Poetry and Poetic Thoughts


A walk tonight. A walk in the cold.
It enlivens my heart, makes me feel quite bold.
Makes me forget I’m about to fall,
For a moment—I think—I can seize it all…

The snow looks so lovely, there on the trees,
Trembling on branches, soft as they please.
The city exhales, its breath, smoke-steel,
Lingers, then fades, like these feelings I feel.

There is nobody out on the street.
Just me and my thoughts, and my pounding feet.
Where do I turn, make my way back home?
How much longer will I be alone?

Just a little bit further, there by the bend—
Where the ice, and the stones, and the water all blend.
There’s nothing behind me, nowhere to go.
So I’ll stand, like the river, and let these words flow.