Problems with posting on the forum or membership issues?


Hi Prax,

I’m posting here as it’s the only place where I seem to be able to reply to topics at the moment.

I seem to be locked out, even though I’ve renewed my subscription. There was a minor hiccup with my payments thanks to an epic Sensing fail by my ENTP partner, who managed to lose his credit card (again!) while shopping. Since we have a joint account, it meant that he had to cancel both our cards.

As soon as the new card arrived, I renewed my Stellar Maze subscription, but the autopay function doesn’t seem to be working, so I had to manually pay this month as well.

Can you please let me know if the site admin fairies have to do something to restore my privileges, or if there’s something I need to do at my end? (Of course, it’s entirely possible that I accidentally hit some random setting that blocked me, but I’ve tried everything to fix the issue before bothering you hard working admin types!)

I’ve also send an email to

Thanks muchly,

Please Explain Your Rule Here, Prax - so we're all on the same page

Is this the only topic it works in? Or the category itself? That is very weird!
It says on your profile that you are not in the “Starling” group at the moment, so that is probably why.
We’ve had those issues before with Puck and Supernocturnal, I think, where membership from the main site didn’t transfer over to the forum properly.
See, not on this list:

Yeah, yell at Blake. Maybe he can fix it. lol



Alright Stewart, you should be back in business. If not, for some reason, yell at me some more.

Or yell at Prax and have her yell at me. Whatever.


Yay, the problem seems to be fixed, thanks!

There must be something going on astrologically, as all week we’ve been experiencing an inordinate number of “technical challenges” at the lab where I work.


Glad it’s fixed!