Ready to get Red-pilled by a Red Pill Woman?


Funny incident. I’ve been surfing the web and scouring YouTube for some quality content and decided to search for ‘Red Pill Women’ — partly inspired by @iamrl comment in the ‘Is Your Brain Republican’ thread.

But also because I generally like reading up on conservative women for some reason. Not that I’m right-wing, or alt-right for that matter (I consider myself a left-winger with neoconservative tendencies fwiw), but these people are very interesting.

Anyway I came across this adorable little Lana Del Rey obsessed teenage fascist. Her YouTube videos are so entertaining. She has videos on topics like why traditionalism is important, why she is a nationalist, why women need to be feminine, and all other canards that are super popular with the alt-right right now.

I wanted to know what her MBTI type was so I looked through all her videos hoping to see if she’d say it (MBTI is VERY popular with the alt-right for some reason, and their forums/twitter accounts often are filled with INTP and INTJ types).

I couldn’t find anything. I was dismayed. I did find out she had a dog called Hitler though.

And then I clicked on her instagram account. And there it was. She listed it.



And a Leo. (But that doesn’t matter).

And my personal favourite, where for her birthday she has a Donald Trump themed birthday party and cuts into a cake which says “Hilary’s Prison”.

Help type these YouTubers

Can an “INFJ” be a complete moron? Apparently. lol


Does the Prax in your name refer to Marxist praxis?


This girl is totally an enneatype 3 ENFJ. Totally.

I could tell this just by looking at the covers of the videos. I clicked on the first video and my impression was confirmed in about 10 seconds.

It’s sad that you think that, because this girl is actually very thoughtful and reasonable.

She doesn’t have a Ti-Te thing going on at all, but, personally I find that refreshing.

Also, I agree COMPLETELY with everything she said in the first video regarding feminism and the “unequal” natures of man and woman.

It’s very true and so often overlooked by, perhaps, well-meaning feminists. Men and woman are not equal.

Camille Paglia said as much in her book Sexual Personae and I’d like to see you call her a complete moron, Prax.

And Camille Paglia is an INFJ.


No it even better! It is shortened form of Praxidice, greek goddess of exacting justice. How apt, edgy tweenster Prax, for choosing such a name.

Prax clicked one video and had heard enough. Her Ti is not good enough and she makes bogus claims of “science” while flutter lashes. I suspect exfj but coudl be moron infj. WHo is to truly say! HAHA.
I have not read Paglia, so perhaps I would think she is a moron, but I suspect she is a hardcore pragmatist, so probably some good or interesting points, but nonfeasible or myopically selfish to the point of complete ignorance in other ways. Are we not all morons in our own special ways though.


yey. for once i guessed something right weee (if you are right lol). so rare. once in a lifetime yeehaw! even her nose looks enfj to me (just kidding but only sort of:) a lot of type 3 enfjs have very pretty noses:)) but it’s her VOICE. that voice is all oo aa and she does a lot of here is my shoulder, wink, etc. and that video in the graveyard…"look at me as I just walk around in a graveyard…because even me just walking is sexy teehee, so please LOOK at me)


Prax, you’re trying to make something look objective that is personal. You do this fairly often under the guise of justice and “fairness and equality for all”, yet you quite patently do not feel this way at a personal level.

You’re an elitist masquerading under the guise of an egalitarian masquerading again under the guise of an elitist (but, that last guise of elitism has a measure of irony thrown in there so as to say if challenged “yeah, I’m obviously making fun of all that stuff, lol.”


you do this too very often.
or. is it true because it came to you? hahah




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Thanks for posting those videos on here!!

She has Erika’s eyes…