Peter Doherty

I don’t know if many of you are familiar with him, but I’ve been a fan of his since the early 2000’s. I love his music, his general outlook on life, his personality–probably because I see a lot of myself in him.

Anyway, I’m including a recent interview of him to see if you guys want to take a stab at what type you think he may be. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to express their opinions :+1:

My impression, having just come upon him today and after most of the interview and several videos is ISFP. I was having some trouble with his accent so… not 100% getting what he is saying, but his body language/movements and the way he speaks reminds me of other ISFP’s I’ve seen.
I am pretty sure P and Fi.

I think he’s NF. One of the things he says in this interview, among crazy amounts of other things lol, is that he’s not a realist, he’s a fantasist. He likes to escape into his own world instead of dealing with the real one. One of the ways he did this was with drugs.

Plus, if you compare him to other ISFP’s like Keith Richards or Freddie Mercury, there are huge differences. Pete isn’t that great of a singer nor a great guitar player. He’s a great lyricist though.

Quick impression: ENFP.

Ne/Si. Fi/Te.

I appreciate his appreciation for Spanish cursewords.

Puta Madres.

Me cago en leche. Love that one.

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Haha me too :+1: It’s a great sounding set of words @schlopadoo

Perhaps then. I’ve only studied him less than two hours while you are a fan and know him far better.

In light of recent events–to quote @Ignas–I would like to go with @TinyYellowTree’s typing of ISFP for my boy Pete, because we are pretty much the same person. I thought he was NF, but I also thought I was too lol.

Opened the video link above.
Watched for 8 seconds.
Agreed, lol.

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I don’t have a lot of time to spend right now. Which might be why I didn’t see ISFP. But first minute or so looked more like ENFP to me.

Alex comes across way more ISFP than Pete to me.

I looked at all the ENFPs Blake typed, like Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Clinton… Pete is nothing like them. He’s more like that Liddiard guy, Keith Richards. I think he is just based on the way he moves and sounds. Plus we have the same “look,” same eyes. He doesn’t have those distinct dominant Ne eyes that those guys I mentioned have.

Just what I wanted to say!

I know absolutely nothing of this guy, but when I saw him talk, I thought of all those alcoholic ISFP rockstars. :smiley:

Lol exactly. Pete can’t get off smack to save his life

OK. I’ll look into it. All I’ll say is that there is smoothness and softness in his presentation for the first minute of the video. A relaxed vibe. It’s a bit hard to type him because he seems quite fucked up in that video. A bit shakey. What’s interesting is his preference for Se-ish language, curse words, you know the Puta Madres. So maybe I can see a bit of ISFP in that. When I have free time this weekend I’ll do a bit of research on him.

Oh yeah. For some reason I saw blandness. Which I associate with at least a subset of ENFP men.

Anyways, I’m gonna have to get out of here again. Getting sidetracked again. See you guys tomorrow!

You should see and hear me then :grin:

:wink: Yeah this might be my ignorance. I’m not very experienced with ISFPs. I hardly see any at my workplace. Science does not attract a lot of ISFPs here!

You look miles different from Pete, I’ll tell you that. You have the classic ISFP look.

Pete, less so. But looks can be deceiving I suppose! Though still, they are a very big hint in the process.

OK ENOUGH SCHLOOPY OUT! I have 150 genetic crosses to finish, and me no finish yet!!!

Well damn, you’re the first person to tell me that… But then again, you’ve never seen me in person.


I think he could be a drug addict INFP.

ENFP is close contender, coming in second place.

ISFP…? No. Sorry, I don’t see any strong grounding in sensation. I see no indications of Se-Ni axis. I don’t see strength. I don’t see power. You will see some shadow of that, even in lighter or more toned-down ISFP types.

The way he speaks is going round and all over the place. Similar to an INFP. Lack of thinking function. Fi dominance. Lack of Se grounding. Voice sounds like xNFP, more like INFP. Soft, airy, floaty.

ENFPs on the other hand seem to have more grasp in the communication department…and a better hold of the thinking functions a la tertiary Te and superego Ti (if wielded at all). They are also better at the people engagement/interaction department, too. More presence and charisma, due to Fe id and being extraverts. Uhh. Basically, I don’t see this in Pete, favoring INFP over ENFP.

Didn’t know INFPs could have addiction problems but why not. INFP Robert Smith fucked himself up with way too much alcohol and drugs for most of his career too. Hence why he looks like what he does nowadays (he didn’t age well). So…shrug. Their manner of speaking is kind of similar too, especially when going back to young Bob Smith interview videos. High Fi and Ne in both.

He does have a bit of the sailor speak, “u wot m8” thing going on with his English. But he is a Briton. Most Bristish lads seem to have a side of this to themselves, regardless of type. Even INFPs (once awakened with alcohol). The British are all fucking sailor Vikings who love indulging themselves with alcohol behind the Libran (?) facade of politeness and balance. It’s just better hidden in some than others. So overall, I don’t think Pete’s alcoholism and slight sailor-speak is indicative of Se.

His look strongly screams of Fi. Yes, that could be the look of Fi dominance. But he is very soft physiognomically. ISFPs generally have a characteristic hardness to them. They are naturally quite fit.

He also has an angel like cherub face. More like INFP or ENFP than ISFP.

Anyways. He is cute. He is whatever my boyfriend’s type is (not that you guys would know, gratuitous comment is gratuitous). :smiley:

For now, I think he’s a druggy INFP with ENFP rising (for his taste for style and aesthetics). Very similar to my beau, minus the drugs.

Now that you mentioned INFP, he reminds me of Blixa Bargeld whom I consider INFP.

He did a solo live show here in Lithuania a few years back. Ni id all the way!