NFJs in...boxing?


Okay, so, I have little interest in boxing in and of itself, but for some reason I really like reading up on Mike Tyson. I just think he’s an interesting guy.

After reading a lot of his interviews, I kind of think…he could be…an INFJ? An ISFP-ish INFJ. If I’m wrong, then an INFJ-ish ISFP.

I’ll elaborate later, because what I really want to do when I have more time is to link to some sources to flesh out a bit more why I think this. If anyone thinks I’m really off base before I get around to it, I’d love to hear about it (because if you’re right, this would save me a lot of time)!

As a side note. I think Muhammad Ali was an ENFJ. When I look over the course of his career, it seems to line up quite a bit with what Blake has said about ENFJs and being willing to throw their careers on the line for some just cause or other they believe. (Which is exactly what Ali did, giving up his physical prime years in boxing to protest the Vietnam War.)

For both of these guys, their psychological tactics seemed to have played as much of a role in their victories as their physical prowess. They really fucked with people before fighting them. Not that ISFPs can’t do this (if Tyson was one), but Tyson was just kind of…consistently really nasty and jarring in the things he would say. Like I’ll read some of the things he would tell his opponents and be like, Jesus, dude! And he would go there deliberately.

The thing is that I always hear that you’ll only see S-types at the top of the sporting world, so these guys would easily just be outliers in whatever s-types they might be. Anyway, I’d like to go more into this but I want to hear what other people might think first.


I used to do kick-boxing, karate, and jui jitsu. Don’t know if this contributes much to your thread, but hey! I was so into it, that I would do it everyday and box my wall to toughen up my knuckles.

But what you say makes sense - NFs would probably be the best at mind-fucking people. Cause we know what goes on insiiiideeee. And just the right thing to say to fuck someone up. Actually, yes, ENFJ would be the best at mind-fucking and manipulating. Because we’re good at getting information, and because we’re not deeply “attached” to that information, we could use it for evil and SOMETIMES not be phased by it. ENFJ can deal it, but can we take it? hmmm… I can’t.


Hey Wendy!
I watch a bit of wrestling… clueless when it comes to boxing… but this sounds interesting… so go ahead and post the links :slight_smile:

(And I don’t think it’s too far fetched for an infj to be into boxing… I would love to be able to box :stuck_out_tongue:)


No, it does contribute! That’s really cool to know. Did you do all those at the same time?

One of my friends is an INFJ and did muay thai. She had an…interesting upbringing and spent a lot of her childhood and teenage years getting into fights. Like, beating people with chairs. According to her she never lost (which may or may not be true). Was also the girl who smashed in her ex’s car windows when she found out he was cheating on her.

Blake has said before that an INFJ pushed to a certain level of rage would probably just beat the shit out of someone and have kind of an innate sense for how and where to hurt. I think this rarely happens but with, say, Tyson, the thing was that by his own admission he actually was walking around everywhere with a huge amount of rage.

When that rage started to wear off he started losing.

There’s one particularly great interview with him where he speaks at length about how a lot of the fights he would win, he won not by pure physical prowess but by sheer menace of aura, cowing men who were bigger and in better shape than himself. When I think of INFJs at a certain level of rage, they give off a sense of, they’re going to rip off your arms and beat you to death with them.

I think for me the strike against him being ISFP is how articulate and well-read he is. Which is not to say ISFPs can’t be, but HOW he is. i.e. the manner, of his articulation feels different to me from how it would look in an ISFP. Like if we consider Russell Brand to be one, going by one of Blake’s articles, Brand is a bit “articulate” in a way, but he’s all over the place, and if you actually listen to the meat of what he’s saying it, uh…doesn’t actually add up to much in the way of logic. Which makes sense since logic is pretty low down on the ISFP list of priorities.

With Mike Tyson it’s more the other way around where if you put aside his speaking manner (he has a speech impediment and a low level of formal education) and listen to/read what he actually says, he’s pretty clear and insightful. And he pays close attention to people who are speaking to him and asking him questions, what they’re saying and how they say it and what they might really be asking. There was one journalist who was going at him trying to analyze his choldhood trauma and all of a sudden Tyson responded with something like, “I think you’re trying to use my issues to find answers for your own.” (It turned out, as the journalist himself acknowledged, he was right.) He often gives off a sense, when being interviewed, of almost reaching out to grab the person in a way. Especially if he doesn’t like - or really likes - what’s being asked. ISFPs, when they’re interviewed, seem to more just get lost in their own heads and ideas.

Anyway I think it’s an interesting consideration because if Mike Tyson is indeed an INFJ it would provide good insight on what an INFJ might look like if they grew up in really extreme circumstances.


Yes. I had just finished playing volleyball for several years and needed something to do physically and to fill all of my unused time. I was 17. I signed up for personal training at a local gym and found out that the personal trainer did kick-boxing. He incorporated it into his training time. He then suggested I go to the dojo he went to, which was just a church gym. There, I learned some jiu-jitsu and karate. I learned little fun things, like how to make someone hurt very badly without much effort. Also, it really opened my eyes to the flow of hand-to-hand combat. It is amazing to me. The flow. You want to continue the flow, not stop it. Example: If someone is coming at you, let them. Do not stop their force, continue it. If they try to punch you, let them continue their energy, help their energy flow continuously (while dodging) and you will end up with the upper hand (pun intended). (If you think about it, this is a philosophy to live by as well. If someone wants to attack you, let them. It’s better to deflect then to attack. Let someone tire themselves out. Be still.) Also, things like - hitting bone with bone hurts you as much as it hurts them, so tactics, all tactics. Target something soft with something hard. Eyes are sensitive. Crotches are sensitive for both females and males. There’s a spot at the shin…ouch. Fighting is as much mental as it is physical. Discipline. What was fun for me with jiu-jitsu was the goal of making someone “tap out” or resisting the urge to “tap out” yourself. Figuring out what kind of pretzel you were in and getting yourself out of it. It was intense. SO good. I miss it. But I’ve gotten a little more feminine over the years to just go back to wrapping my hands and breaking my pretty nails. Also, I have fake tits to protect now…lol! Didn’t have them back then. But damn was it a good workout. Shit, I’m talking myself into it again…lol.

Hmm…Yeah. I wonder what I would do if I found out I was cheated on. I think this reaction depends a lot on age and maturity. When I was younger, yeah, I could see blowing someone’s house up. But now, I just threaten. It’s a much better feeling. Like, I feel like my neighbor is a little too friendly with my husband. So like any good wife, I just threaten him: “I will make you help me kill her.” “Please don’t kill me.” “I would never kill you, just maim you.”

Also, I say things like: “Here is your food, extra poison.” I know how to keep things spicy in a relationship.

It’s a much better way to release that energy. I get to threaten which is relieving and then he feels loved. It’s a win, win. I think more relationships should include some sort of threatening factor. Hahaha.

Yeah, see this is all unhealthy. Rage is not good. It’s a blind disposition. Tyson was so used to using and funneling that rage, and without it, he didn’t know how to fight a person. It sounds like he took fights too personally. Mind-fucking someone means you have to get inside their mind. Understand them. Understand what makes them tic. And this is where I can see a difference in ENFJ fighters and INFJ fighters. INFJs might be good when they are young, because of the rage. Once the rage is gone, they are angels and cannot fight. ENFJs MAY be able to put the deep connection to someone’s mind aside to win. Do what it takes. But there are many factors here. It’s boxing. Both parties know what they are getting themselves into.

I’m just gonna throw this out there. I think all INFJs go through a tough time in their lives. Extremely tough. More tough than any other type. When Blake says, they are angels and devils, consider that. Those are two very different extremes. Think about all the contrasts. It’s insane. So even if it’s just internal and not contributing to any outside factors, INFJs (I believe) are the most tortured, BUT they are the most beautiful (in my eyes) because a healthy one has gone through Hell and has made it to the top of the mountain.


Awww man! I’m jealous! So you can wear heels and not look like an Amazon woman?

Yeah, tiny is good. Tiny and quick. And remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. AND, the longer it takes for them to get back up.

Yeah. I’d actually do stuff with the gazongas, they’re pretty tough to burst open. Someone would have to stab me. Actually, the main reason why boobs pop is because your muscle and scar tissue compress it to the point of EXPLOSION. haha. And did you know there is an identification number for every breast implant. I’m sure the same goes for any implant, but we’re talking about tits here! Yeah! Some guy killed a chick and took her teeth out thinking he was de-identifying her. Sucka. Gotta take the titties out too. Those are traceable. Oh jeez, now I just helped murderers.

Right. Good thinking. See, I’m not gonna say it’s easy to get out of a fight or an attack, but there are easy targets if you think. And it’s very hard to think in panic situations. VERY HARD. The bone on bone thing - think about punching someone in the face. The movies use that move all the time. It can be a very good move, but it can also fucking hurt. The move I really enjoyed was a (damn I can’t remember the terms anymore) side jab and continue through and also use your elbow. Two for the price of one! Haha. The jaw is a good place because of the displacement of energy. It’s like a car crash. You want your car to break apart. That is where all the energy goes. It’s suppose to take the energy away from harming you. The jaw can unhinge. And it definitely moves more than a cranium. Go for the eyeballs too. How good is your attacker without eyes?

My husband is HUGE into personal protection. And the best thing someone can carry on them is…a good flashlight. I’m talking major lumens. Something with noise is good too. You want to disorient your attacker. A fucking good flashlight will blind them. Obviously this all depends on a lot. Does your attacker have a weapon? Where are you? What’s around you? It all depends. I just hope nothing happens to me because you never know how you would react in a situation until it happens to you. You can train for it all damn day. But until someone wants to kill you, you don’t know. I get worried, because I tend to be the “deer in the headlights” type person. Shit I’m in a talkative mood today, sorry. Like this one time (at band camp…ha) a flower arrangement caught fire at our house at Christmas time when I was younger. My sister was right on it - “fire! fire!”. Me? I just stared. That scares me. And there are times when I see things - just my mind playing tricks on me, like shadows and things. And I freeze. I don’t jump up and run. I stare.

Fo schizzle my love dizzle.