PUA with johnonymous


fun stuff!

you see a stranger sitting down reading a book in a public park near the library, sitting outside on the bench. by herself.
you find her physically attractive. not only that, she have a very attractive vibe.
it’s sunny outside with scattered clouds.
about 74 degrees Fahrenheit. with 45% humidity.

now, I’m not going to describe how she look or what she’s wearing because it’s up to each taste.

but she’s reading a book so that gives you some clue about her maybe.

now, how would you approach her and what would say and why?
what would you observe about her to know she’s interested continuing this conversation with you?
what do you like to tell her?
what do you want her to notice about you?
what do you want to ask her?

if it escalates to positive interaction, how soon would you touch her? kiss her? take her home? go to her house? sex?

answer these questions for now and I’ll comment and ask more according to your answers


scenario 2
let’s say you have a close female friend that you’ve done nothing sexual with. but now you want to have her as a friends with (sexual) benefit. how do you propose this idea to her without offending her or breaking the friendship?


This IS fun! Can’t wait to see what happens…


yes it is! if @johnonymous begins to answer that is…

But @Ankh, before he does, can I ask you several questions like these so you can answer them? I feel like you’ll be really good with these type of questions.


@Ankh what the heckkkkkk

yes or no? nvm?


eeny meeny miney moe, tick tack toe, yes no maybe so

Nay bae, bye


Why did you change your mind?


I’m allowed to change a lot. :sunglasses:


okay, well when you change back, let me know.
cuz I still wanna know how you would answer.


Assuming these are switched for me to read “him/male/dude/guy”…

I would not approach him. I’d probably get off to the thought of him later or not. Oh jeez…but the next set of questions imply I approached. Okay so -

I would say, "Is it good? The book."
I would ask this because it’s literally a question someone has to answer. If I commented on the weather, I could get a “uh huh” response.

He would seem genuinely interested in telling me about the book. If he seems like he’s telling it like it’s a chore… then I know not to continue the conversation. And if he did seem bored. I would end on, “Okay, have a nice day! It’s beautiful out.”

Nothing. I listen, I don’t talk. Oh, I smile too. Maybe if I had a cookie with me, I would offer him a bite. My vibe is not overpowering. When I’m physically around men, they generally get the idea that they should take the lead. Unless I’ve been married to you for almost 10 years. Then, your opinion means nothing to me and I run the show or you die.

My eyes. Someone once asked me to take my sunglasses off to see my eyes. That says a lot about a person. A LOT! And this person could do it subtly too. “Can you please take off your sunglasses? I like to see people when I talk to them.” Something like that.

If and only if I decided to strike up a conversation with a random person and we seemed into each other, MAYBE I would ask them for coffee. But I’m not this type of person. I would probably walk away at some point and say, “It was nice talking to you, have a nice day.”

This sounds so goofy to me. One minute he’s reading a book, next minute he’s making out with me…not my speed. But then again…I planned to just go for a walk with someone once and I ended up sucking his dick in his garage an hour later so…I get it. But that’s not me anymore. I would not be into that now.


“Is it good?”

Lol. It’s like…approach subject. Initiate flirt sequence.


Oh shit Hahahahaha you cracked me up at the last question

you’re good Erika,

i was gonna give you another scenario…
because i already know you’re like advanced. I need to give you something more harder, and more specific.

But this countryside gives me reception on and off and it’s driving me crazy every time I refresh the page it disappears


Hahahaha oh snap! you just imitated Ti in a pure sense that’s so crazy hahaha

wow, that’s actually pretty good. can you do more of that? INFP doing Ti is graceful and poetic. what a twist!


Huh? That is Ti?

I have no idea how to continue that. Oh wait! Robot. Yes. Maybe Ti is like a robot haha.

Do you want me to keep writing like a robot?


Hahaha omg no
but I like how you reenacted Ti
because you said you don’t know how to do it but you noticed it, and did it.

because that’s literally how people talk in PUA industry.
it’s cringe to say the least.

if you wanna know about I’m talking about, you can YouTube it. It’s degrading women in a grand scheme of things but that’s what they feel like they have to do to get with women.

PUA is all about men having sex with women from one time approach.

it’s like a religion.
I had a friend who was involved in it, and he sees all women as sexual object and I can’t stand hearing him talk about girls.
he rarely mentions them by name, it’s always,
’(insert adjective) girl’

i got tired of it and taught him mbti, and now he refer to them as ‘(insert mbti type) girl’

It’s hilarious and agonizing at the same time.


What is PUA?

What's your enneagram?

Pick Up Artist.

their terminology

game/gaming = going out and approaching random girls

uhh… wait let me look it up…


a sample and scratching the surface.

and here’s when things get uglier(?)

. please do tell me what you think, I really want to hear women’s point of view on PUA


Well I am just one female…I didn’t realize there was any kind of formalized PUA but um let’s see
The flirt stage is a mess so I can see why there are tricks to it. I dunno it doesn’t personally appeal much.


Is that what that meant?!?! OMG. I had no idear.

And @lunar, the “is it good”… That’s how I roll. Ha.


For some guys, it’s just a way to learn social skills. I know a couple INTPish guys who read pua forums and watched the videos and it helped them find a girlfriend for a positive relationship. Also, PUA guys wear some groovy hats.