Poll - Perceiving vs Judging


this poll is not annoymous

#Which are you MORE

  • I like to stick with my decisions
  • I am flexible with my decisions

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  • I like to follow schedule with my daily activity
  • I like to do things in last minute

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  • I like to plan my trip/vacation
  • I enjoy spontaneous trips

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  • I like to clean/organize often (few times a week to every week if possible)
  • I clean/organize once in a blue moon(not often)(ex. about every month to few months)

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  • I like working in structural/organized settings
  • I like working in fun/exciting environments

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  • I am organized and a planner
  • I trust/rely on my improvisation

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  • I like structures and boundaries
  • I like freedom and liberty

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  • I get well acquainted with people at/during work
  • I get well acquainted with people at parties/gatherings

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  • My desk and shelves are organized (not always but usually)
  • My desk is usually messy and comfortable(but i know where things are)

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  • I plan and sometimes write down what I want to buy before I go grocery shopping
  • I go grocery shopping and decide what I want when I’m there

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  1. Both. I want to have a plan of action but I want to please everyone too, which makes changing things up/accommodating everyone’s wishes as best I can a common affair here.
  2. Argh. My schedule is leave me alone.
  3. I [we] plan the big parts, like tickets, lodging, renting autos etc. I leave the smaller stuff open as the mood of everyone strikes. Having kids with opinions… changes everything.
  4. I do not like to clean. I like to feed my brain. But I like a clean house, sure, who doesn’t? I do what must be done, prioritizing laundry and occasionally a few extras that amuse me that look less like chores and more like little attempts at making things nice around here, like buying plants I may or may not get into the ground for months or years. Or buying stuff to organize all the crap around here, or eBaying so I have money for lego mini figures or whatever.
  5. I like working on my computer.
  6. Both. Semi organized, I don’t want to make plans. I want to be left alone.
  7. I like structures cause they keep the rain off. But mostly I like freedom and liberty.
  8. I have a few people I talk to regularly from kids school. I respond to people as it comes up, don’t approach much, don’t look for friends I am just going to disappoint.
  9. Desk is messy. Most people come to me when they lose stuff. I no longer care where it went. Except my scissors.
  10. I take the same track through the store to jog my memory as to what we need since I am out in space. I try to focus, then I see stuff that is tempting and buy some of it and forget something else I needed.

Honestly my kids schedules, social needs dictate my weeks/weekends and I just flop in front of the computer between these events and rest. And I walk the dogs and look for my humming bird and give my cats hugs. And spend hours trying to type people instead of doing the dishes.


FINASLLY IT MY WEEKENd and I got cauvght up ons leeps!!

  1. when i make a decision in the first place i like sticking to it unless evidence/circunstances change substantially
  2. i am a procrastinator. i don’t “like” it, but i do it anyway
  3. i like being at vhome so if i need to be outside of the home, usually i want some planning so as bnot to waste my time “outside” lol
  4. i like a clean place but husband and i are kinda slobs/not great with those things. i wish i had maid money
  5. i like predictable work so i can be off in my head thinking of something else. i do not like using my brainpower for “work” lol
  6. i do not trust my improv skills, but my planning and organization is mostly in my head unless it’s coplicated stuff (like savings/financial planning)
  7. I like knowing the structures and boundaries and having them there to keep other people from screwing up and screwing around!!! xD That way I also know where //I// can get away with subverting and bending rules.
  8. I do not go to these parties/gatherings so most of my socializing is in the context of school/work.
  9. My desk/shelves gets messy with all the stuff I have but I eventually reorganize things so everything has its place.
  10. My food shopping is mostly dictated by sales that are not in the flyer but are store specials (especially near expiry items hahha)

Man, I want a maid…


Yep!!! Pretty much!!! Haha:) Minus birds and cat hugs. My cat is gone.


@lunar, I’m really sorry to hear this. I’m sure you guys had a great time and many memories to look back on. :heart_eyes_cat::rainbow:


yes. lots of memories of little moments. great times.


I’ll ask my dear departed Maks to take care of your beloved cat, @lunar


That’s a cute little expression on your cat.
I would like to think they become friends.
I wanted to share a video of Pacer at one of his most free and happy moments, running up these huge live oaks. But file format doesn’t work.