Poll for Introverts part.2 (Introverts only)


thanks for everyone who participated on part 1 of this poll for introverts!

it gave me some insight on what it means to be an introvert.
although i’m not 100% but i have a better grip on the idea now.

hopefully, i’ll finally make a poll where it is closer to getting 100% in one answer than 50/50

so. here goes Part 2!

#Which are/do you (((“MORE”))) <- please keep this word in mind.“more”

  • Don’t like small-talks
  • Don’t mind small-talks, can pretty much talk about anything

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  • usually the listener in the conversation
  • usually the person speaking in the conversation

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  • punctuations usually includes ‘…’ ‘,’ and ‘.’
  • punctuations usually include ‘!’ , ‘!!’ and/or ‘.’ and rarely use ‘…’

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  • Don’t want to annoy/bother anyone
  • Often/seldomly annoy people (although not intended to)

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  • crave peace & security for yourself
  • crave and create excitement and fun

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i know this one below sounds like the same thing. but it’s not.

  • appreciate when someone listens carefully
  • appreciate when someone lets you speak

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  • communicate better in writing form
  • like to talk via any form of communication

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Sorry mistakenly hit the wrong one on the first question. Don’t know how to change it. I can talk about anything for a short time, like in introductions or for a bit to get an understanding of someone, except with most sports fans. Then I want to flee.
But I do NOT want to sit/stand and listen to a monologue/blathering on about your day and people I don’t know and what she said and what he said…
This however does not include talks where this is brief jumping off point for a real discussion. I guess I have had my share of one way rants, says me as I rant.
Give me substance, I don’t care if I am unfamiliar, I will listen. Even something like a gardener telling me things I don’t know, that is not a problem, well, not for the first 35 minutes, especially if we can be outside. That was maybe a bad example since people who work in the dirt make me happy… but yeah, tell me how to grow a grapevine instead of about your bitch of a neighbor.

And I do use exclamations, because the Fe I normally exude does not always come across in writing. Sometimes I think I sound sarcastic as well and try to clear that up too. Like I mean it so genuinely it reads like it must be sarcasm? Not sure how to explain that.

And I annoy the hell out of myself. But I picked the don’t bother people, so hopefully if I do not want to bother them, I am not annoying them too much.


you can click on Hide results and change it back!


Done. Thanks.