Prax's Stellar Maze Chart (OLD: Updated 2017)

To see the chart as it updates and other information in web page format, you can go to the link below:

last updated: Feb 27, 2017 @ 4am.

We all know Stellar Maze has a lot of information to peruse through, not only in Blake’s articles, but also in the comments sections and now in the forums too! A lot of information to remember and associations and correlations to one another! Therefore it is of no shame to have shorthands and reference materials on hand to come back to from time to time.

I started making a chart a while back just to put together some of the stuff Blake kept referring to because he peppers his knowledge everywhere and it’s annoying lol. He has his own specific ideas on how Myers-Briggs types relate to one another and also how it relates to the symbolism found in Astrology and other occult arts (like Tarot, Alchemy, etc.), so just linking to definitions of what is regularly called “Ni” could be futile when trying to discuss it in a Stellar Maze lens.

I will continue to update this chart once in a while as I have time and energy, as well as add links that I think it should have (maybe linking each type to a seminal Blake article lol). If you see something that needs immediate fixing or want me to add something vital, feel free to drop a suggestion here! I may not use it, but you never know!

I see typos. SO funny btu horrible!! I will have to go back and fix soem of those later but leave all my typos in this post herew
"ruler-keeper" lol

lol:) do u want me to proofread? i can later when i get home:)
i have a fear of posting something for reference then it has mistakes:)

Sure! I don’t mind. I will get to… fixing eventually hahaha!
I still feel it’s full of mistakes, but Blake might not have seen it yet so I just leave it to linger too. :slight_smile:

hey not flaking will proofread (first step done i printed it lol)…fever returned…kids work lol…i might actually vanish for a while for once lol…

I hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:.

Please note, if you think the colours on the chart are ugly, blame Blake. They are his decidings. Hahahah!
Maybe I should try to pick more pleasant shades, but I chose websafe ones instead.

@lunar and no problem! time is not of the essence for this! take care of lunar first!

Am looking through your chart and proofreading just turned into learning. Si Dom of istj is Taurus? I didn’t know. Then I look up Taurus etc.:slight_smile: Fun. Ti Aquarius deep id for istj…would this explain why some istjs will size people up and be “unimpressed”? Unmoved? Or what else? Am lost. Actually that sounds more istp. Hmmm. Passage from id to deep Id makes so much sense for Infj. Or at least I can understand why the Scorpio might be the first level. For istj and intj it is like mind trip to understand Id versus deep id. I don’t even understand how Blake ever figured out intj ids…it is so genius.

Other than the typo in General melancholic, I ran into immediate trouble proofreading lol. Because You have sign assignments for tertiary and inferior and superego woah, I can’t figure out how those work unless case by case. It almost shocks me that there is any hope for such a detailed dictionary to work between systems. But anyhow…too complicated. For ex, Ti tertiary of isfj is Aquarius and I would have guessed Gemini. So I circled it then started having all these circles with question marks lol. Yikes. Full on confusion.

Okay so T Gemini is like mostly an NT thing looks like. Hardcore.

intp deep id symbol problem…


Yup :slight_smile: a pasting error I am guessing… I dunno whether she’s using a font or its an image…

How do you determine that superego of infp is Se Virgo versus SE Capricorn ? Just curious how.
And Fe inferior of intp is Pisces but Fe tertiary of entp is Cancer…holy moly goes over my head. So nuanced.

Oh yeah, all the Tertiary and inferiors might be incorrect since a lot were just copy-pasted and I don’t think Blake thoroughly double-checked those and I was too lazy to try to chess game them. :smiley:

Thanks for the INTP typo of the id!
I think the rest of the dom, id, aux are set!

The id and tert should not occupy the same sign, is how I did it. lol
No two types will have the same symbols for the same position. So if one type has a sign for Se aux, another type cannot have the same for Se aux.

This is why it’s like a chess/sudoku game, but I am… too lazy to really… keep playing. This is Ti work. Hahah!

Yeah almost like Si work too for the checking. Right now infj and isfj both have Ti tertiary Aquarius. Istj and intj Fi tertiary are same sign.

ISFJ is probably gemini tert then! Hmmm!
And same with ISTJ. If intj has scopio tert… then istj is probably… pisces??

@blake, fix my chart
look oevr the inf and tert signs.

If it is like one per type per position yes. But if it is going case by case based off a holistic understanding of each type, then I wouldn’t know.

I think blake probably believes in synchronicity between types and astrology, so they should have unique patterns in each.
this is why he will say that this is his personal take and system of MBTI, his personal version of infj etc, and not refer to other materials. It seems for the most part, it works out though or makes sense, so maybe he is onto something… haha!

For tertiary, @Blake chooses the one that is less derailing, for example Ti aquarius verus Ti gemini for infj.

For the inferior, a similar choice has to be made I think. For example, I think for infp, Te libra is less derailing than Te gemini. If infp has to keep using Te gemini to FORGE choice, direction, path, etc, they will go insane. So one has to choose which or put both.