Oh in case anyone wonderings where I be: plus feel free to announce your own comings and goings!!


Maybe I shoulda said earlier, but I am saving up Fe energies to put into my arting!
I have notices the more I forum, the less energy I have to aslo do other Fe-like things such as art. Therefore, sacrifices must be made. I am not Ne afterall and cannot multi-task that well no matter how much my INFP friend whines aboots it (she wants me to talk to her and art at the same time, which she does herself all the time!!).

No, I need to focus!!!

Thus if I am scarce for the next week or so, that is why! Reading anf resisting urge to respond is a big time and Fe energy sink for me, and I am limited as is. :smiley:

See y’all in a bit!


see, proofs this energu conservation works:


coloured lineart friend made for me:

and some more warmup palette practice:





I’m glad you’re doing well, Prax! I’ve been thinking of youuuuu.


Understand and like your guy! Keep on it! I know you are around, and think of you, too.


Thank you for the reassurance. Worthwhile endeavor!


Does it sometimes feel like some kind of health to read and not respond? It does for me, but I rarely do it. Maybe I just think of it is healthy because it’s hard. I wonder what it feels like to read and not want to respond.

In college I used to sit on my hands so I wouldn’t contribute to many things to the discussion.

I always tell myself it’s because I have to say shit in order to learn, but I wonder if I’m just not practiced in STFUing.


I think so yes. Not posting too much is a sign of health. Or perhaps the other way. Posting too much a sign of problems. (Yes I know)


It’s a sense of community and friendship. We all have a level of loneliness in us.


I usually feel guilty that I haven’t posted enough, rather than the other way around.


Yes, a wonderful community. I can’t really ?believe it? It just seems so unlikely. Like it’s real but who could guess this can exist.


Do you mean hell when you write “healthy” hahahhah. Is this an autocorrect issue.
also i think i found your medium too. It was definitely you and I even commneted (even tho you say you don’t want comments)! write more!!!

I think for you, ENTP in general?, you DO need to orate/contribute to feel like you understand and organize your thoughts. These are extrovert problems perhaps! :smiley: or maybe Ne problems. HHMM

ok i gotta stop!! johno posts too funny


I shalt be departing tomorrow or Friday because my project has gone down the hellhole and I usually tell myself to take breaks from online forums anyway because I don’t want to get too attached or overbearing…I post like crazy, I think I probably have the highest posts to days active ratio on here (well no actually…it’s probably @supernokturnal lool) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What do you have to lose besides your sanity? Who needs sanity? Not I.


Heeehehe spoken like a true enfj!!! Who needs sanity anyway?? It’s too sanitary for us :kissing_heart:


Exactly. We help the world go round. And round, and round, and round, and round. Once things get too sterile, I have to do something to fuck it up!! Stir the pot!!!


YAASS :fire: also was it just me or whenever an English teacher wanted to point out something sexual in a text they would contrast it with imagery they would specifically call ‘sterile?’ So go screw it!!

I have the urge to do too but I also tell myself to stop because…

(I does not feel like a real enfj sometimes still :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I don’t remember English class. I don’t remember a lot of classes or school. Ha.

BUTTTTTT! I do remember in an A&P class the instructor was talking about mating and sex in animals or something, I can’t even remember how we got there. But, he was describing how a female hamster will back her ass up on the male hamster when she wants to get fucked. And I’m so weird, I was getting turned on. Haha!! About hamsters.

Usually the inappropriateness in me doesn’t come out unless I have a little alchohol. The full potential animal hasn’t been released yet.


One can hope, but only we know.


Haaaha I’ve gotten turned on by that poem about how a husband stole the plums in the cooler and ate them for breakfast…honestly all the luscious fruits described in poems are :kissing_heart: my English teacher back then was this awkward middle aged man who couldn’t believe we didn’t see the sensuality and I just wanted to get out of the room because it was embarrassingly hot :grapes: