Ne & Se comparison. okay vs ok


okay, so probably my last night on stellar maze because I am going back to my wife from brother vacation. and gotta spend quality time with her.

but before I go.

i was talking to my brothers about ENTP and ENFP.
so I can better understand Ne.
Ne to me just seems like over thinking.
seeing so many possibilities. but not coming to a conclusion. so to better understand, I’ll do a comparison.

Ne will think is this 'half full or half empty’
Se will just say "it’s half."
then Ne will say "But is it really half? what if there is a small difference? it could be a little more than half, or a little less"
Se will say “does it matter? it’s close to being half. or just measure and say 49.987% or 50.013%. regardless. it’s half.”

Ne will look at the figure and say "is it 6 or 9?"
Se will say “it’s 9 this way, 6 that way”

Ne analyzes the situation. sometimes over analyze.
Se changes the situation. present with the moment and change the outcome.

Ne assumes possibilities
Se sees what’s happening

Ne. What if tomorrow.
Se. Tomorrow is.

Ne looks for more conclusions/probability
Se comes to a conclusion

Ne talks about the possibilities
Se breaks down the possibilities.

Ne lives in imaginations
Se lives in the moment

Ne thinks about what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve
Se thinks about what to do next. or now.

now, I mentioned okay vs Ok in my title.
I’ll tell you why.

i have one ENTP friend that calls me a practical mentor.
and he calls me a lot to ask me questions that sometimes drives me crazy.
him: my boss texted me saying ‘ok’ And i think it’s a bad sign
me: why is “Ok” a bad sign? he is agreeing. he didn’t say no.
him: he used to text the full “okay”, but now he’s just saying “ok”, I feel like he could be mad at me.
me: why would he be mad?
him: because I was late to work.
me: well, maybe he’s mad at you. But he still said "ok"
him: yeah but his tone changed.
me: are you afraid he might fire you?
him: I don’t think he’ll fire me, but
me: dude. stop over thinking. he said ‘ok’ After You explained to him why you were late.
him: yeah but it’s like when a girl texts you from “heyy” to “hey”, that means she’s no longer interested in you, or slowly fading away.
me: so what?!?! then change the fucking situation! start building credit and stop over analyzing about this! go do you work! don’t worry. and just move on and change how he thinks of you.

so I’ve come to realize Ne have hard time living in the moment and altering the outcome. instead they over think about stuff and gets in their head with no action.

ENTP use logic in these ways.
they think of possibilities. and calls it logic.
and yes, it makes sense. I can see why it makes sense.
but logic sometimes is a theory. and a theory is not always true.

N by itself is all over the place. that’s why you need Se from both side to make sense of the situation.

that’s why. Se N Se. SeNSe. makes sense?


vgbefore i even read past line 1 can i say " wait last night for how long? for a reasonable, marriage sustaining amount of time i hope but not forever, right?"

dont like disappear. i thought for a minute yesterday it wiuld be a bummer if you happened to disappear. there are so few EPs here. plus ive lesrned really valuable stuff from you and i believe we have only cracked the surface of translating Ne ans Se in ways that reflect analogously and are thus instructive.

and finally ill say here cuz where else: makes sense not to do business directly with ENTP, but it makes sense also to invest part of the high risk portion of your portfolio in ENTP. I think there is more to be said re: the entp jackpot dream, what thats all about, and how you can deploy your cash at some later time toward giving yourself an odds-on chance of getting a share of it. heres a clue imo. be like russ in this scene:

dont let an entp try ro sell you on metrics or the other stuff you should csre about for a normal investment. You will only get pot odds with entp on a ginormous idea. you know not to partner with ENTP for business, but dont stop short of figuring out where they can play a role, bevause some NTPs have been true inventors and somehow built new worlds. there are a million minivan negotiation wins in the single payout of some ENTP (in your extended network).

you play poker?

an entp is a 7-8 suited. a hard hand to play because it decieves intermediate and even advsnced players. by comparison, A10 is easy for an advanced player to get away from when they are behind. but try playing 7-8 hearts into a black 7 8 A flop when a strong player reraise you. thats not an easy move (in no limit cash games – in limit or tourney its easier imo, as tourney play will be an easy fold early or an easy all in late, and limit is an easy call). the point with 7-8 or ENTP investments is dont get in over your head and remember what you are playing the hand for. not two pair.


i slightly remember being such a weiner in high school, but i moved past this kind of relationship analysis in my twenties. i think your friend seems very young.


maybe entp has to embrace masculinity / strength or else she/he spirals into mediocrity.

like the opposite of infp princess strategy.


ENTP friend is older than me but grew up in a religious family and didn’t get to experience a lot so seems very immature… He’s into PUA and has took some courses wasting his money.
shit cost so much for bullshit information.

now he is an atheist. wants to join freemasonry.

and I’ll be back here and there.
but not like the last few days where I was able to constantly post stuff.
probably when my wife is visiting her great grandmother at the hospital I could make some time.

time to drive back home!


nice photo.



example of Se

watch the video. see how he moves. idk if he’s ESTP, ESFP, ISTP, or ISFP.

but definitely Se in dom or aux.

and this guy. the same guy you mentioned before in my other thread. Aka KIN.

watch how he plays with music. i started the video at 1:16. only watch a minute of it.

i fucking love this guy. he’s one of the best dancers in my opinion. i wanna say the best.


and example of a female doing Se dance

you can watch the whole thing but i made the video start at 3:25 and just watch a minute or two and she just plays with the music

yes these guys are all Korean, apparently they’re really good at dancing hahah



watch the first girl. that’s it. she killed the whole show.

@Ankh, don’t you think she played the Harley Quinn role very well? hahaha i hope you know this song since you watched the video.

and this one. just watch the first part , girl in the middle. she also killed it.
one of the best female dancers.

and here goes ISFP. 100%

she killed this choreograph. have never seen anything so graceful.
skip to :50 for the start.

and …

i think she’s ISFP also. but not sure.


I swear isfps can be their own instruments. Isfp dancers mesmerize


Who? What? Where? What are you talking about?


Kehlani- Gangsta

the first girl who’s dancing in that video.

she expresses the lyrics so well.

the song is from the movie Suicide Squad


I don’t remember that song, but I LOVE IT!

Hmmm…no. I don’t like her for Harley.


seriously. gives me the goosebumps.

Michael Jackson. 100% ISFP.

what i recognize about ISFP dancers are, is that they make the simplest move super difficult.

and you can’t make sense out of it. that’s the power of Fi.

it’s just expressed so graciously that it’s unfathomable.

they make Se look so artistic.

got some examples of Ne i can watch?
i don’t know how to detect Ne. what is Ne besides just talking about ideas?
i’m genuinely asking that question


Creepier much is that THAT video is what I was thinking of when I wrote it.

I really like his dancing in here too…

When gets out on the street ?garage? that’s some seriously good dancing. And he’s got the rest of gang beat dancing wise. This is so old and as of yet have seen nothing to match this little clip just in terms of jaw drop. I feel like putting the time marker on the ultimate goosebump moment lol

I associate grace more to making difficult look simple? Fine-tuned. He’s like a coordinated and athletic noodle oh maybe you mean like it looks mysterious to look at, so intricate, hard to replicate?


woah… that IS creepy.

maybe MJ’s billie jean is THE standard for ISFP. haha

ohhh yes. what a good way to put it. so intricate, hard to replicate. yes. wow. perfect.

it almost makes me mad when i see ISFP dance because they do it so effortlessly but look so cool.

like when i “win” at the competition, i know why i won. i won because i won the crowd over, not because i was the better dancer.

ISFPs are better dancers but they don’t care about ‘winning’, due to Te-inferior. so they just have fun in competition without being so competitive. so they don’t try too hard.

but i know in my heart i don’t feel like i ‘won’ because i know ISFP’s style was more genuine and not to ‘please the crowd’. that’s probably the Fi.

and i use my Fe in the crowd so i know what people want to watch, what’s trendy, even though the movements are stupid and simple.


Just rewatched his dancing. It’s so freaking moving These short clips are for the centuries


Yeah I like his 1:16 entry. That fun he is having it just draws you right in he is like on before he’s on. Feel fre to post more of these videos I love them and it’s like a peak into another universe. It is kind of like watching a magician


Your friend’s boss probably just got a new phone that doesn’t autocorrect to okay anymore. No one actually types okay, right?


hahah I prefer to type the full "okay"
and I think I’ve done it quite several times on this forum.

but your theory would be a sugar-coated delusion to my friend who is suffering from multi conceptual paranoia

or just a clever affirmation