Random Q and A on Telepathy



Grab your popcorn! This is sure to be a juicy read (though also you may need to stress eat while reading this thread :smiling_imp:).

Also, remember to enter at your own descretion. You might read something that will freak you out :wink:

[spoiler]Is telepathy real?


How do you know?

Because I read someone’s mind.

Haha, and what were you smoking when you did that?

Well, each of the incidents (only two) happened when I was in elementary and middle school. So no, I can’t say that I was smoking or drinking anything at that time (and still am not, lol).

And I should believe you because?

I don’t know. You should just believe what you want to believe :slight_smile:.

I can just settle this now, what am I thinking?

I don’t know. Both of the times I read someone’s mind were involuntary. All the times I have tried to purposely read someone’s mind have been unsuccessful.

Wow. Okay, so, why do you think you can only involuntary (if at all) read someone’s mind?

Eh, I don’t know. Both the people that I have read were people that I felt a very strong emotional connection with. Both of the incidents were different. Um, I can tell you the stories if you would like to hear them.

Yeah, sure. This should be interesting.

Okay, the first incident happened when I was talking to my friend over the telephone. I considered this girl to be my best friend. We would often have play dates and surf the internet together. She was the only friend I spoke to over the phone, so whenever we talked, it was a pretty pleasant time.

Um, I don’t really remember the conversation we had verbatim, but I do know that the content really only pertained to the kind of things kids talked about (I was maybe 6-8).

So, me and her were just talking. I remember she asked me a question, and naturally, I replied.

Then all of a sudden she shrieked, “Hey, I was just thinking that!”.

Hm? What does she mean? I literally just heard her say it.

When I told her this, she eagerly expressed that she did not say the question I had answered aloud.

This perplexed me, but it didn’t pique my interest at all. I wasn’t sure how I just heard my friend’s internal question just as normally as I did all the other questions and words she said throughout our conversation.

But my friend was still ethused about the whole affair, and quickly went about asking me what she was currently thinking.

I had no idea, the silence on the phone was just silence to me. No words came to my ears.

I randomly surveyed my surroundings, feeling that what was on her mind was one of the objects in my living room.

“Um…” My eyes locked onto the taco salad my mom made for dinner “You’re thinking about taco salad?”

“No!” she said. And after that, the mind reading fiasco had been dropped just as quickly as it had arisen.

Hm, so, your friend is sure you read her mind? Are you sure that she wasn’t just pranking you?

Well, I think my friend was pretty aware of what had just transpired. Not only that, but she was pretty excited about it.

As for the pranking, um, I can’t say that I think she pranked me. She had never pranked me throughout the history of our friendship (if anything, out friendship was more stromy than light hearted). We were also best friends who often exchanged secrets, so I’m sure that if she was playing a harmless prank on me, she would’ve let me in on the joke.

Okay, whatever you say. Just to clarify, is this the first encounter you ever had with telepathy?


Okay, well, I think I’m ready for the second incident.


Alright, so this story happened when I was in middle school (probably was 12-13). I was in choir with my small ragtag group of friend. Once again, we were talking about the random topics that pertained to people our age and just hanging out.

I’m not quite sure what went wrong, but I think that I said something that made my friend feel angry. She had went from smiling to glaring down at her lap with contempt. I remember the overwhelming sense of guilt and worry I felt when her mood had changed after what I had said.

I immediately tried to ask her what was wrong. I had gently tried to pry what was bothering her about two or three times before I had just resolved to worriedly staring at her.

Although the visuals of this event are a bit faded, I still can remember the pool of worry that had emanated from my whole being. All I knew was that my best friend was angry about something and that I was very concerned as to what was bothering her.

I remember analyzing her facial features, desperately hoping that I could discern what her problem was so that I could help.

After looking at her face, I remember looking at her forehead and focusing on the space between her eyebrows.

For some reason, I had stared at this particular point on her forehead and desperately wished to know what was troubling my friend. After that, I felt my own eyebrows furrow and I heard a clicking sound. It was like I had pressed a button in my friend’s head.

After that clicking noise, I heard my friend’s thoughts very clearly. Her mental voice sounded the exact same as her normal speaking voice I heard everyday.

I finally knew what my friend was angry about, and I knew that she was specifically mad at me.

After hearing a single word repeated without end in my friend’s head, I had removed myself from my friend’s mind and felt a very small splash of excitement at having discerned what my friend was thinking while she was angry.

I didn’t waste a moment considering what to do next. While I was hearing my friend’s thoughts, it was like I was in a brief trance. So, when I returned back to myself, I straightened my slouched posture and calmly clasped my hands.

I remember these exact words verbatim:

“So, why are you calling me a bitch over and over again inside of your brain?”

The words were even kelled and laced with a slight since of pride. The words came easily, but they were said with a little rushing due to not knowing exactly how to confront someone about their own literal thoughts.

My best friend had immediately snapped out of her glaring. Her eyes had slowly widened until the white of her eyes were visible. Her face began to contort in shock and her jaw slowly dropped.

“JaMisa (filler, not my irl name), did you just read my mind?”

I simply gave her a knowing smile, feeling triumph and happiness soar through me.

My friend immediately began to look excited, I saw her mouth move to ask me a million and one questions.

It was at that moment that the bell had rung to signal the end of the period.

I immediately snapped back into reality. I grabbed the things that were under my chair and looked at my friend whose eyes followed each of my actions with an awe-stricken expression. I smiled at her again, already over the whole strange affair that had taken place.

“C’mon Chelsea (fake name), let’s get to our next class”.

Her expression was still frozen. I could begin to see a little disbelief in her eyes, as if she was wondering how could I be worried about getting to class when a supposedly impossible event had just happened.

I smiled at her again, feeling somewhere inbetween uneasy and worried, this was the most quiet and frozen I had ever seen my loquacious and active friend be. I tried to lighten the mood, “If you keep your mouth open like that, you’ll catch flies”.

After I said that, my friend snapped out of her her stupor. She immediately flashed me an annoyed look and began to get her things while I patiently stood waiting for her. After she gathered all of her materials, we shuffled out of the choir room and the event that had taken place near the end of class stayed there.


Haha, um. Do you have any questions?

Yeah! I was just still processing the story. Um, did you know about the third eye at that time?

No! Reflecting back on that story, I do think that it is odd that I had unconsciously focused on the area where the third eye is when I wanted to know what was wrong with my friend. I’m not quite sure about how to work out a whole theory, but I do think the third eye has a definite relationship to telepathy.

What was the clicking sound?

I think it was… well, I have a little theory. I think that the third eye has to do with the thoughts one has. So, when I heard the clicking sound (which had happened after I felt like I had pressed a button with my mind) I think it was the sound of my friend’s third eye opening so that I could hear her thoughts.

I mean, people talk about the third eye being closed and open, so who is to say that when the third eye is opened (or breached?) by a person that it does not indeed make a clicking noise?

Also, I think I have watch videos in which people opening their own third eye have spoken on hearing a clicking noise when their eye is opened.

What do you mean when you said you removed yourself from your friend’s mind?

Eh, um.

Well, I think a part of my conciousness had reached out to access her third eye.

So, when I naturally was ready to leave her mind, I think that the part of my consciousness that had reached out (or maybe even left) to access her third eye returned to me (which gave me that feeling of leaving a trance).

So yeah. It’s hard to go into very specific details because the essence of telepathy is definitely not physical. It’s metaphysical (or mental). So when I left and returned, it was moreso the feeling of leaving and returning, rather than the actual act.

And we all know how notoriously hard it is to sometimes explain our feelings :slight_smile:.

What was it like when you were in your friend’s mind?

It felt like I was in a trance. I wasn’t really aware of my environment (not that I ever really am, but this was different). In reference to my friend and my environment, it was like the only thing that I could focus on was my friend.

I remember that my eyes felt glazed over because I was putting so much of my focus onto my friend and her thoughts (versus my environment and my visual faculties, which was kinda on default mode).

Do you know that feeling you have when you daydream? You become less aware of your environment, and the deeper the daydream is, the more unaware of time and your environment you become.

Yes, that the closest example I can give you. When my consciousness left my friend’s mind, there was a slight feeling of not knowing how long I was listening to my friend’s thoughts and there was definitely a higher and more normal awareness of my environment.

So yeah, I logically knew that I had only read my friend’s thoughts for a millisecond, but when I was doing it, my concept of time was flexible and she was the main point of focus in my vision (almost like tunnel vision, but I could still see my environment).

Also, I wasn’t aware of any other noise except the noise inside of my friend’s head (which was the single word she was repeating in her head).

So yeah, entering some one’s mind = trance (or at least, that is my physical perception of that the feeling I felt was).

Do people really sound the exact same in their thoughts from the standpoint of reading their mind?


I have to tell you, I am endlessly annoyed by some of the crappy representations used to demonstrate mind reading in television, movies, etc.

There is NOT some weird echoy effect when you read someone’s mind. The way people say words in their heads litarlly sounds the exact same way they sound when using verbal communication.

I’m sure there are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, people sound the same inside of their mind (in fact, I would argue they sound better because the mental voice doesn’t require you to breathe to speak. So the words are likely to sound more fluid without needing to worry about taking a breathe, moving a tongue and lips, etc.).

Do you think you will ever read someone’s mind again?

Yeah. I mean, I more so feel like I subconciously read people’s minds now a days (a lot of times I’ll say something and people will go “I was just thinking that!” But, you know, I’m not literally reading their minds so if someone never says they were thinking what I was saying, I would never know that I had did what I did).

How do you feel about knowing you read someone’s mind?

Well, as you could see in my stories, I wasn’t really interested in what I had did.

I was a kid at the time, so for me, everything felt normal, even if it wasn’t normal.

The first time I read someone’s mind, I didn’t care. I knew I did something, but I struggled to see why it was something to be excited about.

The second time, I was more aware of the significance of what I did. But yet, I still felt underwhelmed by the event.

In MBTI terms, I feel like my aux Ne allows me to take wacky and weird things in stride more than someone who maybe doesn’t have Ne in that particular position.

In astrology terms, I have Moon in Taurus, so, it’s takes a lot to even make me feel something intensely or deeply (but when I do, boy does Moon Opp. Pluto have fun with it :slight_smile:).

So yeah, I would just say I was a kid who was just a kid. I lived life carelessly and wasn’t one for deep thinking in any way shape or form at that time.

Okay, well, this Q and A is getting a little long. Would you like to offer your final thoughts (and subsequently go to sleep you little night owl you).


So guys, this was my limited yet insightful thoughts and experience on telepathy ( the cat’s out of the bag!).

Feel free to ask more questions or to share your thoughts on this topic.

I definitely don’t mind going into more detail on certain things if my answers were still a little vague.

Also, besides the whole weirdness in talking about telepathy in the first place, don’t think I’m weird for interviewing myself (lol, my priorities are all jacked up).

So yeah, come center stage and join the madness this thread is destined to become :laughing:![/spoiler]


Haha I didn’t realize you were the interviewer too :laughing: Are you going to reveal what your friend was mad about? For some reason it really bothered me that she never answered! Did you ever find out?

I have had a few telepathy experiences, too, so I totally believe these happened as you say. That’s interesting about the third eye popping sound. Was the pop inside your own head or did it come from your friend’s forehead?


wow. You are some interesting person.

do you have alter ego?

i thought the person that was telling the story was someone else until you said jamisa. Omg you’re hilarious :joy:

that’s very cool that you literally heard voice. I believe it. although I don’t experience telepathy that way.

the closest thing to telepathy I’ve experienced is mostly with my wife.

before we were married, there was a time when I couldn’t date her due to religious circumstances.

and I used to sneak through her window to see her at midnight and I couldn’t do that anymore.

so while we weren’t together(for about two years) , there was a time I passed by her house (after a year or so from not being able to contact her), and thought about knocking on her room window because I wanted to see her.

later I found out she was wondering if I’ll knock on her window around the same time.

it was pretty cool. and we have this type of experiences every often even nowadays.

she reads my mind like no others and it’s so… revealing.
I’m ESTP and I’m good at making up bullshit excuses but I can’t do that with her because she sees right through me.

so like you said, I think it works better when two people are very connected with each other.

the most common example is when she’s like "can we get…"
me : chick fil a right?
her : omg you’re the best

of course it’s not anyways chick fil a but I always happen to know exactly what she wants to it. but it has to be flowing.

but like you said, when my wife is like "do you know what I want? can you guess?"
then I’m completely off because she’s putting me on the spot.
so I think it’s involuntary, like an instinct.
if I TRY to think, I’m always wrong.
but if she looks at me, I just tell her what she wants to eat. but I have to say the first thing that comes to my mind. that’s when I’m right about my reading.

but other that that. I think the third eye thing and hearing voices is very cool. that’s pretty awesome.
I don’t know if I want to do that honestly.
I think maybe I want to experience it a few times just to say I did it.
and I’m already reading subtle body languages from people and that’s enough for me.

but… I might want to invest in that third eye…
I wonder if it’s possible for ESTP.
but you said to do that you had no awareness of time, like a daydream.
. the thing is I never daydream.
I mean, I think about stuff. but I’m aware.
I learned that Se dominant cannot experience outer body experience because they’re so present in their body.

so maybe third eye is almost impossible for me.

damn. now I’m motivated. I’m gonna look into it.


oh, and you have moon in Taurus too?!
and opposition pluto!? me too!

maybe moon in Taurus is what makes someone emotionally assertive.
it’s no surprise that you are an assertive infp
that’s dope!


Damn… someone reading my mind would be like my worst nightmare… I guess I’m pretty okay at figuring out what people are thinking… but I can’t hear their thoughts in their own voice and stuff… but I’ve never really tried to get inside someone’s head that hard… it’s interesting though… the third eye thing… why hasn’t your friend tried again after her conscious effort paid off the second time?


Really? Haha, sometimes I feel like people will just see through my comments for some reason.

Honestly, I forgot what it was. I kind of remember around 95% of the conversation that happened after the telepathy experience because it was a strange situation. Before that moment, my memory is a little foggy on the details (I just remember the way I felt more than anything else :grin:).

But yeah! Back then, I knew exactly what had angered her. It was something that I had said. I had a terrible filter for my thoughts at the time and my friend was hot-tempered, so you can imagine how one absent-minded comment could immediately set her into a mood if it annoyed her (which, 95% of the time, it did). But I don’t know, we still gelled well enough to the point that we remained friends (same classes and all, you know how that can be :slight_smile:).

Oo! Feel free to share them here if you are open to doing that :grin:.

Good question! I remember when I had reminisced on the incident that I was a little confused as to whether the popping sound had come from me or her.

But, due to me being able to hear her thoughts after I heard that noise (and of being able to recall the feeling of mentally pressing something outside of myself), I believe that the popping noise came from my friend’s forehead (which, btw, was a noise that I think I only heard. It wasn’t a physical noise).

Great stuff, Carolina (also, welcome to the Maze :smile:!).


Haha, lol!

Carolina thought the same thing. It’s really just me (nay to the alter ego question, I’m just being my weird wacko self as per usual :slight_smile:).

Yeah, but I at least wanted to let people know that it does happen :joy:!

Aw, that’s great! I feel like those experiences, as well as the other example you listed

are like a mild form of telepathy :slight_smile:.

Yep yep. I don’t know what it is about being emotionally connected to someone, but if you are, I think it heightens the probability of being in sync with them and being able to discern information from them with a sixth sense.

Interesting! I like that perception of telepathy being involuntary. It lines up with my experiences, but I also think that someone can become more adept at this and possibly refine this act to the point it can be done at will (which is exciting, but also worrisome if someone uses this in a ultra invasive manner :frowning:).

But yeah, siphoning off information from someone is an instinct that I think can lead to telepathy.

Haha, I also remember so many teachers always saying to go with the first choice when it comes to answering questions on state tests. There’s definitely something to going with your intuition!

Yep, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with ya bread and butter :slight_smile:.

Hey, maybe you will be able to (I think everyone can do it if they put some effort into it). If you find something interesting, feel free to post it onto this thread :smile:!

Yeah! I noticed you had these placements as well when Piggie looked at your chart :wink:.

Yeah bro! Connect those dots :smile:!


I know right! Haha, I still get shaken up when people can pick up being angry or sad (I couldn’t imagine someone listening to one of my mental anger tirades when I’m acting like I’m calm on the outside :scream:).

Now I feel a bit reticeient about being the other end of a telepathic connection :cold_sweat:.

Yes, allow the interest you feel to massage itself into your brain :smiley_cat:.

I think I tried, but I didn’t try too seriously.

Like, I wasn’t even sure how I even had did what I did. I had never even been exposed to any information that pertained on how to perform telepathy.

So when the event happened, I wasn’t sure how to take it. I took what had happened into stride (but I was slightly shaken about the event).

This question actually brought a little more of my memories of the event into mind.

I remember my friend how asked me how I read her mind and I had given a hurried and slightly agitated response, “I don’t know Chelsea! I’ve never done something like that before.” Well, I kinda did in the first incident, but I don’t think that memory came to mind at all.

Yeah, she asked me that during the part of the story I had gathered my things for our next class (yes, I can remember standing hunched over as I had gathered my textbooks and purse).

In that moment, I had felt a little fear. The kind of fear you have when you are confronted with something unknown.

But after I felt the first hints of fear come in, I had quickly dispelled the thought from my head and became more focused on my reality (which is the fact that if me and my friend don’t hurry to class, we’ll be late and will receive detention slips!).

So yeah, I guess you can say that at the time I was kind of eager to forget what happened (not very consciously, but I do know that when I went to bed that night, I was not thinking about how I had read my friend’s mind).

Besides, I was like 12 or 13 when this story had happened. At that age, I was just trying to be normal. I was worried about curing my acne, losing weight, having six crushes, hanging out with my friends, and having good grades.

As you can see, there wasn’t really any time to explore any possible psychic abilities I had. At the time, I was only trying to be a normal teenager. I knew I was weird and I was insecure about it when I was younger (especially when bullies pick on you for being weird, not fun).

So, when I say that that memory had stayed in that choir room, I really mean it. My friend didn’t badger me about trying to read her mind again, and as far I was concerned, I had never read anyone’s mind.

And with that thought that was so clearly supported by my environment, who’s to say that I was wrong (no one, since as far as I had knew, only me and my friend knew what had happened that day).

So yeah, naturally. I think I had tried to read someone’s mind again on purpose. Like, I would just stare at someone and expect their thoughts to become apparent to me.

But that never happened, and when it didn’t, I would scold myself for trying (like yo, stop being weird, pay attention in class). I also had vaguely known that I probably would have to feel emotionally connected to someone in order for me to read their mind (all my friendships generally develop a really strong and easy emotional connection in a short amount of time).

Yeah, there’s other stuff too, but I think me being so young and insecure made me feel hesistant to willingly do something considered fake by most people seriously. I just did not have that kind of confidence or a strong enough ego to just show everyone (even myself) who I really was. So I didn’t.

But now, I’m back in business :wink:.

Great question Piggie (also, random sidenote, do you like when other people capitalize the ‘p’ in your name? Or is that a no go?)! I hope this made sense :smile:.


Ok good, I’m glad you guys worked it out and it was not a big deal and everything came to light :slight_smile:
Do you meditate? Have you ever tried to access your own third eye?

I will maybe share my telepathy story later, but it will make me sound odd so let me think about it (not the telepathy but the details of the story). In a more generic sense I can usually feel when people need me, I have a distinct, specific feeling for different people in my life and then I call them and it has always been right.


Omg… I read that wrong! YOU were the one who exercised telepathic power? Omg…


You didn’t think about it because it was scary…


Are you still scared or are you open to exploring it now? What made the idea resurface at this point in time?

And… The second time, it happened because you were in a somewhat emotionally excited state… maybe you need to really want to know what the other person is thinking for you to be able to do it? It’s easier when we’re kids cause we aren’t really conditioned enough yet… as we grow older we start giving boundaries too much (and sometimes undue) respect… So obviously you’d have to convince yourself you’re doing nothing wrong first… and then give yourself a strong enough reason to need to do it…

Damn… i want you to experiment more!! Come on… Ask your friend to volunteer! She already kinda knows about it, so you dont have to do a whole lot of explaining to her :stuck_out_tongue:

And… haha… i like piggie more than Piggie… I feel like capitalization assigns undue importance… I don’t get why nouns should be more important than adjectives or verbs… But then maybe its my thinking that is flawed… i mean, does bigger mean more important? Or maybe its the fact that capitalization makes something stand out and that automatically means it deserves more attention than something else… yeah being a noun is a bullshit reason for capitalization… so piggie is cooler :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! That whole situation went over quite well. Thanks for asking though, that was very sweet of you to do :grinning:

Nah. I would like to, but I never have really been able to squeeze it into my schedule the way I wanted to. So far I have only managed to do meditation for like 15 mins a day for a couple of weeks or I will have random sessions for an hour or two once every blue moon.


Like, most of the meditations I did was motivated by wanting to open my third eye. I mean, I don’t think my third eye is completely closed, but I think it goes through phases where it is partially open and then dormant.

But yeah, I have been wanting to open my third eye and I intend on accomplishing that eventually.

Okay! Take your time.

Wow! I’m looking forward to hearing how that story played out :smile:


Yeah! Haha, I think I did a crap job at explaining that because everyone thinks that I am only the interviewer :relieved:.

I’m open to exploring it now. I never have really been able to reflect on it the way I wanted to because there were so many external things I was focusing on. I wasn’t being true to myself and my instincts. So now that I am going through my memory box and removing old thoughts and structures, I can now try to properly explore these telepathy experiences without feeling like something is chiding me for doing so.

I think it’s the clearing of certain thought patterns I had that finally allowed me to acknowledge and want to pursue something I couldn’t do when I was younger.

So, due to that, I feel that on one of the oft-handed moments I thought about telepathy, I was FINNAAALY able to have my thoughts on the experience deepen and grow because I was now able to come with the perspective, “hey, this is interesting, I want to know more about this” vs “um, that’s cool, but it’s too scary for me to process right now so let me put that in the back of my mind until I am ready to look at that experience”.

So yeah, the resurfacing wasn’t really random (because I was listening to videos on spirituality on YouTube), but, due to maturing and being more open to myself than I was when I was younger, I was actually able to explore that thought rather than repress it.

That’s what I’m thinking it is. I think being comfortable with someone helps to (like, I don’t know if I could read a stranger’s mind as easily as I could read the mind of a friend or family member. I don’t think it’s impossible, I just think I would need take a bit more will to do than normal).

Yes to all of this! I’ve been working on exactly this. I believe I have removed most of the fear from my brain. Now, I just have to remove the nervousness of doing this and then JUST DO IT :cold_sweat:.

I WILL piggie! I’ll try to find a willing volunteer.

Lol, I lost touch with her when I changed high schools (we were starting to be on different paths as well, so the friendship kind of just faded away).

I could ask the first girl, but she lives an hour away from me (plus, I haven’t seen her in YEARS, I only am able to keep up with her through FaceBook.

But yeah, I’ll find someone who’s willing (it would be funny if my ESFP sister volunteered. I can’t even tell her about her natal chart without her running away while shrieking in fear :sweat_smile:.)

piggie it shall be then :smile:!


I was not confused by the interview! ahaha… Maybe I am too used to OC interviews on deviantart.

Anyway, really cool! I would like to open my third eye and have telepathic powers! >:0 ON THE OTHER HAND, when I was younger and experimented more with that kind of stuff, I also opened myself up to a LOT for nightmares (and probably hauntings to be honest). I think if you’re not in control of it well, you probably just become a giant receiver for whatever “spirits” feel like projecting to you.

For example, a few nights ago, I decided to do some simple exercise while laying in bed of visualizing/feeling my aura or consciousness expanded and contract and shift around back and forth (it’s like imagining it and trying to feel it at the same time–sort of liek self-hyposis?). Anyway, I just fell asleep after, but I started having weird out of body feelings or the sensation of ghosts or some “force” throwing my limbs around while I was in bed, and then “false awakenings” where I thought I woke up but shadowy infant-sized hands started springing up to grab onto me. :l Not very fun! haha


Woah. Maybe I shouldn’t open my third eye after all.

that’s traumatizing.

there are two types of meditation,
one where you basically relax and empty your soul, which probably leads to your experience

the other is mindfulness. which is basically being complete with your mind, body and soul so that you’re the one who’s taking full control of it.


I was not confused either! From beginning, JaMisa interviewing Jumpman, no JaMisa interviewing JaMisa.


It’s half traumatizing and half… fun? Like an adventure! But only after scary thing is done and you can look back and be like “wow, life is wild”.

I used to be more scared of ghost/evil spirit nightmares, but nowadays when it happens I get angry instead and threaten them if they don’t stay away, I will “re kill” or destroy them. For example, with the baby arms, I started grabbing at them and pulling them up (they were very long!) and snapped them in half like branches to start beating them back with their own arms.

I think I play around with both the emptying type and the mindfulness type. I haven’t thought about the difference though haha. Maybe I should experiment more when I have more “time” to go insane.


oh my. awesome


Sounds like sleep paralysis


Try intermittent fasting and don’t drink fluoridated water.


Hi Geneva! Sorry for my late reply!

I have heard of these methods! For some time I used toothpaste without fluoride, but I never kept the habit up. I also have heard of tablets and filters that keep fluoride and other icky stuff out of water.

Fasting is a tough one! I remember my throat had swelled up out of no where and I literally could not eat anything for three to four days.

But I would love to fast sometime soon. Maybe I will :grin:!