Posting Errors on Forum?


I just ran into multiple errors while trying to submit a post, so a thought jumped into my head about whether I was banned…
But I jammed the submit button anyway and eventually it went through. :3

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Maybe it’s a server issue. Hopefully it clears up soon!


I’ve had errors too, once when posting pictures. My information is not lost and I just keep trying until it works.

Okay, just went to post again and had to abandon after five or six tries.

And banned? I think not. Surely not you.

This is what it reads: 403 HTTP/1.1 403


Yeah, the same thing has been happening to me. It started around two days ago.

I thought it might be because I would have the forum up on my phone and computer. Haha, I didn’t know though. Usually after closing the page on my phone, it would work fine.

okay it just happened on this post and it is NOT up on my computer :open_mouth:


Same here. Errors for replies. Or even changing the pics. Can say action forbidden. Network error etc.


Yep. I get “403 Forbidden”. The word “forbidden” turns me on, so I keep clicking, and the computer usually succumbs to my will.


So it isn’t just my phone! Yup… Got the 403 too… I noticed I get it only when I’m specifically responding to a person via the reply option on an individual comment… I don’t get the error when I select the reply to thread and mention people on it…


Wow, now I am jealous. My code is so impersonal, no words. Not even error…


i’ve decided that blake is the one breaking everything as he’s busy adding bells and whistles to the forum lol


I’ve contacted customer support about this issue that y’all are reporting. So, we’ll see what they say. Don’t you just love technology?


Seems like all problems have been resolved so far! nice!

Also I notice you have been playing around with stellarmaze’s fonts and forum layout in little ways? also nice!


Yes, customer support said they had reset the Forum and were monitoring the logs to see if the issue went away. Apparently this particular error is caused when a process has lost connection with the session manager.

So, now you know as much as I do and it does appear that the problem has been resolved by support’s action.

What have you noticed?


You might have chosen a nicer font for the Stellar Maze header and then chose non-serif fonts for other subheadings and changed the whitespacing a little? I think at one point you might have changed the subheadings/titles to a serif font but then changed it back to a different one?? Was that divider under your header links always pink? But it could have been the theme itself that changed/updated and you didn’t do anything yourself… haha.

The forum itself has a “last visit” divider I never noticed before and maybe the header font also changed in some way to look more pleasant.

Now you have to tell me if you did do anything or if I am gaslighting myself. OvO


Okay I have to ask: have you designed websites before?!? Or are you THAT tuned in to functionality! Amazing.


I might be a tad nitpicky about the functionality and look of things! I also don’t really like wasted whitespace, but I think that’s really en vogue now.

I have only designed very basic websites for myself in an amateur way (copy-pasting pieces of script and code to try to change layouts and stuff), but I guess I have a Si-bent (is it aspergers? lol) so I tend to notice something changing on me.

Oh yeah, Blake also changed it so that personal “about me” info doesn’t pop up when clicking on a person’s avatar. I noticed because I set it up so it would show all my astro info but alas, now it is gone!
Also I wanna take credit for telling Blake to put a link to the forums in the header and sidebar of the mainsite. Thankyou. :wink:


Lol, I was so excited when I first discovered that html code is just right there for the viewing!

I hadn’t noticed any of the changes you mentioned teehee.