Poetry and Poetic Thoughts


Thank you Tiny! I hope you’ve been well :grinning:.


Well enough to put one foot in front of the other. And poetry always helps.


On a night, years ago, a shadow frightened me.
It seemed to come from nowhere. No physical being near to create this image.

It frightened me deeply. A chill and a tremble I could not shake.

It was before bed, before I closed my eyes for the day when I saw this shadow. And as I tried to calm my nerves and rest my mind, I thought of the evil that just frightened me. Yes, it had to be evil. Only because it frightened me. That’s what made sense. Yes, evil things frighten people.

And then I rembered something that had never been directly learned.

The good frightens. The holy frightens. It warns with fear and consequence. Ah ha, I thought! That was no demon, it was an angel.

So now, if darkness presents itself, I know it as a warning to heed from a trusting being.
And a friendly smile is costly.