Poll For INTROVERTS (introverts only)


since Blake is talking about extroversion vs introversion
i want to do some experiment.

if you believe or are typed as introvert, please take this test.

if you are extroverted, just observe please!.

#Which fits you more? (key word=more)

  • I love to talk a lot and very often I say things I regret
  • Often people are frustrated because i don’t outwardly express myself

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  • I am very comfortable meeting new people
  • It drains my energy when I interact with new people

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  • I think as I speak, and make decisions during.
  • I often think before I start speaking

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  • I like to work in groups(4 or more)/ or as a team
  • I like working by myself or smaller group(2~3)

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  • I like expressing my opinions to people
  • I tend to keep my thoughts/opinions to myself

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  • I use big gestures/motions when I speak
  • I’m uncomfortable using gestures/motions when I speak

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  • I get bored and lonely when I work alone for awhile
  • I can work alone for a long time

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  • I work better in envirionments with some sound/music rather than complete silence
  • I find hard to work in place with background noises

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  • I tend to speak fast
  • I tend to speak slow and quietly

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  • I am a pretty active person outside of the house
  • I like staying inside the house

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and other introverts i haven’t mentioned(can only mention 10). let’s see if this poll give some insight


Good questions, did you come up with them?

I’ve always been a fairly outgoing introvert (my birth chart indicates this, with lots of personal planets in late Sagittarius and Gemini), and am more talkative and animated than a lot of other introverts I know.

I’ve also become more outgoing as I’ve aged and am now quite self- confident. But I still get drained by too much external stimulation and need a fair amount of downtime to recharge.


i was inspired by the program i used to use for MBTI typing.

it’s more than 10 years old.

and actually, i know a few INFJs that are very outgoing!
and very talkative and whatnot.

but at the end of the day, they still prefer being introverted and need time to ‘recharge’

hahah just like you mentioned!


My gripe with these sorts of questions is that, sure, an INFJ is for example “introverted” but then they have extraverted feeling in the auxiliary…so it would really depend how “well developed” the INFJ is and with whom they are interacting…

If I don’t know someone, I would never feel comfortable using big gestures, speaking loudly/confidently, or sharing my opinions…but I’d save all the extraverted energy for the few people I have chosen to share all of myself. This means talking brashly. Some histrionics. Constantly initiating conversations. And often saying shit I shouldn’t have said. Basically functioning like an extravert.

I also find that speaking before thinking is more helpful for me than thinking before speaking. If the latter occurs, expect me to be tongue-tied…Just going for it helps me organize my thoughts on the way…For example, I love public speaking, and some of my best moments occurred when I had NO plans whatsoever before going on stage. I let things flow as I just say the first shit that comes onto my mind. If someone asks a question, I would start speaking bullshit before I get to the crux of the matter - and I know that if I had paused before I answered, I would not be able to say anything at all (Ni-Ti looping or whatever). So yeah, this all sounds like an Fe --> Ti thing to me.

I don’t like making decisions until I have some time to think for myself though…‘cause when it comes to work or achieving some sort of goal, I would prefer to draw on my introverted functions as much as possible…Ni and Fi hate compromising on visions/ambitions, and often having to accommodate to people is a huge obstruction to these goals. It is clear from the questionnaire that most people here would all prefer to work on projects or long-term visions by themselves…Not sure how many INFPs have answered this poll, but I wonder what are INFPs’ take when it comes to working with others.

Speaking of INFPs…I think that those who make good use of their Ne-aux may very well find a lot of joy in going out of the house or meeting new people…I know of an INFP that seems quite the freewheeling party-animal until you actually get to know him and watch him go into an Ni-id meltdown.

lol, sorry, not hating on your poll or anything. I like what you’re doing!


To be honest, I prefer to work alone but I don’t mind group work. I am very dependent to the group energy. If the group I am in is really into the project and happy to collaborate with others, then I am very happy to brainstorm with them. If the group don’t really care about the project then I can’t be bothered. I will just do my part and be done with it.

Yes, but very dependent to my energy and emotional level.


yse! i do notice the big change between who they are comfortable with or not

i’ve noticed this a lot in people generally. but you’re right. i think this has to do with functions or something.
because i noticed many INFJ/INTJ doing pretty well at public speaking
and it comes so naturally.
and i also noticed, maybe this is biased observation, but i tend to notice that introverts are better with public speaking for some reason. not sure why. but they are.

no, thank you for this input!

i really don’t know how to differentiate from introvert to extrovert.
it seems quite difficult actually.

the more i learn about mbti, the more confusing it gets.
and then i go, oh! that makes sense! but there’s so much more ‘combination’ that i have to take in account for.

and i think it’s rather harder to type yourself. because self-observation is not always so accurate.

what i personally use to differentiate introvert vs extrovert is this,

it’s how they radiate their energy. introverts have more of a ‘contained’ energy.
even if they get outgoing, it’s still somewhat contained.

and extroverts, although some are very shy, i sense that they want to break out of their shell so bad.
it’s like i see the itch they have for wanting to be more expressive.

i’ll have to organize my thoughts and think about this.

let’s see if this poll gives any insight! maybe not! hahaha we’ll see


Maybe you could repost the same poll in a different thread for extroverts to answer. I type as an extrovert but I very very often question this. Like the enneagram type 6 who is aggressive as a mode of defense, I sometimes think my extroversion is almost all defensive. Hard to know when married to an Fi who is terrified of Ne sometimes. Hard to know how I operate really.


Could you elaborate? I am curious cause my husband is Fi Ne top and I am just really curious since your wife is Fi Se [ISFP right?] what you mean.


First, I’m out of my depth and blaming my wife for something without real basis. So with that caveat:

I get the sense from being around Fi users that they just have a very solid sense of what’s right and wrong, or good or bad or whatever. And it’s not something my wife works for. It’s just there.

Like waking up with truth in her heart.

So from her view, I sometimes look like a psychopath. When I think its reasonable to meander through an idea without making any moral judgement about it, it scares her. But Ne is so amoral for me. When I start attempting to moralize I’m weak at it because it’s just me using Fe tertiary to attempt to like smooth out the situation or convince everyone I was just trying to be funny when I said that thing that was so out there.

My wife often responds to my verbal brainstorming like this: “what are you trying to say.” But it’s super defensive. Like she believes I’m setting up to announce plans to take a mistress or something. And I’m not trying to say anything but in that moment I realize I have to shut up, stop doing Ne, and go into my own head. Or write, but I worry about her finding it (as has happened twice with surprisingly ugly results), or find something I suspect she’ll be okay with. Because she’s already drawn some worst case scenario conclusion so it’s dangerous to just shut up or she’ll definitely assume the worst.


But the most successful thing I’ve found is to not ever say anything around her, except if it’s about the physical world. Which really I don’t have anything to say about generally. And to not speak the things I think when she says things. Like when she says something about trump and North Korea I can’t say “yeah I also though have been wondering if maybe trump is going to find a great result in N Korea. Probably the military leaders are having very serious conversations about how dangerous their situation is for the first time in a long time. Because prior presidents were so predictable.” Like that convo cAnt happen because my wife doesn’t dig non black and white perspectives.


Could anybody who is INFP or knows Fi well help me better understand Fi?

My wife really does hate typology so much and basically as best I can tell, “the first rule of Fi: don’t talk about Fi.” It’s insulting to her when I try to understand anything in context beyond her descriptions of it. Bringing anything else to is like me trying to corner her or strip her humanity or something.


I see, thank you! This is so my brother, I mean, he is ENTP. He sounds like a psychopath on occasion if you don’t know him. But he is a wimp. Like, I ask, ‘so, would that be okay if that happened to you?’ And he is like “OH HELL NO! That would be horrible!” But he is not feeling it like I would, or your wife. It is all at a distance, like a movie to him, that he is dissecting philosophically.
I get up and walk away when my Fi starts to take him too seriously or can’t handle the current discussion, which he is having with my husband [INFP]. And of late, my husband is frustrated with me because he brings up a topic, usually politics or something that triggers my Fi and I close it straight down. But that is me, mine. I am in the midst of recognizing my Fi Id and thinking it over, and I am refusing to trigger it. Which means I won’t talk about Trump for more than about 3 minutes.
My Fi gets morning pages and will soon get my writing to spill into. It’s like WHOA GIRL! You know, the horse analogy of Blake’s for Fi.
In any case, it is sad to me that you have to tiptoe around her Fi while hiding your Ne. And not writing what you need to write. As a writer, that really makes me sad/frustrated for you. And that she won’t/can’t understand it by MBTI gives you little recourse, but I think you can figure out how to explain it. I think she needs to understand that Ne tied in knots underground is not going to make for a happy marriage. To be fair, my brother is ENTP as I said, and that is a challenge for Fi for sure. I think she needs to understand that your exploring ideas is not the same as your acting them out. I do this best by turning it around. Find something she will relate to that she ‘must’ do to thrive and turn it around on her, in a gentle and patient manner.
I think you have to somehow trigger her Ni Te for categorizing whilst not tripping her Fi. Good luck.
That’s not quite right… hmmm. I mean use her Ni. I don’t know how. Not sure how Te would be used. I was thinking of Ti, when I said categorizing but she has Te…


It’s so astounding to me to read about your interactions with your wife sometimes, because one gets the impression that the ENTP temperament & Fi is akin to oil and water.

I’m astounded because my best friend is an ENTP and my experience with her is literally worlds apart from the experience you describe. Perhaps I can share about that, in case you find any useful concrete actions you can apply to dealing with your wife.

First off, maybe I should mention that she’s someone who passes my Fi check - we have very similar principles, so she’s someone I feel very safe to let in.

But honestly, I think that she has the exact right temperament for supporting me. (I’m very partial to Ne-doms because I think they help to activate my auxiliary.)

Additionally, whenever we discuss any personal matter of mine, she goes into this exploratory mode (Ne) where she really tries to understand (in almost a clinical manner) my point of view, usually by asking lots of questions and follow-up questions. This is usually punctuated with spurts of Fe mirroring here and there, so it doesn’t feel like some detached interrogation. It’s pretty much a magical combination. I can tell her literally anything and would trust her with my life.

She is someone with very very well developed Fe though - I have to wonder if gender norms & cultural conditioning has played a part since it’s so encouraged for women to be nurturers and caregivers.

And the thing about typology is that it can be incredibly grating to Fi. Sometimes I have a hard time reading articles even on here, even when it resonates and is helpful, because I simply have an instinctive revulsion against anyone telling me who I am. I am the author of my own story and have never fit into any box.

Hope that’s somewhat helpful.


@lml, I do think the difference in women or girls is something to consider. I do know an ENTP female, and she is young and still has more sensitivity with Fe than my brother ten years younger, though he is learning. Her mother was an ESFJ, pretty sure, which I think accounts for some of her differences. I have also watched So Melicious on youtube and she feels very ENTP and at the same time, I could totally see trusting her. And I trust my brother in some ways, but never mind that is a thing on it’s own.
I do get on well with my brother, he is a wonder, but he triggers my Fi for sure, or maybe it is the combo of Fe/Fi Id. Sometimes I just have to tell him he is out of line. My line, but dammit, if he is with me in social situations, he is going to have to employ his filter a little bit better. At home, just family I am okay with letting his Ne roam, and I can take breaks as needed, or argue or realize he is right.


I’m the same with public speaking, not having a prepared speech allows me to be spontaneous and match the tempo of the audience. I used to be terrrified of public speaking when I was younger; I would spend forever and an age trying to fine-tune and perfect my script, which I would memorise in its entirety, and then rehearse to death.

But real life never ran as smoothly as in my imagination: I’d usually packed in too much material for the timeslot and would start gabbling at top speed to try and get through it all. And people have a habit of asking pesky questions, throwing me even further off-schedule. Or the questions would require answers I hadn’t prepared for and struggled to answer. Or even worse, the audience became disengaged and restless with my hypermanic monologue of incomprehensible INFJ technobabble.

This all changed after my Saturn return at age 29-30. I have a 10th House Saturn in Capricorn, and have had to work very hard all my life to overcome difficulties and fears in anything related to the public arena (especially regarding my career). Saturn’s lessons cannot be avoided if we are to grow in certain areas, and require a great deal of perserverence, hard work and courage to reap the benefits. My NLP trainer used to call them AFLEs (Another fucking learning experience!)

Anyway, I had just moved into the forensic science field, and had to learn how to cope with being cross-examined in Court as an expert witness. Fear of this part of the job had prevented me from applying for this position for many years, even tho’ it was my dream job. Once I summoned enough courage to make the leap, Saturn rewarded me by sending an extraordinary woman to provide public speaking training to prepare the newbies for the rigours of court. Thanks to her, I overcame my fears and discovered that my auxiliary Fe was a huge asset in this area, if allowed to do it’s thing without hindrance from Ni and Ti perfectionism.


It’s cool how much data about people you gather.


Ha! This is gold!


@lml and @TinyYellowTree the discussion is helpful …

I will say that I think my wife and I are a certain combination of things that makes us an incredibly odd couple plus rather committed to each other.

[in the middle of writing this text my wife sent me this, a great example of the stuff I see her trying to do daily to show a little love. Right now I assumed she was frustrated with me because I had to take money from her so my account doesn’t overdraft:


First, I think she’s an ISFP, and further, I have my suspicions that she may be an ESFP who has a tough go of it because of having a serious medical issue that has been exasperated by having kids. She rode a motorcycle as college student, had 40+ serious boyfriends, lived in big cities alone, didn’t marry till her late 30s, worked in advertising, dated lots of wealthy doctors or high net worth entrepreneurs who were 10 years older than her instead of 10 years younger (as I am–11 years younger than her).

It’s worth noting she’s only tested as an ENFJ, and that she basically was like “nah that’s stupid because I’m actually an introvert, everybody just thinks I’m an extrovert”; she’s also diagnosed with ADHD (not the medical issue that kids exasperate), and wants to go on vacation every weekend. And she always always always wants to move and then feels upset about how we don’t settle down. Right now she’s completely convinced that if we could buy a house with land for horses and such she would be happy and not want to move again.


When angry she cites things like my moving us around for a job as setting us back, when in truth she is the force for movement in our marriage.

She always wants to do stuff. All the freaking time. All I want to do is stay home and read and stuff.

She is incredibly competitive but absolutely swears she isn’t.

i think in other words that one way or another my wife is very in touch with Se and she Is kind of only in touch with Ni in a negative, paranoid, assume the worst way.

So she just doesn’t find my Ne very cool.

My Ne is almost purely intellectual and super non physical. Those roses I sent in that text message are my version of appealing to her Se. I built keyboard shortcuts so that I get prompts on my phone to send emoticons when I write normal words lol.

Anyway. I don’t see a ton in common with your descriptions of infps Fi in my wifes Isfp Fi.


ISFP Fi is much harsher. lol
INFP Fi is pisces = dreamy, kinda sweet, kinda wishywashy. There is an effervescent flavour about it, like a ghost sighting. lol
ISFP Fi is scorpio = intense, kinda mean, kinda black/white. There is a crouching tiger, hidden dragon about it? They are ready to GET AT YOU (for good or bad). – also scorpio is very sensitive about being analyzed. They generally like doing it to others. They don’t like it being done to them!

Just like ENTP Ne is kind of very ideas and philsophical, funloving and a generally amoral (or testing morals). Sagittarius joker philosopher thing, while ENFP Ne is more Aries in an egocentric but simple and pure optimistic about possibilities mindset?

I think ESFP would be more to just go and do. Probably empty your bank account to buy a horse if anything, she’d be dragging you around the world without blaming you for it probably. lol She perhaps complains a bit too much to be ESFP or ENFJ (she would enjoys your Ne more if ENFJ), but who knows! Do you feel a lot of Fe from her? Does she seem to be a people pleaser or need to be around/send off good vibes? Like very warmly huggy/touchy with people? – Will also likely flip out and cause a scene if they find out you do not like them/reject them.

ISFP probably more lure you in to touch them instead. They are not as “free and open” with touching and are much more “targeted” with their vibes.

I think you endlessly trying to figure out your wife is really sweet though I bet it annoys her hahaha.