Planet INFJ

I was recently asked by Rachel Green, a professional MBTI coach and writer (, to contribute a piece for a book she was writing all about INFJs.

Rachel’s book has now been published, under the title ”How to be Understood if you’re from Planet INFJ” and I can highly recommend it.

Rachel is herself an INFJ, and one of her reasons for writing the book was to probe beyond the usual MBTI stereotypes; to highlight not just our similarities but also our differences. How different experiences, families, environments and life-choices create, (as for any other MBTI type) an almost infinite diversity of unique individuals within the same INFJ psychological framework.

And of course, the best way to do this was to invite other INFJs to share our own stories; our hopes and fears and loves and mistakes and adventures.

More information about the book can be found here:

Excellent Stewart, love to read other peoples experiences!

The section I wrote is titled: “When the tyranny of niceness hijacks communication”

I wrote a similar piece on the main Stellar Maze site a few years back, which is what gave me the idea that this was related to the struggles I’ve had trying to be more authentic in my communications with others.

ill check it out when i’m spending dough again!

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