Outer Self vs Inner Self?


Do you feel that your presentation is vastly different from who you know yourself to be?

Why or why not?


But are we entitled to our presentations?

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No way! You’re perfectly fine, that was hilarious.


Try again:

My outer presentation (including in online forums🌏) usually represents an inner sub-personality that has temporarily taken control of my inner “Legion”* of characters. So a qualified No to your first question.

*And if you haven’t checked out the new Marvel TV series, do so asap! It is the best show they’ve produced to date IMHO (which I’m not entitled to, apparently…):



Always plug! Lol.


We aim to please!


With those pesky Sagittarius arrows.


And please you do! You are on fire today :100::fire::grinning:.


But sumtimes I not presnt as myself
but steel somone elzes’ peersona lol
Like talk in short bits
Real qwik
All mispelt
Like a txt convo
Wiv another speed-texter lol
All mispelled
(gess who this be?)


This be Prax!

Haha, an imitation of someone’s online persona. I admit, I haven’t seen that before.


I think my inner self is a LOOOTTTT more caustic and annoyed than my outer self is!
I often think that I am a searing sun ready to destroy, and thus must temper myself or be in control of letting only enough out to be authentic, yet keeping enough in to be kind. (Takes extra energy to be “nice”. A level of polish I often do not have energy to add.)

I usually honestly try to portray myself as the most boring, introverted, milquetoast person possible when one-on-one or in group with others in person (if they are not my close friends and family). It’s mostly because I do not want to be engaged in boring conversation with others who I am not too interested in building connection with. There is an elitist element to this, but also because I want to conserve my energy. No one really has to know that much about me except for illustrative purposes, so I do my best to not trigger myself as a conversational topic.

I like having a off and on nature to my more erratic behaviors and typosings. One moment philosophical waxing and bile, the next moment, terrible quixotic aloofnesses! a tasty boofet that thus makes existence.


wow Jumpman. you ask such a good question.

i admire Ne because of this.

makes me think!

to simple put, YES… but it depends.

because i often think, 'how come they don’t know this about me?'
do i come off ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ to them?

but to certain people, i never really have to explain myself. that much.

for example. INFJs understanding my nuance when i say things.
Prax thinking i’m shady all the time hahahah

but as human beings, we’re all going to assume or presume something about each other i think.

hmm,this mental exercise is kind of weird to me.

i just like sticking to being true to myself. and that’s enough for me.

if people accept me, good, if they don’t, oh well.

the last thing i want to do is to lie to myself.

and the next to the last thing i want to do is to care about other people’s opinion of me.
especially if they’re not important to me.

so i’m kinda on the same boat as prax.

what about you?


WHA? Tell me more :slight_smile:.

Ah! So you are a Sun on the inside, but you have to make sure not to burn others, but still, you gotta heat give em that heat (as a Sun should do :slight_smile:).

Nice! Haha, is it ironic that ice is in nice (Suns burn ice anyway, it doesn’t suit you to be nice in that case!).

Yeah, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

Oo! Sounds like a fun dynamic you got going on there :grinning:.


I’m glad ya like the question!

Yes, it never hurt anyone to admire some Ne action.

Cool! That’s the goal I had in mind for everyone answering the question. Ponder! Think! Question! (okay, that was probably a PSA, lol).

Hm, okay.

Oh, wow.

I wonder why they don’t know certain things about you to?

I don’t know, people can be weird. You never know what’s going on in that head of their’s.

Yeah, some people just “get” you. That’s a cool feeling.

Lol, I feel like Prax thinking you’re shady is a trademark on this forum now :grin:.

Yeah, I agree.

Bask in the weirdness.

Cool logic! Yeah, people should just be themselves.

Okay, thankfully I asked everyone a question I already have an answer to.

As for me, I just try to find that sweet spot between doing what’s expected of me and doing what I really want to do.

I think, sometimes I can be a rebel without a cause, so finding that sweet spot is essential for me because I care about how I am perceived, but at the same time, my image means a little less to me if it means being inauthentic.

So I just try to get along to go along when I can, but when I can’t I don’t.

Haha, so I try to have my outer self and inner self look alike, but they are more so fraternal twins than identical twins.

At certain angles, they look alike, but most of the time, you can barely see the similarities.

And that’s the story on myself.


This probably has to do with me being INTJ if it isn’t all the astrological influences (saturn and mars in scorpio, meaning it hides a DEEP BURNING TEMPER, and dramatic Leo being hidden away and crushed a bit by saturn and aggravated by pluto until it all explodes). I know I half the time come off as quirky or stupid and aloof fun, but it’s because I choose to expel my energy that way instead of reinforcing my desires for destruction. Pretty common for me to think about how someone should shut up or suffer in obscurity or die (lol, such range!). So I have to tell myself “no, that is unproductive. use your powers for harnessing and cultivating good, prax!” >-<9 The eternal struggle!!!

I am probably annoyed by almost anything and everything and everyone at most points. That I am not literally “constantly yelling at everyone” is me being strategic to conserve energy and trying to be merciful/dimplomatic. lol INFJ are even more merciful and can coat it with “nice” or hidden digs at people that can go mostly undetected.

Prax is a trendsetter for good or bad. lol
The thing about super is that he loves to be clever and get reactions out of people so he can further assess them. He is an information-digger!
But what if I am just some other type 3who thinks she is INTJ!


I’ve gotten pretty good at seeming to be following along in one-on-one conversation even when I’m really just off in my own world…sometimes this means I’ll just stare at someone’s eyes periodically and nod or hum reassuringly…and after they often go off on whatever they were talking about…and I can just sit back and get a grasp for their vibe to see if I want to invest more time to become friends with them or not.

It may be cruel…but I can’t bear to waste more time than necessary with people who are obviously being inauthentic to gain popularity or trying to shield themselves from the world by pretending they conform or nursing gaping insecurities they’re looking to fill with you…

So in other words I am much less invested in someone initially than I may appear…


That sounds deadly. Then you have that INTJ thing going on. Lol, if I get on your bad saide, just let me know :wink:.

I can imagine! Haha, you seem to do well at balancing it though. At least you can say that you definitely ARE NOT boring :grinning:. Spread the good will!

Yeah, conserve that energy. Haha, though I imagine the moment you just let it all out on someone would be interesting :grinning:.

But yeah, I have noticed INFJs do the subtle dig thing to. Me’s pleb brain can not understand why though :upside_down:. Maybe that is their way of conserving energy as well :thinking:?

Haha, yes, a trendsetter indeed!

Lol, Super is hungry for information, I think it’s harmless though. :nerd:.

Nooo! I base my INTJ typings off of your behavior :scream_cat:!


That’s sad that they don’t notice that. I usually feel hypersensitive as to whether someone is listening to me or not. I hate the thought of bothering people unnecessarily with my chatter.

Yeah I like to observe potential friends too. Though with me, it will involve not even talking to them lol. I’m the person observing people from a corner.

I don’t think you’re being cruel. I mean, you know what ya want and make sure ya get it. If people don’t understand that, I think they can at least respect it.

That’s cut throat! Haha, I respect it though.


You’d probably make it past my small talk then loool…consider that a compliment!! Not many people around me do…they’re all stuck researching and being boring…


Yes, I accept your compliment :grin:!