Poetry and Poetic Thoughts


I want to post this here. From The Big Shot movie:
“Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry. - Overheard at a Washington D.C. bar”


eleventy seven silent screams ricochet
bone groans
shoulders cringe, toes curl
echoing ache, arms and legs quake

the birds would fright
sorry denial dire deal
the hearing ears would startle
and wish to join

hold still
swallow wild windy chilling words
sky in vessel brewing lightning
thunder shatter me


The Woman at the Edge

What happened in the woods? Where are your hands?
Hold still while I fetch mats—you’re dripping.
Rosemary, mustard, thyme. Olive oil. Garlic.
Good, eh? Joint in the oven. I
Score the top, quick cuts where it’s thick and pink,
Push in cloves of garlic, ridge-wise,
Like fingertips curled on the windowsill.
Blackens up nice, hence the savour
Sucks on your tongue. Evening fails fast these nights,
Can barely see your backlit face.
Come in, sit. I have so much to tell you.


Suppose constancy is the word:
The worst kiss is one that lives your life down,
Scarlet leaf’s spring in yellowed paper pressed:
A hound whose howl sounded your child wood’s depth,
Whose paws your pulse, whose breath your buried thigh-bone;
A dance kicked up in cold, in parting, ending—
Tungsten wreath—glazed hummingbird—phantom clench—
Myoclonic tango round a beach-fire,
Mygdaline brazen bell on rosined pavement—
O, that kiss is not like another kiss,
No, no, it is the worst, the worst.


This is the first 8 pieces of a 9 piece series I wrote titled ‘27’. It’s a mixed medium series
using photographs I’ve taken during my travels.

Cigarettes, champagne, cars and cocaine. If you experience the highs you experience the lows. There's no heaven without hell. #27 1/9

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I found love at the bottom of a bottle. Drowned my sorrows and stopped my tears. For a moment I found solace. But then the morning light came and poured light on my pain. #27 2/9

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Madness has taken hold and girls can see it in my eyes. It ignites me and excites them. They want to feel the flame too. Luke is dead and I have the blood on my hands. But far from frightening them away. They are drawn closer. Perhaps together we’ll watch the world burn. Or shared the flame may flicker. Only time will tell. #27 3/9

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Bright lights and starlit nights. Join me inside and enjoy the show. Or are you too scared of what you may find? Realising it’s the devil that lies within... #27 4/9

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Dior, diamonds and day dreams. What you see is just a show. I’m broken, bruised and bloodied. My soul destroyed. But it’s all my fault. I’m the devil of my own device. #27 5/9

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Insanity is reality. Yet we hold onto our false ideals tight. Watch some TV, have another drink, dull your senses for the night. For now it's farewell. Perhaps the open road will save me from this hell. #27 6/9

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I don’t have a job. Just a dream, a vision and a fast car to get us out of here. Perhaps it’s the speed making me drunk. Or just too much time at the bar. Because I don’t know what’s real anymore. All I know is that I could be someone. #27 7/9

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I'm James Dean. I'm going to die while I'm young. Crash and burn towards a fading sun. I should’ve stayed on the straight and narrow. In my hands a loaded gun. Forever 27. I feel like the chosen one. #27 8/9

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Welcome to the maze, @luke384086!

I like your mediums. Please more. :slight_smile:


Good images and sensory evocative lines. Abstract doesn’t always work for me, but these 2 do!


Powerful lines, Luke, welcome and thanks for sharing!


It is worth noting that, in Michael’s own words, he ‘toes the line between fantasy and reality’, and it is quite difficult to discern what is delusion, what is magical thinking, and what is things he wish could be reality.


Just reading these tonight - so beautiful. My soul sings in jubilee!


from the One

I began as a singularity
and became a mayfly.

Under the paperwhite moon,
I come forth
from spring’s expectant river
and kiss her incensed mists.

by zealous bullfrogs,
I rise as they resound
to join the swarm of my beloved,
and we skim into sunrise.

by primordial daylight,
I drift into transparency of
the left lower corner
of your windshield

to be brushed aside
and become

roots of the earth.


Sigh… read it again… sigh…


All the hope and the birds are dead.


I like it. It’s over before you know it but with impact and drama and the end. Simple.



primordial is such an awesome word

deeper you go internally the more primordial the content

the more you tune in to the surroundings the more you become aware of the primordial traces even if in glimpses


It’s not really a poem although, I suppose it could be considered poetic. Which is shit.


Well you know what I enjoyed the juxtaposition of hope and birds by joining up with “and” and how it sounded so much like you. It’s vivid and um I think it’s poetic. Also life is shit.


Sometimes, I feel so incredibly alone.

I thought I would share that here. I guess to let others know they’re not alone.


You’re so brave. You’re good at sharing those feels straight up. Lots cannot utter those words, even though those are their words, I admire you. Life is strange. Us human beings and life. What to make of it. xoxoxo


God, I’ve missed your sublime poems, @geneva!