Oh in case anyone wonderings where I be: plus feel free to announce your own comings and goings!!


Do my eyes deceive me? Welcome back and hello :wave:!


Hi JaMisa!!! Glad to see you on here. ( do u remember the no roof car, lol)


Of course lol! As well as all the poop talk. Unforgettable!


Yeah. My memory is pretty good.
Welcome back, lunar. Enjoy what is to be enjoyed in the maze :grinning:


Yes, and where did peeps go. @Prax @johnonymous etc
Guess it has been a long time, although I experienced it as a bleep.

Well I’m psyched already by the declaration of Mr. Beany as isfj.


Ack, my subscription expires today!

It was nice tooting around with you all.

I’ll be back in typical INFP timing!


Okee. Please do come back @JaMisa !!


Take a breather sure, then do come back!
Be well!


I will!

Thank you, definitely!

The odd truth is that I just shelled out some coin on some organic essential rose oil and it’s surprisingly not cheap!

Death does not become thee, bank account!


That was bull, you know that.
So. Here I am. Back to my embarrassing story.

“When the soul suffers too much, it develops a taste for misfortune.”

―Albert Camus, The First Man


Welcome back! :wink:


Thanks, E…


I am leaving my job of 6 years. This means there’s gonna be less $ so I will take a break from stellar maze when this month runs out. I’ll try to browse the posts from time to time for when I return.


Good luck and blessings with your new-you @lunar
And I just wanted to let you know that I find you awesome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I’m scared, because of inferior Te, but this might lead to something better. Hopefully. And if not, it still feels necessary.


Regardless of inferior Te, it is scaring, no matter what. You’re a brave woman.