Questions to INFJ


dear INFJ, why are you a paradox?

why do you love being real, but can’t be realistic?

why are you insecure? yet you think you’re great

why do you care about others so much? but really selfish?

why do you seem so sentimental, yet can be really cold?

why do you love someone when you hated them just a few moments ago?

why are you so masochistic? yet you don’t want to be down in the dump

how do you see things so accurately? yet you don’t see your surroundings

how do you zone out all the time? yet focus on something so hard?

why do you forget your value? even though people think you’re awesome?

why are you always in your head? yet you enjoy being lighthearted


why don’t you understand yourself? yet you understand others so well?

how do you understand yourself so well? then you complicate things again?

why do you go back into the maze?


I’m liking this in words since I seem to have run out of buttons to push…


Hey, why not making a thread about paradoxes in all the different types?

I’m thinking of ESFPs right now. They’re ultra competitive, what with their Se, but yet when you compliment them on their look or their cooking or their achievements, they’re all modest and downplay the value of what they’ve done. What is that, Fe in the id? They don’t want to make you feel mediocre by their standing out from the pack? I don’t see that in ENFPs though.

@supernokturnal, could you be as lyrical with ESTP paradoxes?


ummmm… let me try.

ESTP, such a player, but very loyal at the same time. whaaat?

Hmmm. ESTP, a people person, but don’t care about hurting them.

ESTP, very smart. but comes off rather stupid and childlike.

ESTP, super realistic, but breaks all the rules. why? aren’t rules real? or. are they?

ESTP, loves to fight. but very protective. Hmm. Maybe fight to protect? haha

ESTP, don’t care about what others think, but cares about their reputation. but. their action makes it seem like they don’t care. but, they want to be understood.

and. this is personal,
I eat like vegan. but I also eat vegans(vegan=cows, chicken and other animals)

that’s all I can think of for now haha


I would add: good at solving conflicts, but often instigate conflicts themselves.
Good at teaching morals, and oh damned good at not respecting morals.
Se-Fe is like the recipe for contradictions! ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ kind of thing.


Hahahaha 100% agree :joy:

me to whoever, (especially my brother)
“learn from my bad experiences and don’t do them!”


Because INFJs imitate nature and nature loves to hide.