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if it makes you feel any better lots of us aren’t that great at it. i kinda suck at it:) even if it is like major fun. people here clarify things and keep it real. they just hone in on type like freaks of nature but they also teach and explain so well.
i think cuz you are pretty analytical you’ll keep figuring stuff out. in little bursts. but tons of it all at once might overwhelm. but actually you are good at staying stuff about people…in the comments. i admire the precision and i guess the number of details you can say. like you’re able to say a high number of observations you’ve made about someone you know. and they are actually “diagnostic” kind of. sizing up accurately.



Yeah, um - anyone else think the “after interview fake expressions” was scary as fuck?! Crazy lady.

Yeah but I don’t like blondes and so Nordic ISTPs are out for me.


Is there such a thing as an Se voice?

Claire Daines has a version of T tidy. Somehow neat contours. Form follows function is fascinating. Especially when it isn’t that much a food intake related function such as Si.

But then she still has an interesting air to her that makes her look spacey.


Hey super duper,

I have a sex/relation question for you…

How would you feel if you knew dudes (and chicks) are getting off to the thought of your wife? Now that they’ve seen her. Now that they’ve seen her and they can place a face with all of the naughtiness you bring to this maze.

Cause I really thought about this…and how sexually…frustrated (?) people are. And if I was a dude, I would be stroking it to the thought of your wife. Actually, as a chick, I might get off to the thought of your woman. How does that make you feel? Just curious is all.

Oh wait.

Here are some commas ,

and some
case letters forming words,


Yes, ENFJ and ENTJ have it the most. The two types that have it at tertiary. They speak and communicate Se.

It’s a sexy voice. In men, it’s that classic deep voice that communicates sex and virility.

Axl has it.[quote=“lunar, post:411, topic:44”]
Claire Daines has a version of T tidy. Somehow neat contours. Form follows function is fascinating. Especially when it isn’t that much a food intake related function such as Si.

Yeah, Clare Danes has that more static T look. Her eyes are usually fixed in a wide open expression that doesn’t change much.


you’re disrupting my peace!
making me comment on a forum on my nice date.
Hahahaha you’re too funny

my wife is flattered btw.

i kinda expect it to happen, she had a lot guys, well, still get approaches from random guys.

check out the movie called "Malena"
Italian movie again, starring monica bellucci.
it’s exactly what you’re describing. a little boy masturbating to a hot woman. the whole movie is about his fantasy about her.
you should definitely check out these movies.

and here are some photos to share

so you can feel like you’re part of our date. it would actually be cool if you joined us! we won’t make you feel like a third wheel at all. maybe we can threesome :smirk: hahaha jk

i think it’s normal. if you masturbated to my wife, I don’t care. It’s almost expected?
watch the movie, this is why I love Italian movie. they make movies out of things people don’t openly talk about. but so natural. I love it.


ooo cool! Can you guess which one is my favs?

No you’re not jk-ing you sick fuck! Haha. I mean, it could work actually - cause I’d be totally into your wife and not you. We’d better not anyways, cause she’d leave you for me.

She reminds me a lot of the only chick that has fingered me. I bet your wife is a good kisser, she has nice lips.

Have a great date! I’ll be going on one soon too - with my ma.



I bet it’s she wishes you were a chick. Cause she actually likes chicks. But then you came along and were cool. So now, she has to pretend your a dike-ish chick with a strap-on instead of a having a real dick.

I’ve never typed “dike” before, and I looked it up just now and I’m not sure if “dike” is correct or “dyke”. Hmm.


I have an imagination.

First time I got off, I was like 4. I had no idea what it was. I must have bumped into something and, “heyoh! That feels goooood.” I used to hump furniture. But then I moved to humping my fist against the floor. That’s how I did it until I was 18 ish. I used to do it at least 3 times a day. Come home from school, go upstairs, shut the door, hump myself. I remember when my husband and I first started seeing each other - I told him about how I got off, and he wanted to see it. So I got on the floor, humped myself, while he watched and touched himself too.

I stuck a finger in for the first time when I was 16.

Then I moved to vibrators - mistake. I started out with a tiny one. But they seemed to get bigger… lol. Yeah I have a hitachi magic wand. But, I only use that when I just need to bust one out real quick. Like those times where your thinking you’ll go insane if you don’t cum NOW. But most of the time it’s just me and my hands/fingers. For instance, I got off last night. It was pretty good, but too quick…I’ll have to tease myself for longer next time. And that’s what I do. It’s Erika’s special time… haha. I get comfy and naked. I sleep naked anyways. Then I tease myself. It’s like the only area in my life I’ve gained some level of discipline. And nowadays, I only get off 1 time a week if that. I like to wait…build up things, ya know? It’s better that way. And I watch porn occasionally. It’s just hard to find something I’m into. I like to see a connection between the partners. Like when you can tell they’re into each other…that’s fuckin hot. But I hate the “Oh baby, yes! Fuck me, ooooo mmmmm yesss…” it’s like shut the fuck up and be present. If I was fucking her, I’d probs shove her panties in her mouth. And I don’t like seeing chicks wear too much makeup - unless she’s in a gangbang…I guess I’m kind of picky. It’s so funny when my husband and I watch porn…cause I’ll be like “wtf is she wearing? Does he think that’s hot? Ooo I like her necklace. She has nice hair.” Meanwhile, my hubs is trying to rub one out while I tickle his balls.

So yeah, that’s just a little slice.


I think everyone is interested… :smiling_imp:


i don’t know how to go about telling without giving a background information.

what she did is pretty simple.

but to explain… it’s complex.

so i need time to ‘contruct’ it to explain.

i want to be careful about it because it’s not about me.
although she gave me the permission hahah

hahahaah btw! why are you interested?


I’ve actually seen this movie already. Dark stuff. Very damaging indeed. A life for a life. He should probs just find her and kill her.

Evil. And not the fun kind.


Sometimes it’s nice to just watch compilations of cream pies or facials though…gotta admit.


So you think it’s sexy and cute, she’s embarrassed about it, and it was a simple thing. Let’s make this interesting - give us clues so we can guess.

Hmmm she DID something. She queefed?
Damn, that happens to me all the time from behind. Depends on the angle…


okay, i’ll give multiple choice answers
there’s only one real answer, the rest are fake. guess the truth.

A. She masturbated to lesbian porn only
B. She purposely rides the bumpy road because it gives her pleasure
C. She puts her cellphone on vibrate and put it near her vagina so when someone calls she can answer with pleasure
D. She used to hide in her closet with electric toothbrush and used up the whole battery each time, and her parents wonder why she brushes her teeth so often.
E. She only watched tranny porn
F. She used to record herself on camera and masturbated to herself because she find herself attractive

there you go. anybody can take a guess.


I really, really hope it is this one. Cause it cracked me up, the part about answering with pleasure.
[Since I don’t like answering, if that wasn’t clear.]


Just watched this movie’s trailer, looks amazing. Been indulging in Fi id these days, going to watch it one day soon :slight_smile:


Voyeuristic interest :stuck_out_tongue:

And you can’t just tell me you know someone’s secret and not reveal it :stuck_out_tongue:

You said you found it cute and it’s every man’s dream or something to that end…

I would’ve liked it to be this though…


Have you guys ever been infatuated with one of your professors? Like they’re all ensconced in their domestic stuff and it seems so sad and stagnant…you just want to disrupt it in some way with the force of your youth or energy or enthusiasm (I think this is Sag influence in my chart?)

But then you don’t really want to be with that professor…it’s just the idea of being that flame to some beaten down moth is so attractive…


Oh wow! This just increased my respect for you even more than before!

And I’m so glad your wife does not live in that darkness anymore!

But it’s also really cool to have a wife who doesn’t find any other man attractive (I mean that in a nice way, I hope it doesn’t sound weird)… I mean I know I would love to be with a guy who doesn’t find any other woman attractive… but I wish your wife didn’t have to go through what she went through to become that way… anyway, I’m glad she’s happy with you now…

So what did your wife think of you the first time she met you? :stuck_out_tongue:

And D because its cute… like a girl can’t to buy a dildo so she uses whatever is available without it looking suspicious :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah you and I are into the same thing. Another example is like going to something formal and having an urge to just fuck it all up. A respectable man in a suit…gives me shivers. I just wanna fuck that shit up.

I really enjoy where my thread is going. Thanks guys!!