Poetry and Poetic Thoughts


I’m glad you can relate! Sharing them with you guys was more than a pleasure :grinning:.


Slate Run

Bare feet
on morning dew,

mist skims the pond;
wild geese settle.

I step softly to stillness
through clamor of croaking frogs
and whir of cicadas.

Rooted to earth,
gazing at sky,

I’m on the way
to found.


Okay, i decided to finally finish this poem:

Do words hold weight when the waters we wade in no longer quench our thirst
Do symbols have meaning when we’re laid down screaming for salvation from our curse
In our desperate hour the soul awakens in the darkest cold of night
Numb and fumbling to shadowy strummings of forms too forlorn to describe

What was the matter with me
I’ve all but disappeared
A ghost of lost forewarnings
An echo of mute fears

Does the dagger’s sliver dangling in the night sky give release from this winding maze
Or is it only the reflected light of delusions from a dreamer’s daze
The sigils and cryptic sounds that burned hot across our swollen hearts
Are chained by roses and their thorns in threats of tearing these vessels apart

What secrets did they tell me
Or were they all but lies
How often did they goad me
Yet left unsatisfied

The cistern of this wretched existence, an empty prison with no relief
Parched for answers or for pardon from the gnawing of our grief
Yet this hunger keeps on building despite my clawing at the void
How heavy can a burden be before all sense and spirit is destroyed

What do they want with me
If I am never enough
There’s nothing left to save
Let it all return to dust

I do not know why my poems end up so suicidal sounding. I yam not suicidal. But maybe it’s because I love existential angst as a concept. lol


I am enamored, Geneva for your gentleness, your hope and
Prax, for my wretchedness you write as if you lived in me.


Once I fall, there will be more light.

I wait for one final storm to bring me to my breaking point.

Mothers who were once daughters tell their children to stay away.

I look unstable.

I am no longer gazed upon with awe and respect in the beholder’s eyes.

Squirrels play elsewhere and birds have ceased to sing me their song.

I’m a stump, waiting for the fungus of life to take over.

I’m a crumbling queen, a crowned pariah, with one last and first breath to give to the next.

Please know.

Once I fall, there will be more light.


You think you can see through me, delicate lashes
inviting you into the swirling depths
so clear, so simple

When everyone uses the same
two words
the first phrase that comes to mind to describe the person behind those eyes

Am I even worthy of a sentence? A paragraph?

Yes they are comforting
those words reaffirmations of the best in me
but I look around
and cannot help but wonder if there is more
than one dimension in the world

And I try and try and leap into outer space,
but no one can see me in the bleak dark skies
and it is as if I had never left the comfort of a parchment veil and
those few ink-stained words


Moonshine, Skybright
Where I venture, you alight
I see, you, see me
Ships salvation in the night, Tide tender, Sea master
Magic balm, glow in the dark, splashing over me
Oh, there I am!
Behold my gratitude,
@Lunar, love


Aww thank you @TinyYellowTree
Wow:) hugs xoxo


If foolish, awkward and confusing ever I become, and say anything that could be taken painfully amiss, remember this above is what is true, like you.
I am pleased you like it.
Now I’ve said what I came to say, I shall slink away.


So tender. I hope you know I have loads of respect for you. I don’t have beautiful poetry for it but affirmative respect @TinyYellowTree . You are gonna make me swoon


Thank you for saying so!
Don’t swoon while you are driving, lol, but good to have delighted you.


These are song lyrics, which is a kind of poetry, i dunno how I feel about divorcing it from the music, but here goes:

‘Chameleon in the Mirror’

When I was a child I was like a mirror
Mimicking gestures and appearance
And now I have my days when a mirror
Is all I can manage to be

I have my days…

When I look inside my soul
I dig myself into a hole
There is something I can feel
I know it’s there, I know it’s real
Like a raging storm
I can see it form
But I turn away

When I was young
I could become
Like a chameleon
Just to be
Like those around me
And now I have my days when that is all I can be

I have my days…

When I look into my soul
I dig myself into a hole
There is something I can feel
I know it’s there, I know it’s real
Like a raging storm
I can see it form
I want to turn away
But I know
I must go
And now I stand, engulfed in fire and light


@jamsz You should post your musics on here!


I agree with Sammy. You should share your music. Bleed for us!!! Haha.


I haven’t written creatively in a long while. Well, unless my journal entries are labeled as such… Haven’t recorded any stories or poetry either. Actually completely got rid of my original soundcloud site. Most of those stories are completely gone. I have no written format of them. They’re gone.

So this will be the first I record today. I wrote this a couple of days ago. And it’s so short, but it’s all I could do. I know we all talk about creative fear here - so I’m sharing my fear and then maybe you can listen to it in a couple days :slight_smile:

I wonder what your creative processes look like? I usually write something and change words, cross shit out, or go a completely different way.

This is the complete version that I’ll record today:

Threaded in between the drops
Are the words

These freed drops tickle my head
And leave a buzz on your tongue

Consistent calm in the falling
Pitter-patter splashes

Giggles and sighs, and signs
From books where the stars meet the spirit

Foreign lands in my house
Open a door that should

Because truly, threaded in the drops and words of weather
Is the loving password to Sun’s shelter

It’s not much, but it’s a start. And I plan on recording my voice reciting this to the background sounds of rain. And maybe some classical music, we’ll see.


@Sammy @Ankh Well, since it’s already out there, here is the album I recorded with a band about 5 years ago, it sat on the shelf due to extenuating circumstances, but finally got it mixed & mastered last year and just last month finally got a vinyl pressed. there is bunch of other stuff out there by at least one other band called Tsar Bomba but this album is our only one. I wrote 2, 3, 8, 11, 12, 14, and play/sing various parts on the others.

In retrospect, some I’ve kinda grown to not love but others I’m still pretty happy with, and overall glad we ended up putting it out there so that I can move on with other stuff.


kinda hypnotic/relaxing, i really like the imagery and sound of the last four lines.


I like it!! I like the sound you guys have. Some of it reminds me of Jack White. I like the “live” sound.


Thanks! I like “words of weather”.

I recorded it. But the ownership to the fucking rain is causing problems. Come on! Someone owns the rights to rain sounds. Really silly. So once I get that figured out, I’ll share it. It kinda has to go with the rain.


Thanks! yeah we were lucky to have a friend who had just set up a recording studio and did I think a pretty good job of recording us live (vocals and some instrument tracks were added later) and also another friend who is a mixing/mastering wizard.