Raw flaws of MBTI types



i don’t like people.
people are like poop.
they stink, they’re disgusting, they’re rotten, but i guess they can be nutritious to the soil.
but i like to study poop.

this is my poopology.

it may make you either very uncomfortable , or if you’re open minded, maybe it’ll help.

most people don’t want to hear raw truth about themselves.
even the most thick-skinned people don’t want to hear it.
especially when they are in denial.

this is solely based on my personal observations, it is subjective but could sound objective.

INTJ - you think you’re better than everyone. but you won’t ever say it. i know. you measure people’s value by their intelligence. but what happens when someone who is intelligent, and socially smart at the same time? INTJs almost never talk bad about someone. but they do think about it. so they can feel superior. it is very seldom that their logic is flawed. but when you intellectually call out their flawed logic. they humble themselves momentarily. INTJs often go through deep despair of depression, when things are out of their control. it’s hard for them to accept that they can’t control every aspect in their lives.
if you want to torture INTJ, put them in the middle of a busy mall, and make them interact with everyone. that’s probably worse than solitary confinement in jail. INTJs almost lose color in their skin when they meet too many people. they look like a zombie. literally.
they are secretly very sadistic. or lowkey sadistic. they have a thing for people being tortured. well that must be the extreme case. but they seem to troll the hell out of people sometimes. they are they intentional mental bully. but they only bully when someone ‘deserves it’ from their point of view. and they are pretty freaking good at it. sick.
most of INTJs family member complain about how much INTJs don’t interact with the family. and they almost never try to change that. because when they try, they die inside.
they don’t know how to compliment people.
and when they do, it sounds very sarcastic.
like can you for once try? … i guess they did.
oh. but i think they’re good at expressing themselves through writing/typing.
i think they’re just extremely uncomfortable being ‘emotional’ using their own voice-box.

INFJ - they let in the most toxic people in their lives. and they don’t kick them out. they feel sympathy for toxic people. it’s like they are the ‘warm’ snowman trying to hug a flaming magma. they attract emotionally sick people, and they hold on to them. trying to help. but end up getting emotionally sick together.
they honestly don’t have the real solution for emotionally sick people. they’re like a nurse who just watches old people suffering from level 3 cancer, suffering with them.
they’re very stubborn and open minded at the same time. they act like they are agreeing with you, but disagree with you inside. they only disagree with some form of anger. whether it is mild or strong.
they care for people. sure they do. but they don’t kiss butt. but in some weird occasion, they do kiss butt.
they don’t kiss butt to gain popularity or anything. but they seem to kiss ass for some form of authority.
that goes for INTJs too. i wonder why that is. it must be the Ni thing. idk.
maybe they’re not kissing butt. maybe they’re just being respectful. … ha-ha sike.
they’re very selfless, and selfish at the same time… what the hell is that. make up your mind.
they’re either very delusional of how they potray themselves, or very realistic… come on, where is the consistency?
they take things personally. but they’re actually good at taking constructive criticism. and they’re not easily offended.
what’s with them?
why so many paradox?
they have great love. but never truly show their 100% self to their mate.
INFJ is only 100% honest to maybe… 1 person.
you chameleons. you hard outer shell with yellow egg yolk-like heart inside ready to burst.
they’re like chocolate cover shit lollipop.
keep licking them. all of the sudden you taste the shit after multiple layers of sweetness.

INTP - you lazy sack of rice. you guys hate being called lazy. and will come up with very good excuse to why you’re not lazy. ‘oh, we are very active in our minds’. shut your crap. you guys sleep 12 hours a day if you could, and still take naps between your other 12 hours of 'activity’
they’re one of the most diligent lazy people out there though.
or should i say, diligently lazy .
they seem to all go through some type of identity crisis. trying to fit in with the society.
they’re very logically biased. what the heck is that.
they think they’re unique. they think they’re actually different.
no, you guys are just like other INTPs, sorry.
they’re the type of people who watch porn, masturbate, and feel deeply ashamed afterwards.
it actually cracks me up to imagine them watching porn masturbating. no wonder they feel shame.
it is totally normal. but it’s funny because they feel ashamed.
they’re like google chrome with bunch of tabs opened. and they’re all loading. at the same time.
one may arrive to load completely, 5 days later. and go 'oh! now i remember the name of that movie i was thinking about’
they have strange observations all the time.
“orange juice, isn’t orange” hits the blunt without hitting the blunt.
for someone who’s depressed often, they seem to crack themselves a lot.
laughing at their own punny jokes.
enunciating each words like they mean something more.
INTP girls, either they are lesbian, or tried being a lesbian, or questioned if they are lesbian, at last once in their lifetime.

ENTP - if you don’t shove your opinion up your ass, people will depart from you. why do you invite people to your house, then start an argument with them, and then kick them out of your house? and wonder why you don’t have friends?
leave people alone. let them breathe. let them be stupid. let them do what they want. please think before you speak. you blab out bunch of illogical logics.
why are you critical of people i love, and love the people i say i hate?
if i want to make you love someone, all i have to do is just act like i hate them in front of you. and somehow you will try to tell me how awesome they are and how wrong i am so you can start a fight. and then i’ll just agree with you . and you’ll be upset because i didn’t attempt to argue with you.
idk if you’re being humble or bragging when you say “i ONLY won three tropies in the debate tournament within 4 years”

ISTJ - i bet you’re not even reading this because you don’t care about people’s opinions.
you’re just all ‘by the book’ . well guess what.
someone wrote that book too.
i always see them do a little accidental smirk, when they hear of other’s misfortune…
oops. did i expose you too much?
just like INTJ, you think you’re better than everyone.
except you guys know how to socialize well.
you guys seem pretty flawless.
until someone expose your intentions.
how to torture ISTJs : throw them in the dungeon of ENFPs.

ENTJ - people actually don’t want to be around you guys.

ESTJ - you too.


Good stuff! Will read in detail later, but we have similar thread here, pooper!



(what type are u go to the intro thread)


i will reveal my type. after you take a good guess on it =]

i’ll get to the other ones in due time!

and sheesh, so many INFJs in this place!


if i were betting money, just looking at the list of what type everybody is on this forum so far, i would just say infj lol

about entp starting arguments then kicking people out, never knew. i associate to entp fussy/philosophical and noise making un-affilliations from organizations/institutions. which is way too specific a statement to be general. don’t know how to identify the thing that can be made general lol


My overall thought of entp is that they are the devil’s advocate or playful contrarian type of person. That is why they “argue”. They think verbal sparring is good ol’ fun. But that’s why I also think of them as internet trolls. lol

I will say you are INTP for now, @supernocturnal lol


not INFJ. nor INTP…

i am what you call. the ESTP with brain


Oooh a new type! Go post in intro thread, you!

Where is yur poopings on ESTP!!


for some reason i can’t post on the intro thread, i wonder if i’m restricted?

i’ll try pooping on myself, it’s gonna be hard because i’m full of myself hahaha


You were trying the Introduce Yerself: What is your MBTI, right? Not, Welcome to Stellar Maze forum.


And by the way, good to have you on board!


yes, i can’t comment on that post, idk why.
but i’m ESTP libra sun , that’s all i know far as my sign goes.
i guess someone can put that on the list for me =P


lol maybe Blake don’t want you there.
just kidding, but that is weird! I demand… everyone go there…!

I tried sending you an “invite” so we’ll see if anything happens. I haven’t used that before.


I for one am glad to finally have a sensing type in here. Variety is the spice of etc. etc.

ESTPs are fun. Kinda refreshing to be around, in a sort of brainless way. Not that they’re brainless (well…often…but not always). I always get the impression that some of them will think about a lot of stuff, but never too deeply on any one thing. “Deeply” being relative, anyway.

I have one pal who’s an ESTP and when I’m hanging out with him it’s like, “you know what, yeah, it’s NOT that serious.” Then, when it IS that serious, you want to kill them…fortunately, they don’t care.

My ESTP pal is married to an ISFJ and their interactions are hilarious. Half the time I think she wants to strangle him and dump his body into the Potomac. But they love each other a lot.


yes, i am a sensor, and all my family members are iNtuitors… yeah i learned to understand what intuition is.
kinda forced.

so being surrounded by intuitior is not unfamiliar to me :smiley:

what you said about ESTP is pretty accurate, it cracked me up hahah

and oh, i dated an ISFJ, for about 2 years. and she literally strangled me and pulled my hair too.

i honestly don’t know why they think ESTP and ISFJ is a perfect match.
i don’t believe it anymore.
after dealing with too many emotional ISFJ, i end up just hurting them.

i think myers brigg thought it was funny to see ESTP with ISFJ, so i can “learn” from them.

oh hell. i learned that i actually don’t like ISFJ, not even ISTJ. they are boring.

there was some sort of “chemistry” though. but. meh, i only halfly believe that MBTI matchings work.

i think there is ‘natural attraction’

but it’s kind of like how a fly is attracted to a piece of shit.
well. in my case it was.

i think i was the piece of shit.


so are you a night owl?


almost a vampire.
i tend to wake up when the sun goes down.
and i love the cold night.
when the sun comes up, i sleep.
that’s my comfortable sleep schedule.
so yes, i’m a night owl you can say


ISFJ like to have things planned, like to have their ducks in a row. ESTPs do stuff off the cuff. Like, with my ESTP x ISFJ friends, we’ll be hanging out somewhere, and the ESTP will suddenly be like “Hey [ISFJ], let’s go stop by and see [other friend].”

ISFJ: What? We can’t do that. We haven’t told them we’re coming!


ISFJ: So she’s not expecting us!


ISFJ: So we can’t just drop in on them out of nowhere! That’s rude! We need to plan first if we’re going to see them! What if they’re not ready to have guests right now?

ESTP: Babe, you know I don’t plan things. I just do them. Come on, let’s go. If it’s not a good time, they can just tell us when we get there.

ISFJ: is speechless with outrage

ISFJs are very very big on politeness, I’ve noticed, following social niceties and all of that. ESTPs, not so much. And yet it somehow tends to work out for them, because they’re charming bastards.


ohhh my goodness this cracks me up because of how accurate it is

i felt like i was reliving my old relationship !

yes, the infamous “so?”

from my(ESTP) perspective. ISFJ worries too much.

but what i wanted was ISFJ to trust me and even though it’s not a ‘social norm’ to just stop by and visit.
i can make them feel like we’re not being intrusive and they’ll actually be really happy we stopped by and surprised them!

ISFJs don’t believe that it can actually work without planning things.
but they are constantly nervous and worry so much that it ruins my momentum sometimes.
sigh… ISFJs… i guess that trait is similar to ISTJs too.

ISXJs honestly don’t enable ESTPs to be themselves. to really flourish and show ESTP abilities.
ISxJs tries to control ESTP and it’s just…

no Myers, and Isabelle Brigg. no thank you. i don’t want to learn how to plan and be 'polite’
i think Myers and Isabelle thinks we have to learn and grow to have a neutral personality, and then we just die. fuck that.
of course she(ISFJ) would say that.

i felt like a kite flying high up in the sky. but actually not going anywhere because i was being tied down.

do i want to be a kite?
mmm… not again.


Oh, yeah. See, ESTPs can get away with that stuff. It works out for them. In fact I think they’re at their best living in that off-the-cuff manner. Things just kind of happen for them, and they make things happen on the spur of the moment, it’s not all that serious, etc.

The problem with IxFJs is that this approach DOES NOT work out for us. We have to plan things out for things to work out for us. Maybe it’s inferior Se, at least for INFJs, but when we try to do things off the cuff, it tends to not work out too well. IxFJs do not think well on their feet. At all. Except MAYBE in situations of EXTREME duress, and in short bursts only. ISFJs are a lot like this in that respect; when they’re gonna go do something, they need to make sure all the kinks have been ironed out first.

I think there needs to be a balance: IxFJs have to realize that ESTPs doing things spontaneously and off the cuff is actually pretty healthy for them and they’re good at this. Like cats landing on their feet when tossed. They can just do it. But, ESTPs dealing with IxFJs need to keep in mind that IxFJs are not good at thinking on their feet. It’s highly uncomfortable for us and rarely turns out well when we try to do it, or are forced to - hence why we usually don’t like to be put in those situations. I hope that makes sense.