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I’ve been haunted by this image ever since we discussed it in the “Right, Left, Trump, Apollo, Dionysus, Te, Fi” thread:

And this is not about Ivanka Trump herself (who I know very little about, other than she may actually be a decent person from my vague intuitive impressions), but the image itself. As a piece of art, it is visually beautiful and arranged, if a little sterile and soulless. But it also portrays an idealised image of impossible perfection that is very far removed from the messy reality faced by most working mothers as they struggle to cope with raising kids while still trying to earn a living and shop and clean and cook and read glossy magazines telling them how they “should” be doing all this while still looking glamourous and desirable.

And this is just one of countless thousands of similar images and TV shows/movies dangled in front of modern women (and men!) every day. It’s the 21st century version of the Stepford Wives fairy tale; to achieve this aspiration of a “perfect life” usually requires making a deal with the Devil. And like most devilish bargains, it’s only after you’ve sold your soul that you realise the dream was merely a hollow illusion after all.

What are your views on the negative effects of these unrealistic illusions on our society? What can ordinary people do to dispel this insidious hypnotic spell and be proud of who and what they really are?

BTW, I love this series of podcasts! The first time I hadn’t listened to Blake’s intro properly so didn’t realise that Erika was the other person. But as soon as I heard you speak, I knew “that must be Erika speaking” as your voice sounded exactly as I imagined it would, @Ankh!


MBTI and Narcissism…
Which types are more/less prone to being narcissistic and why?


Since you guys were talking about murder… How is each zodiac sign most likely to commit murder? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do people keep hoping and yearning for an age where “intuitives” finally shine/take over?
What does that even mean? What does that look like? Are arrogant intuitives just sitting around thinking about how great they would be able to make the world if only one day they would be given the chance or awaken and the world appreciates them for their true glory? In what way would they be apart from the number of other intuitives that probably led self-imploding cults or genocide?

On the other hand, this world is complex and it grows more complex each day. Humans are not computers and can not catch up to computers in pure information crunching and processing speed. This is why the world has grown so anxious, drowning in its own mechanisms. So how can humanity sustain itself and be able to see enough of the picture to have a sense of where it’s all headed? Aha, maybe the shortcut is intuition. We cannot just computate it all into discrete numbers/stats/definitions. There is a bigger picture that only intuition can cut through and see, as if it’s a “aura” generated by our mechanizations, and that way, humanity or human systems can be guided.

But is that the solution, or is that our entire problem? This endless waltz of one self-important explosion and implosion after one another, as was alluded to with the Strauss-Howe generational theory.

White House Family Circus and Political Predictions :D

Guess that would be intuitive people? :slight_smile:


I think this kind of mindset has been around for ages, hence the “New Age” kinda… stuff. haha.
I listened to a couple of Personality Hacker podcasts in the past too and those guys (being ENFP and ENTP i think?) believe in some intuitives future too.

While of course, others may just be waiting for the Return of Christ or Armageddon or whatever.
It’s all the same thing to me.


First just wanted to say THS has gotten better with every episode so far! Last week with relationships and this week you guys finally got to politics and cultural issues…and the skull f***ing of eye sockets! Wtf?! Hahaha

Question: Do personality and psychological disorders like ADHD, anxiety, and depression develop from unhealthy cognitive flow such as dominant and tertiary looping? Or do these disorders exist independently from mbti?


It’s so strange to think about … how much can you break your brain with your own cognition programs? How much control do you even have?

Anyhow I just bought a chocolate croissant and I swear it bought me. The smell came wafting through the air. Was enjoying a book, then my legs walked to the counter and then I had to order it they were waiting for an order. It was my turn in the line.


Haha lunar you give me so much life :smile:


I would also love to hear more about this topic. Been reading about the connections between mental illnesses and certain MBTI types . Maybe this site can serve as a starting point for the discussion.


Thanks for sharing this link @Anais. Very insightful!


“excessive sensitivity to perceived “rudeness” or failure to respect the user’s preferred cultural custom (Fe), combined with tertiary Se responding aggressively through implied threats of brute force.”

“This tends to manifest itself in terms of exaggerated, aggressive sexual behavior and physical impulsiveness.”

Mother fuckers!! I am not overly sensitive! I’ll kill 'em all!
Now, who wants a blow job? :innocent::imp:


WOAH! i was looking for something like this!!! thank you!!


That about sums it up.


Haha! I’m laughing my ass off. Blake, you have a lovely group of misfits here. We’re yours, so embrace it!


I just went to find out how to say Camille paglia’ name. And cspan leaves the G out of it. They say it At about 22 seconds in. Camille Paul-yuh basically. I’ve always said Pay-Glee-uh so I’m bummed.


I’m bummed too! Terrible news. Terrible. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see this.


Hahaha:) how do you say Jung?


like “Yoong” in German

but like “Juhng” East Asian

I’m sure you knew this!


Aww man! Are we gonna tease me now? I say it like young. But I like to say JUNGIAN like jungle. haha.