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This is wonderful, @schlopadoo! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous!!!

If/when you have the feeling of not wanting it, do you express that during sex? It could make it hotter? I really don’t know, just an experiment maybe?


I’ll fuck you rough, @lunar! :wink:


INFP can get so into it, don’t you think!
I like that you laid down how the astrological stuff can interact with type too (also because one of the main INFP guy characters I have is like a capricorn INFP with probably cappy stellium too, likes it real rough, and I like that it works out in “reality” hahah!).

Maybe you are just being temperamental with your id, either want to indulge too much to shut it off completely. Maybe he finds it a mystery though, so it will keep him interested and on his toes?


i don’t know where this belong

interesting stuffs!

but this website that anais found is a freaking hidden gem.

how did i not come across this the whole time.


Fuck, this turns me on.


umm. what DOESN’T turn you on?

please do tell


As you and Prax might say… I have an “unhealthy” obsession with killers. Haha. Throw some schizo qualities in there, and fuck, wow. Hot. No joke. American Psycho is a lovely movie too.


that’s ISTP for you!!


Sigh. So dreamy. We could send each other fingers as candygrams. So romantic.


oooh, now that i think of it,

i could totally see a really cool ISTP guy and you.

that’s an interesting match to say the least.

he’ll be so grounded and tough. and just…

what do you think of David Blaine?

does he have the vibe that you like?

i think he’s a good example of ISTP.


Yeah he’s got a cool vibe. He’s calm and cool, things that I’m not - so that’s hot. I can just hear, “I know what color panties you’re wearing.” “Stopppp David, no you don’t.” “Are these your panties?” And boom he has them in his hand.

But then I’d try to make him laugh (or cry) by claiming they aren’t mine and he’s a cheating son of bitch.


You are so creative. I think your flirtery related comments are a genius.


holy cow that is too funny hahahaha

wow, yes I can totally see it.

i think he needs some Erika is his life to brighten up a little


Just for the record, I think David Blaine is an ISFP, not ISTP. Alright, carry on.


Oh, you have me all wrong. By the time I was finished with him, he wouldn’t be regurgitating frogs anymore. He would be vomiting up his own bloody heart. And I don’t mean that in the British fashion. I mean that in the bloody hell that is my “love”.


Thanks, Mario. :kissing_heart:
My Fe made me come back to add a blowing kiss


how is he an isfp?

at times like this I just wanna drop mbti and just live my life not knowing anyone’s type.

but then I crawl back to it like a fiend because it’s too useful…

i think sensors are generally bad at typing. every mbti website there are flooded with intuitive types.


Yooo that is twisted and intriguing.

you should be a movie director. I think you can create some creepy dark romance movies with the ideas of yours. added to your dark humor.

i suggest you check this movie out. really recommended for you.

i think you’ll find this old man attractive.

i love Italian movies. they are so raw and dark. and they portray human psychology in such an exposing ways. I love it.

seriously though. check it out if you haven’t seen it.

this one too.

both have old men as a main character Hahaha.

they are so freaking good. just great. I can’t describe it well but it’s a type of movie that will linger in your head forever


OK, first of all, ISTP and ISFP do PRESENT similarly. Aux. functions determine this first impression type thing. So, Se. And Ni, for that matter.

The dom. function is harder to see at first glance. It is more the driver behind the persona projection. Or the operating system in a computer. Not an out-front function.

Also, in Blaine, he so has feeling written throughout his physicality, mostly in his facial structure. It’s F. And not at all T. It’s like he is imbued throughout (suffused) with feeling function.

Simply put, his face looks F. Unmistakably. His eyes. His skin. His nose. It speaks of feeling function. F over T. Big time.

Feeling types lack a certain clarity in their facial apparatus. It’s hard to explain, but, Blaine has that big time.

There is like no T there. In him, it’s writ large to me. Other ISFPs don’t necessarily give me that impression as much, but, when it’s present, it’s unmistakable.

Yeah, I know what you mean, but…yeah, I know what you mean.

Yes, and it’s just damn fun and fascinating. But, yeah, I know what you mean. I get tired of people talking about it all the time, reducing everything to functions and so on. There is something reductionist about it that I find tiresome and pointless after awhile.

Useful. Yes. The most useful psychological thing I have ever discovered. And so much fun to boot.

Yes, sensors are generally worse at typing, but ESTP has a gift with it because of the Ti Aquarius aux. That is the typing function par excellence. Also, Se is better at it than Si. Si people are horrible at typing. Se is good at it because it CAN SEE the person. The Ni-Se axis is good for typing. The Si-Ne axis is generally not too good with typing people. More object-oriented. Believe it or not, I consider Se to be subject-oriented. It closes in towards the subject.

Read my Got Perception? article to understand my view on that.



Michael Biehn is a very good example of an ISTP male on the hunky side. Actually, he’s a very good example of an ISTP, period.

Can you see/feel the difference between him and Michael Blaine? There is a clarity of features here. A certain neatness and compactness. Obviously, you’d have to take into account ethnic background for this too (Biehn is German).

Blonde Nordic types are T by racial profile.

Dark Mediterranean types are F by racial profile.

So, when the racial type and Myers-Briggs type are in accord, they reinforce the impression. When they clash, they lead to a more mixed type.

For example, an ISTP that has more Mediterranean ancestry or an ISFP that has more Nordic (white) ancestry.

Alright, back to sex and relating!