Ne-joy an example


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Ne to infp is like the bestest thing when it “just happens”.

I have yet to understand how to “make it happen” lol.

Here is an example, of Ne “just happening”. I teach these classes and it’s so goddamm boring sometimes. The same topics over and over and if I “fly” they “die” lol. That’s how it usually feels because so many of them plain don’t “dig it”. But today, one of the classes was a bit more flexible by design and it was the beginning of a chapter and I felt it wasn’t too unreasonable to to just take a liberty for a change and I got to talk about a topic I love, but I knew it was a bit of a lark so I had to Ne the whole thing in the sense of distilling to essence at every step. Really in real time, constantly imagining how they would be experiencing it, which might have been the exhilarating part. Just figure out the most natural way to do it from beginning of class to end of class and to stress the mystery of what I was talking about (it did contain a mystery!!!). Anyhow, it was the bestest feeling. Unpredictable too…I made the decision last minute. It literally felt like leaping off a cliff and gliding gently down. It was amazing. And didn’t flop thank god.

This is what an infp Ne high can be like.

Anyhow, math rocks. It’s pretty much like playing and stumbling around, and then light comes in here and there. Something fuzzy becomes clear then fuzzy again. Then you travel elsewhere. When you return, everything looks doubly clear or completely different. The real and imaginary are indistinguishable. That’s probably the best part. It feels as real as it gets while feeling like total play. Well when everything is fuzzy or you are stuck it might not feel like play… lol. But it feels ominous and alluring. You just gotta keep stumbling.

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Hey @lunar! Yes, how to “make Ne happen.” The eternal question haha! You can’t really, not directly I think. You can only clear out space for it to grow in. Like tending a garden or something. And then it just kind of happens.

Yes, I know that feeling exactly. To be really excited to be doing something in particular. Flow state. It feels like flying to me too. And yes, when talking about something I love. I can just go on and on.


Let’s find a hack:)

Would you say you experience Ne “pure bliss” once a day once a week? How frequently? I don’t think Se minimums always lead to Ne bliss… they just tame Ni id a little and make it more likely to have Ne bliss and kind of pull you out of Si.

Do you fly in your dreams?


These dudes fixing power lines. Respect. Guess they literally have to eject.


Yes, let’s find one!

I don’t know, that’s really hard to quantify. Depends on the day? Depends on the week? There are definitely better days, better weeks, better months. Better years even. Better lives?! :astonished:

Se doesn’t always lead to Ne, I agree. But I think it does help. Blake’s advice to “just do it” works well I’ve found to clear out the anxieties and mental blocks (Ni Id?). It’s like I will be nervous about something for weeks and it keeps distracting me, and then I finally just do it and it was nothing haha. Just a lot of wasted energy. And once the “important stuff” is out of the way I can relax and just be and then Ne comes. Se helps to get this stuff out of the way. Like catching the weeds as soon as you see them so Ne is free to grow. When it wants to and at its own pace of course…

I think of Ne aux sometimes like a skittish deer. If you go searching for it you’ll make a lot of noise in the woods, and the deer will run off before you ever see her. You just kind of have to wait for her to show up, and be quiet and still so she stays as long as possible.

It reminds me of a quote from Bjork I found on creativity:

“I think creativity always lives somewhere in everyone but its nature is quite pranksterish and slippery and every time you grab its tail it’s found a new corner to thrive in. Perhaps the trick is not to force it and put it up against a wall and want it to be in a particular area, but rather with a lot of kindness sniff it out and wonder where it has gone to this time around. If it’s in sauce recipes, writing theater plays, papermache, improv with nephews, discovering new hiking routes or simply trying to figure out a family member’s sense of humor. I definitely don’t succeed in this all the time but feel overall things have been more fertile when I trust this creature’s instincts and follow it rather than me willfully reforming it into a circus animal colouring by numbers. Anyways. As much as you’d like to ignore this animal, you have to attend it. Because if you don’t dark times turn up…”

Yes, and especially in my daydreams!


Burn 1 million calories before any action takes place haha:)

It’s like getting those things out of the way requires a brief pep talk to self that says “it will be worth it”. With the pep energy, then the bare essentials are taken care of, a quick in the moment check for what matters the most, with a few iterations. When things are at their best, there is a instinct to do these checks often enough to not miss anything too significant. What a dance. Can’t say it always works well. At some point if Te draws the line and says make a list of ALL that must happen for your life to not go off the rails… If Se doesn’t take over it all goes to shit as there will seem to be 100 steps. So guess it’s a matter of making sure there are enough iterations of “did you take care of what is bottom line”?


Crazy you mention that Björk quote, because I literally have this written down in one of my notebooks where I jot down my creative output.

She’s amazing.