Numerology is true and science has already proven it


Yes, numerology must be true.

Numerology’s basic premise is that numbers have a qualitative significance, in addition to a quantitative one.

Isn’t this basically what the The Periodic Table of Elements is demonstrating?

Yes it is.

Tell me why.


A-U! Dats ma gold!

Sure with the definition you provided, sure. Qualitative and quantitative significance. But in two different worlds do they have the same meaning.

I was thinking that the other day. I was watching an Ancient Aliens episode. And I realized, ancient civilizations had more magic. Magic was a part of their everyday lives. They had a God or a Goddess for everything. The sky, the water, the animals, the plants, marriage and love, peace and prosperity… The religion of majority has one God. That means less magic. And science seeks to do the same thing. Take many magical things, many “unknown” things, and give them one answer or one theory or one set of logical rules. Once there is a scientific explanation, all magic is lost.

The scientific theory demands testable proof. A theory has to be testable. There’s some shit in the world that we just don’t know nor do we have the resources to “hold” to test such theories, “magic”.

So what’s my response to this? Numerology which is part of the mystical world and The Periodic Table which is part of the scientific world are one in the same. It’s like asking us to look at two apples and prove that one exists because the other exists. And oh, gosh, chicken, egg. I think therefore I am. Blah, blah, blah!


OK, the clue here lies in what an atom is. The Periodic Table of Elements is just a collection of the stats on all the known atoms. What does science tell us that an atom consists of? It’s composed of 3 things. What are those 3 things?


Lots of emptiness is one of them


Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.

Hydrogen doesn’t have any neutrons though.


And what does science tell us about the difference between protons, neutrons, or electrons in one type of atom (say a helium atom) versus another type of atom (say a copper atom)?


We have gold in our blood. Thought this was a great moment to share that.


I love you, lunar. Blake, I’m working on it.


To state it more simply, what is the difference between the protons in a helium atom versus the protons in a copper atom?


27 There are 2 protons in a Helium atom and 29 in a Copper atom.


So, is the only difference between the protons between any two given atoms simply the number of them present?


Well, it also depends on electrons. Helium is neutral because it has an equal amount of protons and electrons. Copper is…hey! neutral as well. But copper has a higher weight because of the number of protons and neutrons.


Right. Protons never change. There can be neutrons added or subtracted from an element making it an isotope, but protons stay the same for each element. If the number of protons change, the element has changed.


The only difference between the protons in one atom or another is THE NUMBER of them present. The same is true of neutrons and electrons. The only difference between the neutrons in one type of atom or another is THE NUMBER of them present. The only difference between the electrons in one type of atom or another is THE NUMBER of them present.

All protons are the same.
All neutrons are the same.
All electrons are the same.

Atoms are only made up of those three things.

Yet, each type of atom has its own unique qualities that differentiates it from every other type of atom (for example, helium and copper are pretty different from each other, even to the casual observer).

The only thing that can account for this difference in quality between each type of atom is the atom’s quantitative aspect.

Thus, the basic premise of numerology, that numbers have a qualitative aspect to them, in addition to their quantitative aspect, is proven by The Periodic Table of Elements.


One tiny piece. The tiniest of connections, because it’s on a universe-wide scale.

The same goes for DNA. Quality by quantity.


Yes, number does not just determine amount, it determines type.


Yes, but this is science vs. mysticism. Ya?


No, it’s science not understanding the implications of its own findings.


Or is it mysticism withholding information? This is why I say it’s moot. One is all and all is one. I feel like lunar needs to share some information here about a space gummy bear.


Yeah, at that level none of this matters in the least. But, below the level of THE ONE (starting at TWO, otherwise known as DUALITY), it doth preoccupy men a great deal.

I mean, yes, we could have all just packed it up at “one is all and all is one is all” and just gone home. But, that didn’t happen and so here we are.

And all these things are true at the same time.

But, sometimes it’s important to know that 2 + 2 = 4 and sometimes it’s important to know whether you are a 2 or a 4.