body.
she’s about 5’4", hourglass shape. Busty. pretty face. she’s like a real life barbie. I just wanna devour her.

me: how much do you weigh?
her: take a guess :slight_smile: (Omg why is she smiling like that! I’m gonna kidnap her! Hahaha)
me: let me pick you up

then I pick her up with my two arms. I didn’t even have to wrap my arms around her. She’s about 110lbs.

me: Omg, you’re like a child! how old are you?

i find out she’s 4 years older than me. oh my God. even better.

i send her home, and later she calls my phone and asks me to videochat with her.

we Skyped until nocturnal time. usual for me. but unusual for her.

we talked about so many things. she’s so mature, deep, and freaking sexy.

next day we text each other on and off, and as the night comes, we Skype again.

me: why don’t you come over? we can watch Netflix and cuddle (‘cuddle’ my ass! hahaha)

she comes over. she only lives 10 minutes from me!!

so. we don’t watch Netflix. we just end up talking the whole night.
I was so into the conversation that I didn’t even feel horny.
but I was mesmerized by her beauty.
and she smelled so good. Omg. it was heavenly.

i find out she’s a singer. and oh my goodness. she has such a beautiful voice. very talented. better than many mainstream artists out there.

i turn my radio on and we dance to whatever song that plays

the dawn comes. about 5am. she gets sleepy. so I send her home.

i give her a goodbye hug, and as I walk away

her: hey, come back :slight_smile:

when I come back to her, she grabs my face and kisses me.

damn. why is she so hot.
her lips are so soft. plump
at the same time I’m a little shaken by the fact that she initiated this.
so I grab her and kiss her passionately.

next day, we Skype again.
now she’s already implying that I should meet her mom and stuff. Woah. damn girl.

she says she can’t come over because she has to take her niece somewhere in the morning.

but, somehow I seduced her to come over. again.

this time there was more than just talking. more than just dancing and laughing.
she was even hotter without clothes on.

Omg. I am getting freaky with one of my customer and she’s getting freaky with a pizza boy! hahaha

after a few days later, of skyping and all that jazz, I was going away to visit my cousin.

then, my girlfriend calls me while I’m there.

long story short, I had to block the other girl from all my form of communication.

I’m probably missing a lot of details in this story.
but anyways, it was fun and short-lived summer fling.

i didn’t miss her because I knew later that I wasn’t connecting with her on a deeper level. despite all the deep and spiritual conversations we had.

i just left her hanging but it was best for the both of us.

plus, she was extroverted, so I knew it wasn’t gonna work out between us on a long run.

definitely fun. it was exciting. short and sweet.

anyways. that’s all for now.
I have other naughty stories to tell. maybe I’ll share more later.


Cute. I wonder what made you want to make a post of this??? I got a couple too. Well…they already might have slipped out at some point. And I only have sexual experience with two people…so it may be kinda boring…lol


when I was responding to Lou about me as ESTP being a player but loyal, I thought of this scenario.

and just like the description, I was messing around, but I cut her off the very moment I connected with my girlfriend again.

and I just was kinda reminiscing and thought that the story was pretty bizarre and not that common.
so i thought why not share it while I’m going through my memory lane?

share them!


Nah. I’d be more specific in my stories than yours. And there’s no real point in typing that shit out. Maybe to give someone a hard on for a sec. But then, what else. Ya know? It would be interesting to compare descriptive angles though. Cause you are like- blah, blah, facts. Me - I’m like, his gaze, blah, blah, the feeling…blah blah.

I think your stories are more fun to hear anyways because they’re detached. Fun and light.


So did you have sex or didn’t you?


use your imagination + your intuition and you’ll be able to figure it out

what, you think we played some board games butt naked?
or twisters?

Nah. we played final fantasy live version :wink:


Dunno man. Maybe you couldn’t get it up.


that has never been my problem fortunately and unfortunately