NEW MBTI Questionaire?


i want to create a new MBTI questionaire.
hopefully this is useful.

yes! participate in the Q&A =D

  1. If you had to describe your soul’s color, what would it be? and why?

  2. What country’s/region’s culture are you drawn to? and why?

  3. What is your favorite season, and why?

  4. What is the ‘ideal’ weather? and why?

  5. Would you rather be a great singer or a great painter? why? (in this scenario, if you’re good at one, you’ll be bad at the other)

  6. Would you rather read people’s mind accurately? or see the world accurately?

  7. If you could block out ONE emotion, what would it be?

  8. If you were to become other than human, what would it be? (ex = traffic light, dildo, bird, wind, soil, mirror, etc.)

  9. If you had to be one, would you rather be blind, or deaf? why?

  10. If you had to use this time machine. would you go 5 years forward? or 5 years backward?

  1. A deep green color. Because I like nature. Green is life, fertility, birth…
  2. I like Mexico and New Orleans, LA. I like Mexico’s traditions, culture, language, history. There’s something very comfortable about Mexico to me. I visited NOLA a couple of years ago. I LOVED it. Everyday you go on the streets, you hear music, you see performers. Everyone is a starving artist of some sort down there. (I say down there, because I’m up here) Dancers, painters, singers, musicians, fortune-tellers, history tour guides. There’s a long history to NOLA and everyone shares some piece of it down there. And the beignets…
  3. Fall. Cool, crisp air, but still very wet. The leaves are pretty. It’s always a time of reflection for me.
  4. Temp 55-65. Overcast cloudy. Drizzly rain. It relaxes and soothes me. I LOVE RAIN!!
  5. I’d rather be a good painter. Because I’d like to make my dreams come to life. Okay that sounds corny. I’d like to be able to see something and boom, put it on a piece of paper.
  6. I can already read people’s minds accurately, so I guess I should say see the world accurately. But I’m not so sure I want to see the world accurately.
  7. Anxiety.
  8. I’d like to say some sort of big cat, but their lives can be stressful, so I’ll say a sloth. Or a bird. Like, a red-tail hawk. (And, nice on the dildo…)
  9. Blind. There are too many sounds that hit me deeper than just seeing something. i.e. would you rather see someone play their instrument or hear them play it? I guess this could be looked at “dirty” too. So I say blind.
  10. If those are my only two options, I’d say forward, cause I know what’s behind me. But, if I had full-range, I’d go everywhere, see everything. Way before my time and way after my time.


I’m hibernating… but, I like questions…

  1. Prism like… White turns VIBGYOR… white to foreign eyes… the colours remain inside… fragile…

  2. I can’t think of a particular country/region… I have always been fascinated with the ancient civilizations… Egyptian… Mesopotamian… Indus Valley… Mayan… Greek… Roman… exciting… I wouldn’t mind being alive during the Renaissance either… anyway… in the present… I find all cultures and countries interesting… culture is an amalgamation of geography, astrology, biology, psychology… history provides the cumulative context… I’m drawn to all cultures as concepts… and then, there are the feels… some places just make you feel at home… I like natural places… the culture of nature anywhere on earth… Amazon Forest…

  3. Favourite season… winter… where I live, winter is pleasant… i feel like time slows down… I have more time to be myself… it’s the season of epiphanies…

  4. Pleasant breeze… Crickets buzzing… Petrichor after light rain… Sunset hues… colloidal gold mist seeping through evergreens… slowly put to death by twilight… Coffee… Best Friends… Silence…

  5. Singer! I can paint images with words… I want to MOVE people with my voice… it’s like being that thread holding someone together… I love appreciating visual art… but I find the challenge of finding the right words more exciting/challenging… drawing boundaries and still making room for infinite interpretation… and there’s something about the act of physical merging when listening to a voice… it’s more than just the brain… it’s the body sensing the exact displacement produced by another body…

  6. How can you possibly do one without doing the other? They’re the same thing… what does “see” mean? Are you talking about the physical phenomenon or the psychological? There’s no possibility of accuracy in either…

  7. Fear

  8. Water… I want to be something that isn’t slave to the laws of physics… but, I think water is the most elegant submissive…

  9. I would rather die… if I HAD to… maybe I would pick deaf… but NO… death is more acceptable…

  10. Ahh I don’t know… I am tempted to say back… because there are many decisions I would like to change… but… I don’t think I would’ve learnt all the things I did if I hadn’t made those mistakes… so i guess I’ll pick the future… but then, I want it to be the future I envision… so I guess I’d rather just live right now and work towards it rather than not end up where I want to be… it’s pointless to go forward or back unless things can be changed… somehow I feel like neither will improve me… it’s more about the effect time has on you rather than what happens in it… anyway… for fun… I’d like to fast forward five years… I imagine the experience to be like an emotional shock… body getting used to all the feelings you didn’t know you would feel… ugh… hope I’ve turned into a monumental asshole… or rather, come out as one…

So, what’s my type? Don’t look up my older posts…

Where are your answers?

  1. Gold!!! Or maybe deep blue. Deep blues are generally my favourite colours, they seem mystical but reserved, and gold is a very nice contrast colour. And also, associations with Leo, the sun, etc. lol

  2. Uh… Not sure. I guess East Asian folklore stuff. Animism, spirits and creatures in everything, including in ethereal dimensions. Pro bably because I am East Asian haha. I enjoy the patterns and meditative spaces. More arabic stuff is also fascinating because of the fractal and geometric designs.

  3. Late spring or mid fall where temperatures are cool and breezy so you don’t need a jacket but you can still wear one if you want. I also like seeing the plants in bloom or turning to harvest. The tranformative nature of those seasons is nice.

  4. Sunny and a little bit cool and breezy, or the same but clear skies and starry night! A comfortable weather to explore the world!

  5. Great painter, though I said maybe next lifetime I would like to focus on musician skills instead. I like seeing the images in my head become “real” and recorded.

  6. See the world accurately, probably. For my own sake and safety and maybe people will think I am a seer lol. I can guess or they can tell me what’s on their minds.

  7. What thde feeling of when you get too lazy/cranky to keep doing something? Block the sloth/inertia/apathy emotion lol. I wanna get things done.

  8. A deity!!! Maybe a spirit/animal guide to some unwitting girl! :Dc Twice the fun, half the responsibility!

  9. Deaf. Because sign language looks cool and I like to draw and read things online, so I need vision. You would think that text-to-speech would suffice, but no…!! Typo enjoyments are a very visual experience!

  10. Back 5 years because I don’t want to lose 5 years of moments with my loved ones. Plus I can invest earlier and get greater returns because of it! Double the experience points too.


INTJ is so cute sometimes :smile:

  1. A light shade of blue. Blues have always felt calm and a softness when I look at it. I think opal is a really good depiction of human soul, but it’s more than one color.

  2. Southeastern cultures, or Pacific Islanders. I don’t like the politics in the region but the geography and food really appeals to me.

  3. Late spring or early summer, just so I can wear romantic frilly dresses.

  4. Sunshine but not too hot. It feels like freedom.

  5. A singer. Maybe it’s a Leo Ascendant thing, but the lure of being onstage!

  6. Read people’s mind accurately. I don’t know what see the world accurately entails. If you can read people’s mind you can change it thus changing the world.

  7. Shame. “Shame is a soul-eating emotion.”

  8. A God? It would be cool to be Aphrodite and smite people.

  9. I’d rather be blind. My imagination can fill in the spot, but to be deaf, is to left alone with your own thoughts. Forever. That’s sounds terrifying.

  10. Five years backwards. I mean, the power of knowledge to change to past. :stuck_out_tongue: Common!


This is the only post I’ve read from you, so I’ll take a stab at your type! (Even though I didn’t make this questionnaire)

You definitely seem like an NF type base on your linguistics. I would say an inward orientation rather than an outward one. “I want to MOVE people” is a very raw expression, a desire to connect(to show what is inside outwardly). Winter, very solitude. Water, because of a desire to free yourself. So INF.

Lastly, you focus on the changes. Like how is this useful to me. Moving backward or forward isn’t super applicable. What does it even mean to have omniscient in other’s thoughts or worldly perception. Seems like Te?

I would guess INFP. I could totally be wrong!


Hahah well, I started thinking “what if they had kids? went on a cool trip I could have gone with?? DIED or gotten ill within the 5 years I skipped and they needed me?? all those shared moments we could have had and built upon with each other now a blank space! Could I take that risk???”

There is already… always not enough time because I love wasting it and procrastinating, so more of it is always welcome. :smiley:

  1. Do you know these early summer nights when there is a full moon and you can see almost as well as during day? I am that colour. If not that, orange as fire.

  2. I am not drawn to any specific culture, I like them all because what I enjoy is to see what they share in common -which is almost everything-. I see their principles clearer if I can compare them. However, if I had to choose one, I guess I would go with Indian culture. I read somewhere that, if Westerns had eaten the fruit of knowledge, they had eaten the fruit of life -maybe in The traditions of Shiva and Dionysus, by Alain Danielou, read that book-. But I love as well Middle Ages.

  3. Spring, because it is the most unpredictable. Every single thing in nature seems to acquire an untameable, pubescent quality I feel very drawn to.

  4. The weather I mentioned in the first question, summmer night’s weather. Hot and cool at the same time.

  5. Painter, because my mind works in a very visual way. Sometimes I feel like those images can be translated into any media really -they are not purely images-, but I guess painting is more direct to me. And I think I’m quite competent drawing, it’s just something I haven’t developed yet.

  6. Read people’s mind. The world will be just the sum of those minds.

  7. Guilt, which leads to shame. Guilt is my chains.

  8. The Sun. Or a Tiger. Something huge.

  9. Deaf, as I said before I work in a very visual way. Though it would be interesting to “see” how my imagination fills the gaps.

  10. Five years back. Because hey, I gain five extra years. And it’s never enough!


i like when you pop back in to stellarmaze:)


Thank you! Always interesting to see what others see and I like your analysis… will disclose once @supernocturnal has taken a stab… :smile:

And… so many similarities between you and Prax!!

Wow… that thought didn’t even cross my mind… okay I wanna go back too… but can I take my current awareness + knowledge + desires with me? I feel like I wasted most of my teenage years just drifting through life… I think I’m still just drifting :frowning:
But… what if… you could pick exactly the kind of life you fast forward to?

Where are your answers?


If you had to describe your soul’s color, what would it be? and why?
Deep velvety purple, darkish dusk. A good time for seduction.

What country’s/region’s culture are you drawn to? and why?
Too huge a question for writing on phone. All of them for different reasons.

What is your favorite season, and why?
Autumn, falling leaves whirling, floating, painting the damp, cold ground fiery bright. Twirling, fluttering into a tumbling river, sailing all crispy bent into little boats.

What is the ‘ideal’ weather? and why?
Rainy and cold so I can hide away and drink warm tea and write in peace.

Would you rather be a great singer or a great painter? why? (in this scenario, if you’re good at one, you’ll be bad at the other)
I would not mind being able to make someone shiver in delight listening to me singing just for the joy of it.

Would you rather read people’s mind accurately? or see the world accurately.
See the world. I am so tired of knowing what people want.

If you could block out ONE emotion, what would it be?
Guilt, knowing I could have done better and did not. Could not?

If you were to become other than human, what would it be?
(ex = traffic light, dildo, bird, wind, soil, mirror, etc.)
A bird. Maybe a hummingbird…

If you had to be one, would you rather be blind, or deaf? why?
Deaf. It would be terrible to lose music. But I could still have poetry. Not so terrible not to have to listen to some people. But losing my ability to see the beauty of nature and being able to freely move in it would be devastating to me as I am.

If you had to use this time machine. would you go 5 years forward? or 5 years backward?
Backwards to have my little kids again.


okay. i realized this is way harder than i thought. hahaha

i think these questions brings individuality of a person. not putting people in the box.
which i like. i love individualism.

so i’ll start with you #7. Fear.
so i’m gonna say you’re a Feeler.
of course Thinkers have fear too. but i don’t think Thinkers will pick Fear as one of them.

look at @Prax for example. she didn’t even pick a real ‘emotion’. ahahah, jk . no but seriously .

your #8 is obviously an iNtuition type. unless you’re some high intuitive sensor. which i doubt.

so… xNFx…

i’m tempted to say you’re Perceiver. because you seem to enjoy ‘freedom’ in a sense.
but your #10 tells me you’re a Judging type. because you want to 'change your decision’
which is something more Judging type would say.
but i’m not sure. hmm…

paint images with words. thats more… N thing to say i guess. sounds very abstract.
move people? so that’s definitely an F. … hmmm…

your reaction to #6, seems like Ni thing.
reading way too much into the question.
i know Ne don’t really do this. from my experience. they’ll just kinda work with it.
ENFPs or ENTPs will just interpret it in their own way i think. so it seems.

so INFJ is one option. but i don’t wanna be certain yet.

i almost thought ENFP because of your initial answer in #5 but i think you saw wayyyyy deeper than a typical ENFP.

could you be an ENFJ? hmmm. or even INFP?

but no. i don’t get an INFP vibe from you.
i don’t think #9 INFP would say "death is more acceptable"
that doesn’t sound like me taking a bite out of soft, delicious, pudding. hahaha

definitely not an INTJ. because of too much emotions going on for you to be an INTJ.


i just don’t know ENFJ that well…

but if i had to look at @Ankh for ENFJ example. than you’re different from her.

she seems more decisive. got that ENFJ decisiveness.

and you used the word elegant.

i firmly believe that INxJ types are the most elegant types out there.

and when Ni describes the culture they like, they tend to go to the culture that’s NOT in our times. idk why that is.
i just know they always think so far.

so. i gotta say you’re an INFJ!

i wish i added more questions. but i just did 10 to be ‘standard’

if there’s an exception and you’re something else. then…

i would say… ISFJ? with high intuition?

you’re too deep to be an ISFP.
ISFPs are rather very simple. almost dumb. sheesh. i must not like them so much.

but i’ll just stick with INFJ


Hahah Prax not even pick emotion because I have a tendency to think all emotions are “useful” in some sense, so I was trying to think of an actual “useless” one which is like… apathy/reluctance.

Some people picked shame/guilt perhaps because that emotion has paralyzed them in life but I also thought… “some people should be shamed!!! some people should have MORE shame emotion so they realize their stupidity and fix it!!”. In that sense, shame is a useful “reminder” emotion about one’s social environment with some kind of inbuilt sense toward restitution/fixing.
I suppose laziness is an energy-conservation emotion, but… there is plenty enough of that going around in the world. lol


see! that’s exactly why thinkers tend to keep their emotions.

most Feelers are tired and exhausted from feeling emotion. it’s probably overwhelming.

how often do Thinkers get overwhelmed with emotions, compared to feelers? i’m sure it’s incomparable.

i agree with you on your logic though.
i’d probably get rid of lazy ‘emotion’ to enhance my productivity.

it’s a ‘luxury’ only thinkers can have i guess, to ‘enjoy’ negative emotions.

if you constantly feel range emotions throughout the day, i think it’s likely you pick real emotions ;] get my concept?


These days are so busy…I only manage quick bursts on here. Maybe on weekend.


Haha I like how you work through your thoughts… very on point…

And you’re right…

I think I am an infj too… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I need distance to be able to appreciate a culture as a whole and as an entity isolated from the rest of the world… what I live in is too close for me to be able to grasp it’s essence because it’s still a work in progress… work constantly distracted by what’s going on with the other cultures surrounding it… and i can’t really ‘let it be’ or ‘be a part of it’ because I feel the urge to change certain things in a way that’s too big to be possible… sometimes I feel like I could be a dictator… and not a very benevolent one… there’s a ruthlessness and uselessness that the present brings out in me… history is more edible… I can identify the periods of time that i have a taste for… times that would let me be myself… lol… but if I detach myself and pretend I don’t belong to it, I find everything about the present rather interesting too… what sequence of events in different parts of the world has lead to the archetype that region embodies currently… and what it means for all these archetypes to exist simultaneously at this point of time… and to be honest I’m excited about what it’s going to lead to next… as much as I hate anyone getting hurt physically or emotionally, I am excited about the prospect of change in global dynamics… transformation… it’s inevitable… we tend to become too sensitive towards the minutiae and forget that everything is just replication and magnification… there are atoms and they make molecules and they make this big organic compound called a person… people themselves are like atoms… families are molecules… cultures are people… and so on… different environments cause different chemical reactions… sometimes there’s a waiting period… waiting for the right temperature, the right pressure, the catalyst to take effect and then boom everything has changed… something exotic has been created… more often than not you are looking at combinations you haven’t worked with before… so who knows whether it’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs or the fury of hell on earth… blah blah… lol so yes… all cultures are interesting… but if you ask me about personal preferences… certain pieces of the past glitter like gold and I dunno what compound the present will create… :stuck_out_tongue:

isfp are annoying because of the Si id… the rest of them is pretty badass and interesting… a little too jealous and self-serving for my taste though… but they make good musicians… and dancers… we can never have enough of entertainment…

Amazed :slight_smile:

  1. Lots of shades probably pastels
  2. Not drawn to culture because got no antenna take me into nature instead.
  3. Fall. Crisp air. Fall foliage. Crunchy leaves under the feet.
  4. See 3.
  5. Good singer could be interesting because it would mean opening up.
  6. 100 percent want to read minds accurately.
  7. Fear <----which would be probably unwise
  8. Accomplished…none of it is real lol
  9. Impossible choice but maybe deaf
  10. Forward 5 or backward about 25


What does Si Id of isfp look like to you?


Oh I’m not sure how to describe it now… I’ll try…

There’s this hidden conservatism… initially the Se-Ni makes them seem very broad minded and open to the world, but they actually find it really hard to accept something/someone radically different from themselves… to me it feels like negative judgement of me, or rather, a dismissal of my ideas and feelings without even trying to understand them… they like you as long as you believe in all the same things as themselves otherwise you become somewhat lesser in their eyes ( this is my personal feeling based on the isfps I know)… they lose respect for you and then withdraw into a shell of defensive rejection… and I attribute this to a combination of Scorpio Fi + Si id because INFP also have Fi dominance but they are wayyy more flexible and understanding/accepting…

Then… there is a tendency to fall into familiar patterns and routines even when these are harmful to them… a refusal to consider possibilities… there’s only one way to live life and I will live it that way even if it is killing me…