Poetry and Poetic Thoughts

(pretend this is a happily drooling face, damn it).

…reminds me of a picture I took last night…

There are miles and miles ahead with insanity and tumbling false prophetic visions.
Diamond eyes of greedy gods lay waste to poor foragers, their hands like ice on those who seek their souls.
Finally! we catch time as it stalls like a bird on an updraft, and carry on as if pain was less than a memory…

Suicidal martyrs, like cheap wine, go down with regret.
We see all cycles and loop around, waiting on embers–our bare feet blistering and charring while we wait for some painted god to open their eyes.

Miles and miles ahead…

Buying enough hope to grip the thread that tangles us.


Music summons a wall of white
When December sings its starry tune.
Like snow, these notes are soft and light,
Fall from the sky and melt too soon.

Like two bottles of wine and a fire,
A filament of glass keeps us warm —
The cold: ineffable desire —
Around us, our memories swarm.

I am the earth that tilts away,
Bringing the long and frozen night,
And shimmering brilliance by day,
A world of diamonds, glittering light.

The trees hold the snow dutifully,
While bears and hummingbirds sleep,
And all the songbirds southward flee,
Leaving a silence, dark and deep.

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I love that you put bears and hummingbirds within… I think about both, often.
Ineffable desire too… quite.

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She mixes and mingles with heartache
And walks all over herself
The minutes and seconds of each dying day
She lets rot while forgetting t’cry help

I once asked her why she asks for the fire
When really what she needs is the ice
I caught her pretending that she roars with forgiveness
And she mentions her soul flying high

So she crates up her faults and boxes her fears
And melts like a 'cicle in the sun
She tallies her losses
Hangs on her crosses
And claims she’s done nothing and won


Fuck, did that bring on the feels.

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The ocean roars its way into my heart,
And I feel nothing but a sense of loss;
Here on this shore, for the first time apart
From the shattered hopes and dreams, storm-tossed,
And, vanished on the whipping wind and wave
Of unforeseen events, a sudden turn
That falls upon us, crash and rend and rave,
And tears apart the life for which we yearn.
In my despondency, I fail to see
Light upon that black, wet, windswept clime —
Something — dazzling possibility —
Lurking there behind me all this time.
A flash of light! But as I turn to see,
It scatters on the rocks and flees from me.

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There was a blind man sitting by a tree
Composing sonnets; and when his feelings blurred –
Like windstrokes dashed upon the darkened sea –

He heard the disarray of a mockingbird.
He stood and felt the sounds and closed his eyes,
And a vague sensation, the color rose

Appeared before him in a trembling guise
The way a desperate dream, like water, flows,
Like a projector in a painted cave

Casts flickering figures along the walls,
Edges undefined, blurry, dance and wave
Along endless mirrors in endless halls.

He could not tell the water from the air,
All sleep and sentience equally fair.


In the distance
I hear palpitations

Hearts singing in quick
Pops of rhythm

Each one a door
Begging to be knocked

Each one a call for connection

Each one a reminder
That we are all but blips
Of the expression of infinity.

The deep end is cold today

Those far away places
That shimmer faintly in my fantasies
Roll in and out with

I call out
And the universe answers with a wink
Time slips forward and backward
Side to side
Spinning and twisting
In every direction

The sun and moon make love
And war
While the still waters
Capture their every move
All while letting them go

And I find myself
Wherever I am
Hoping to dive in
And dance among the waves.

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sounds about right

You can start here
Or wherever the ocean is calling you :smiley:

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:blue_heart: :heartbeat:

I missed you.

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It’s been too long. I missed you guys too :wink:


dark clouds are gathering,
thunder booms way off
in the distance,
my daughter runs along our
front deck while
I sit and watch the bolts scatter
in the sky

my daughter passes by,
she asks me,
“was that thunder, daddy?”
I say it sure was…
she has all her stuffed animals
out here and she commands
them: “everyone inside! there’s a
storm!” but they don’t budge

the thunder gets louder and louder
and my daughter paces
faster and faster,
the lightning gets brighter,
her steps get quicker and

“It’s cool, huh?” I say and
she looks at me,
says, “yeah!” and runs down the
deck and back once more…
“daddy… promise me you’ll stay
outside for now…”
I look at the sky then back
at her and say that I will

she keeps running along the deck
only this time
she’s laughing

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