Poetry and Poetic Thoughts

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I sit upon a little stream
And then I let my feelings dream
Of things perennially unseen.

And when the swans and ravens cry,
I fear that everything will die.
Upon the lazy grass, I lie.

The colors and the feelings blend,
And time, inerrant, fails to trend.
I wish to cross the riverbend.

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Also, in a shameless display of self-promotion, one of my poems was recently published!


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Thought #1:

I’m like a cat with a thousand lives, made to be broken again and again and again, each time becoming anew.

So burn me alive! I’ll only thrive!

For I was born to die.

Thought #2:

I’m like a golden arrow piercing through the heart of the blazing sun, flying - Ruthlessly! Recklessly! As I burn in flames - laughing, as the day falls.

Thought #3:

Some men, I want to destroy.
Some men, I want to love.
Most men, I want to do both.

Thought #4:

We haven’t even begun to speak.
Our minds are copulating.
Think I’ve seen you before.

A heavenly meeting of the minds -
So ecstatic,
To see your soul bare
And you seeing mine.

You never spoke to me again.
Pushed me aside for your -
Tissue mechanics and intra-vital microscopy,
Kept your head down
As I stood, lovely,
Before the Spanish seaside.

Thought #5:

As I child, I loved flipping through images of the human body, bones and flesh all bare. Now I rip up flesh for a living, one of my favorite pastimes, so therapeutic and calming!

And soon, I’ll rip up yours - I’ll figure out your anatomy in no time.

Better not to catch my eye! I’m the Master Surgeon. I’ve turned my insides out more than once.

You and I are nothing but a grand experiment to play with.


I don’t know what I’ll do today.
And so I’ll wait.
And watch the workers on their way
To summon forth another day.
But if I had a word to state,
Inside my heart a little fire,
Then I wouldn’t sit here and wait.
I’d feel a desire
To make something great.

I think
I thought of a thought
that thinks about thinking
a thought about thinking.

Memory diverts my morning breath,
Only a sense of sadness left.
The ocean drained by the light of day,
The fish of dreams have gone away.

You’re back again, that wayward scent,
Misappropriated wonderment.
It’s been a year since I’ve felt this way,
No longer do these feelings sway.

Let me dream of shivers yet to come!
And not sad moments never won.
Disperse! Away, you ghostly heart,
Before you bring this lonesome start.

The sun will tend to happiness,
Please fade away — be less and less.
Please let me lose this memory:
The phantom past when you loved me.


The city stretches languorously in the sun,
Her metal fingers gently trace the sky.
Her frigid shadows fall on everyone.

The citizen-cells, down the streets they fly
From each task to the next, no time to feel.
If anyone should falter, should they sigh—

The city shoulders on, the people wheel.
And the trees and flowers don’t ask why,
Living among the pavement and the steel.

Their leaves and petals on the asphalt die.
Cacophony clambers in cries of zeal,
Shadowed by buildings that cannot cry.

The living things, along the wires run,
And everything is everywhere and one.

Another of my recent poems was just published in a little online magazine:

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Concise… I read it thrice… each time more dire. I feel luckiest here where you lay them before us like sweetmeat surprises, but congratulations on the publication as well!

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