Peter Doherty

I don’t know if many of you are familiar with him, but I’ve been a fan of his since the early 2000’s. I love his music, his general outlook on life, his personality–probably because I see a lot of myself in him.

Anyway, I’m including a recent interview of him to see if you guys want to take a stab at what type you think he may be. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to express their opinions :+1:

My impression, having just come upon him today and after most of the interview and several videos is ISFP. I was having some trouble with his accent so… not 100% getting what he is saying, but his body language/movements and the way he speaks reminds me of other ISFP’s I’ve seen.
I am pretty sure P and Fi.

I think he’s NF. One of the things he says in this interview, among crazy amounts of other things lol, is that he’s not a realist, he’s a fantasist. He likes to escape into his own world instead of dealing with the real one. One of the ways he did this was with drugs.

Plus, if you compare him to other ISFP’s like Keith Richards or Freddie Mercury, there are huge differences. Pete isn’t that great of a singer nor a great guitar player. He’s a great lyricist though.

Quick impression: ENFP.

Ne/Si. Fi/Te.

I appreciate his appreciation for Spanish cursewords.

Puta Madres.

Me cago en leche. Love that one.

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Haha me too :+1: It’s a great sounding set of words @schlopadoo

Perhaps then. I’ve only studied him less than two hours while you are a fan and know him far better.