Play INFJ Play: Getting Revenge On The World? (Using Your Aux Function)

Getting Revenge On The World?

(Using Your Aux Function)

Reason for thread:
After reading @Blake’s article PLAY INFJ PLAY one particular passage was striking:

“The heavy shit don’t work for them. They are so thoroughly well-versed in seriousness of epic orders. And they can make careers and lives and loves out of this floor-flushing seriousness, but, they will not be happy. It is tantamount to succeeding in getting revenge on the world”.


  1. What the hell does “revenge on the world” mean?

  2. Is it an attitude particularly indicative to INFJs or is this how the AUX function works for other types as well?

  3. Why is it important or necessary to get “revenge on the world”? Thoughts, clarification, insight please?

Either way I figure I at some point just see if I can talk to Blake just to get at what the hell he means, because for some reason that passage hits a truthful nerve, but I’m at a loss for any grounding both in explanation or even feeling of what it truly means or infers. But I’ll give my two cents, and hope to here what other’s think.

There just seems to be something significant and necessary in approaching the world with a measure of “vengeance” in a way - but I wonder too if it can be just an INFJ-thing.


Oh wow. first time reading this article.

this makes me feel like I’m destined to save INFJs

I’m gonna make a lot of money and start a business with piggie and build a playground for INFJs.

grab yourself a cool ESTP friend and ask them to show you the world in a meantime
they’ll make you forget about all the shits you’re dealing with and maybe you won’t think ESTPs aren’t so shallow after all

@TinyYellowTree can tell you about it

Hey!! I wanna make a yarn web to play in tooooo!!

When I was a boy, I used to imagine I was a superhero who would not hesitate to use his powers to punish villains when they hurt innocent people.

Does that count as getting revenge on the world?

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My take -

I don’t think it is pessimistic to simply acknowledge that existence, to exist, is an inherently violent and sexual challenge on it’s own. I believe that everyone has their way of “sticking it” and “gaming it” to the realities of living in an unfair world with scarcity. Because of shadow Fi(“THE WHOLE WORLD IS BULLSHIT”), Fe is this Ni-doms’ primary tool for dealing with life’s/nature’s viciousness. Maybe “playful revenge” is fully justifiable for INFJs, because of the kind of “bullshit” many have to put up with on a day-to-day basis, with the acute awareness that the world doesn’t have to work this way.

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Maybe the aux function is how each type “deals with” the world outside of their egos. So if you are an Extrovert your ego, sense of self, is moreso defined and reinforced by the environment, but you deal with the environment internally. Whereas introverts’ egos are perceived or defined first form within, but they must actively deal with outside environment as if it were more of an obstacle or a zoo. Some types have “game” = aux-Thinking, some types have “instincts” = aux-Intuition, others have “perceptiveness” = aux- Sensing, but what is aux-Feeling, “agreeableness”/“harmoniousness”?

You don’t get far on the totem pole in the jungle by trying to make friends, it’s a dog-eat-dog world in nature, you’ve got to eat or try not to get eaten. Breed 'n feed.

I think maybe what Blake meant was to encourage INFJs(especially) to use their Fe to their own advantage instead of using it to be taken advantage of by others(which is so easy to do when you come off too agreeable all the time).

And I’m still learning, and feel it takes a truly brave soul to come out and finally show, in the most appropriate way they can, this wild zoo who they really are and just how much of what they see in front of them is BS.

I am enjoying your thinkings.

Yeah, Ni-ego orientation which is very much like starting out with a DMT/Ketamine cocktail as a sense of self + an Fe-aux for dealing with the food-chain(the Animal Kingdom) means a very rough start indeed. For at least ISFJs, how have an Si-ego orientation, start off waking life with at least a foothold of the sensory world in their concrete memory-bank to keep them ‘grounded’.

For the longest time I’ve had this ongoing battle of questions in mind:
“Should I just share what I know, and be hated for it - kicked out into the cold world alone, homeless, and vulnerable?” Or,
“Should I just do my best to blend in, and try to cope with it?”

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Umm…maybe I’m misunderstanding something here but I feel like Blake is telling us to use the aux to AVOID “getting revenge on the world” which sounds like a very Ni Dom + Scorpionic Fi-id thing here. Fe aux is totally the opposite of exacting vengeance on others…it’s PLAY. And I don’t think play and vengeance go well together (unless you’re an amoralistic sadist, and well, Fi-Id would preclude such in INFJs) Play centrally relies on not giving a fuck, whereas vengeance stems from giving too many fucks (not literally).

It sounds like a very INFJ thing to be angry at the world. We may start from a point of seriousness, of some kind of glorified destiny but then become jaded in the process. But of course we are encouraged to push through by all means, otherwise we wouldn’t survive in this crazy, fast-paced world (so society says). So we fight to live, but this time with shades of anger at the world bubbling underneath. Ni, Fi, Ti, torturous Te superego, and some crazy Se outbursts sound all involved in this. This will kill us inside. So we need to stop giving a fuck, and remember the child inside of us.

Tl; dr: He didn’t imply Fe aux as a subtle conduit for revenge…It is a method to avoid it and keep our souls feeling happy and light. (But I could be wrong.)

Edit: Oh, but I guess it could a circular kind of vengeance thing. To brashly release all of ourselves into expressive play against the rules and expectations of the world (that could very well just come from us, though we use the world as a scapegoat)

I think it may be best to keep your “revenge” silent but never let go of it…holding on for the right moment when you are able to afford to go into total BEASTMODE or KILLACOBRA Ninja Mode.

Or when stop being afraid of being weird, unique, or ostracized and just “Bust It Out”. Let all of that “weird” otherworldly beauty boldly shine! Like that famous INFJ artist Matthew Barney and his Cremaster Cycle

Now that’s an INFJ with balls - “weird”, “metaphorical”, “magical”, chocked full with nudity, Masonic & Illuminati symbolism, personal and cosmic metaphor. Not for everyone. But, that’s just one small example I can think of of INFJ-revenge: Being Bold Enough To Go There and and just express it, regardless of whether people get it, care, or like or or not. They never got you, cared, nor liked this side of you in the first place(the true side), so you might as well(as Blake wrote) “let it rip”!

Or maybe a less “extreme” arty example, like Gandhi’s practice of Civil Disobedience(and choosing to wear homemade clothing for that matter). It was essentially an act of “revenge” or rebellion against social corruption - but like a true Fe-user, it was physically peaceful, orderly, and effective. It got attention. Civil Disobedience is an effective expression of values.

When INFJs seek vengeance:

i love that you’re using your comic strips!

I think I originally read it more like you, schlopadoo, but I think pla.xitore13 is finding something here that I had not at first considered but that makes sense, as you point out in your edit.

I think we cope rather well with a lot of ridiculousness but it becomes more and more obvious year by year, until you must use your Fe to express it, or go mad. Speaking of which, I remember reading MAD magazine as a kid. The character on the front page was very compelling to me. The idea of being mad, and dismissive has always held a certain little glee, and maybe this is the vengeance. Nothing nasty, nothing truly mean or vindictive but more surreal, sharing the mind fuck whether they wants it or not.

Yeah, @pla.xitore13, you got the basic gist of what I’m saying. For INFJ the urge to “get revenge” occurs via the Fi Scorpio id. The id is a motivational function. INFJs are “negatively motivated”, which means that it’s not so much what can be attained in the world that motivates them, but, what can be destroyed and murdered. Many great INFJ artists are identifiable on this basis alone.

Fe, on the other hand, is not a motivation for an INFJ in and of itself. It must be looked at as a way for the INFJ to “get revenge” on the world. It must be looked at in tandem with the id function because the id function is the motivating function. However, without the aux. Fe, the INFJ is pretty powerless (or coarse) to bring to bear upon the world the deadly impulses that inside them and poisoning them. So, what I mean by “getting revenge on the world” is that if the INFJ would simply learn to express the contents of the Scorpio Fi id (expression is mostly a thing of the aux. function), then, they will simultaneously discharge the deadly contents that lie in the id whilst bringing it to bear on the world (heals or sublimates the Se inferior of INFJ too). So, it is a form of action that they are so forestalled in too. Yes, they can’t take direct action as they so often obsess over, but, they can take artful (or magical) indirect (or recreated) action.

This is tantamount to getting revenge on the world, but, not in a cynical way, because through the act of expression of the deadly vengeful impulses the INFJ will find themselves transformed into a realm of play and lightness. And what seems so heavy and deadly on the inside is different on the outside (when expressed). And a boon to boot. For the world (even if they ignore or chastise) and for the self.

The INFJ unburdens themselves and gets to be a hero in the process. How are they heroic? They tell the world how fucked the world is. How painful. How heartbreaking. How much they have suffered. Etc. But, they do it via Fe which is a cloaking function, a smokescreen, a chameleonic kaleidoscope of all the shades and color of the rainbow. In short, Fe is the art function. It is a beautifying function. For INFJ, the Fe aux. is a way to create a pleasing effect out of essentially deep and profound psychological experiences, often painful and negative.

It’s like getting people to eat up your poisons because you clothe them in enticing words, sounds, lines, etc. And moreover, it’s not really poison anymore at the level of Fe aux. It is pleasure (much the way a sad song is pleasurable whereas the experience that motivated the songwriter to write the song was not). It is a recreation of painful events transfigured into art and esthetic beauty.

And it’s no longer poison or revenge at that level. It’s now healing. Like poison that expressed can heal. It’s magic. For everyone.

It’s like someone who sets out to get revenge and simply by expressing the motivation that caused one to want revenge, heals. Themselves and the world.

Now, the INFJ is at play. It’s all magically transfigured and resolved. Simply by expression.

Make sense?

@schlopadoo too.

You guys both get it. Both things are right that you are saying. And I’m very certain that both of you are INFJs just because of the stuff that you both wrote here. This is what INFJs sound like. When I hear this sort of shit, I know I’m dealing with an INFJ.

Just so everyone else knows for type identification purposes. If you sound like either one of these guys, you’re an INFJ.

I’m tickled to bits by this comment. If you met me in real life, you’d think I’m some serious buttoned-up, corporate “techie” - but deep down, you have no idea how much I would yearn to live in a “playground”…like when I was 5 again…LOL.


I’m gonna install a tall swing on a tree.
that’s NF With taste of Se

gonna get bunch of kittens, puppies, and bunnies playing in the field with each other.

and every night we’re gonna have camp fire, and share our deepest darkest thoughts/secrets

and plant fruit trees and eat from them with fresh water nearby.

and plant bunch of flowers and create a garden in our each likings

anyways. [quote=“pla.xitore13, post:16, topic:272”]
you’d think I’m some serious buttoned-up, corporate “techie”

now I’m curious what you look like!

My ESTP cousin did it- the playground. He’s a farmer, started with a permanent campsite and bonfire spot with vintage Airstream campers, couple dogs too. About 7 years ago he dug a big pond and put in a sand volleyball court, then a dock and a zip line across the pond. Couple years ago a party house with bar and sleeping loft built with repurposed lumber. Will be there this weekend for an extended family get together, looking forward to seeing what he’s added. Oh, fortunately there’s some trails through the woods too for when introverts need a break from play and party time.

This reminds me of a quote from Kierkegaard on poets:

“What is a poet? An unhappy man who hides deep anguish in his heart, but whose lips are so formed that when the sigh and cry pass through them, it sounds like lovely music. And people flock around the poet and say: ‘Sing again soon’ - that is, ‘May new sufferings torment your soul but your lips be fashioned as before, for the cry would only frighten us, but the music, that is blissful.’”

I think you can swap out “poet” and put in “INFJ” and this would express quite well that dynamic of Fi id torments refashioned into Fe expressions of beauty.

Totally, absolutely true. 100%.