Please Explain Your Rule Here, Prax - so we're all on the same page


"Did a discussion derail happen? Where did things go so terribly wrong? Time to sit in a corner.

If you see posts appearing in this category, it is because:

*The posts were starting to get wildly off topic and needed to be excised for clearer and more focused discussion.

*A derailment happened where the topic is tangentially related but now everyone is focused on the derail instead, often due to emotional fixation.

*Some sort of posturing and/or sabre-rattling and/or flirting started happening between people in a non-productive manner.

*Thread make brain hurt and heart angers. Too many dums. Cannot contain rage." - Prax

-Please explain your reasoning to take this action further, please-


If I think a thread going too out of control I will throw it into purgatory where it can burn!
What explanation else is there? lol


You decided this all on your own?


It is my very original good idea. yes!!!


Although you have also contributed to derailment?


Maybe she will purgatory herself. Noble self-exile.

Tragically beautiful… :statue_of_liberty:


Yes. From this point forward, fewer shenanigans!
Not that some won’t happen anyway where I won’t read or wont’ do anything about for a while. :smiley:
If I see efforts in steering topic back, then all is well. If it just continues for 15+ posts for example, those posts will be carted off.


Okay, I just see it as unfair that someone creates a topic and it naturally flows somewhere else. Either directed by the person who created it or someone else. Now this person’s thought out topic gets thrown into a category in which they did not intend. All because you and maybe sometimes only you see it as unproductive.


Then ask for lenicnce. “this topic going off rails but it’s mien and i love it”



Never said you couldn’t. Just wasn’t expecting this forum to be under such strict rules. I will highly consider sharing any further postings/thoughts/ramblings/confessions that bubble at my surface. And since you said it was self-explanatory, but this licensing wasn’t in the terms, I’m glad I made this post to clarify and further communication anyone wishes to share in the future.

I’m just a little confused is all. Didn’t Blake create this space for all of us - because his site was getting crowded with “off-track” ramblings. I thought that was the reason in making this forum. For us to galavant.


I’m torn between being a bit dismayed that hilarious derailments in any threads I make will be uprooted, and also thinking this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

Oh well. @Prax, may I assume that when cast down unto Purgatory, we may continue our sinful galavantings there? :leopard: If the party can party on in Purgatory then I don’t see much of a problem.


It’s uh… a discussion forum. Create your topics and reply to others.
How often do you see me shutting down a discussion by telling people to not talk about something even if /I/ probably think they are terrible or dumb (or to be nicer “not to my taste”)? Because don’t worry, I would have if I thought it crossed a line into unintelligibility!

You can create off-track rambling threads. Just don’t disrespect the original topic or thread creators by derailing it. It can sometimes be innocuous, like one person trying to poke fun at another, sometimes it just goes into off place because someone said something “interesting” but now the original topic isn’t even relevant. Those can get split off to a new topic.

But seriously, if they are a series of garbage posts, they will be moved away.

And if you are sacred of being judged for silly posts or topics, don’t worry so much. I obviously egg them on sometimes, but things need to normalize again at some point or no one will want to try to start a serious discussion about anything.

Create a new thread like: “Erika and Supernocturnal call each other names” thread. lol


"but prax if you put my convos into purgatory i might lose my steam to continue the convo in new threasd… :frowning: "



So you can “save” the post from Purgatory once the perpetrators have learned their lessons? Or is that entire thread in the shitter forever?




I think just copy and repaste the post to a new thread if you think it is very good for a new topic. lol
Just like johnanonymous’s hilarious “okay, this thread i ask erika ONE question!!!” when he realized he was derailing and going nowhere.

Purgatory eventually will be purged.


I dunno. Sometimes some things are gold, you know. You just wanna admire a certain trainwreck forever. I think posts can be nominated for that.

Is Purgatory like the Razzies for posts and thread? Yes.


I am deeply inspired to become what you’ve always seen me as, @Prax - An ENFP!!! Muahahaha! Troll alert! :smiling_imp:


…Maybe people will start titling threads something like, “Manifestations of Fe Id Vs. Fi Id And Also People May Or May Not Start Flirting Or Ranting About Their Shitty Marriage As The Mood Strikes Them”.


( :arrow_up: me fleeing for my life)


I obviously do not go into thread that assume trainwreck status so people are free to tear each other apart like smele animeles in there! hahaha




For realz though, @Prax. You may have inspired me to care less about what people think when they see or hear shit come out of my mouth. I think I’m gonna tear this site a new ass hole.