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Good for you for making her comfortable and good for her for getting past it/working on it.


which one?
check out all of the above I mentioned, you may find them interesting for your Fi id or whatever because idk what that means lol


This is interesting to me. She sounds like she was broken before. And then you broke her even more. Two different kinds of broken? One that makes her non-committed. One that does. So what comits you to her?


I mean the movie ‘Damage’ you recommended, but now I see the other ones too. Thanks for the suggestions! I called it Fi-id mood, because it comes close to what Blake wrote about Fi in INFJs. Instead of dwelling, I watch movies like these whenever it occurs. Sort of to push it to the max :cold_sweat::

I find they have a therapeutic effect on me haha, sort of a catharsis thing maybe. When I’m in my ‘normal’ mode, I wouldn’t watch them.



Yea!! There’s this other younger student at my lab and he dresses so formally so unnecessarily…like there’s pathogenic bacteria everywhere, do you really need a tie? & I just want to tear it up sometimes like a hurricane storming against a pillar…I don’t want to be broken down and I don’t necessarily need to be understood fully but I want to have someone to come home at the end of the day for hugs while I go take over the Illuminati (and he can take over anything he wants too…as long as I don’t have to cook) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Basically I’m terrible at being domestic and live off of fast food takeout so I need a guy to do all that stuff for me…or servants…


idk why i thought of this guy from your description


Omg stop it there’s a Mormon in my classes and I think he sparkles…like Edward Cullen!! I mean as long as he’s interested and he cares…life is good. And how did you know my favorite thing to get is a Happy Meal??

Once my friends forced me to watch Star Trek because I am of the opinion that Star Wars is better in every way and I ended up really liking Spock…he’s so emotionally restrained I want to storm in and set off the explosions…whoops that was pretty off topic.

I like Benedict Cumberbatch hahaa…Sherlock has nice fashion sense and the same sort of emotional restraint I can’t help but be drawn too…but I think in real life I wouldn’t want to be his wife?? I don’t know!

Who’s your celebrity crush?


HAhaaHAHA being overdressed to this extent should be a crime! Also his facial expression is priceless…does he even want to be in that outfit in the first place??


Nah I like nerds over dictators!! :nerd: Tbh I’m probably attracted to tert- or inf-Fi loool which would trigger my Fi-id like nobody’s business…to the detriment to everyone in the vicinity…

She’s pretty!!

EDIT: So I’m enfj which means the Fi-id thing doesn’t apply to me anymore hahaaaha…I wonder why I’m so attracted to Fi though…


Hahah your wife is so to the point :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i remember you spoke about this earlier… and that she and your mom are the only people who have passed the test… i can understand the need to make sure someone really means it… the difference between me and you is it wouldn’t take me much time to change the result of the test even after the person has passed once… the test never ends :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes :smiley:


Naaah… I didn’t even know anything about astrology or MBTI the last time i was in a relationship (i have never officially been in a relationship though… can always predict the train wreck it is going to turn into… so i jump off the wagon before the crash :stuck_out_tongue: )… in fact, i got into MBTI because the last experience was so fucked up… I had always been interested in psychology… but i was more into Freud than Jung… but one day, after things had gone downhill with the last dude, i just happened to take an MBTI test with my friends at work during a coffee break, for fun… and then i was like okay HOW does this work… and i was like YAY something to help me analyse the shit out of my failed romance… and now i’m so glad i found something so USEFUL because i wanted to distract myself :smiley:

And i don’t think MBTI compatibility or natal chart compatibility would be part of the criteria for my selection of a romantic interest… i would just use their type and chart to understand them, not to judge them… but i think judgement comes very naturally to me… i mean i wouldn’t be attracted to someone unless i really admired their personality/character… and that is naturally heavily influenced by type and chart :stuck_out_tongue: I have a thing for strong Aries and Scorpio influence though (i found in retrospect)… they totally turn me on and intrigue me…

They don’t… Not interesting enough and not interested enough (to figure me out)… I had too many guy “best friends” when growing up… they like opening up to me for some reason… so i know how their minds work too well :stuck_out_tongue: i find women more interesting psychologically because there are so many layers to peel away…

Hmm kind of… I like it, most of the time… but it gets really draining sometimes…

Haha you seem to have figured me out pretty well :smiley: yeah… i never ask anyone for advice… because their advice seems fake… like people don’t genuinely care… they kind of just want you to be okay so that you can go back to listening to their problems and being there for them, which i don’t mind at all! but the intention makes me sad… like why can’t anyone actually care about someone for their own sake? that’s what i try to do for most people… so its just disappointing… lol… and their advice kinda sucks or isn’t practical anyway… hate hearing hollow words like “It’ll all be okay” or “Don’t be sad” or “It all happens for a reason”… its like such a lack of awareness of why the person is feeling what they are feeling… i would rather learn something about myself instead…

Oh yes… i have a combination of inferiority complex and superiority complex… I know what i am capable of or what i am worth… but i also know that i don’t have the ability to convert it to some action in the real world because of difficulty in being outspoken/standing up for myself or being street smart… i think most INFJ feel that way and become rather irritated with the world… because it won’t let them be cool the way they want to be… but yeah at the same time i don’t look down on anyone… like i can see everyone has different potential and their own brand of talent, which is equally important… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for asking these questions :slight_smile: and wanted to say thank you for throwing those charts at me and all your feedback… really boosted my confidence :slight_smile:


How bouts you both take over the Illuminati and you each take turns cooking…or take turns ordering out? Tehe


Hahahaaha that’d be fine too…as long as it’s not McDonalds…I eat it so often now that ten years in the future I’ll probably throw up the moment I see a Happy Meal again…


Awww. You need someone to cook for you and pet you. Like a good kitty.


:smiley_cat: BUSTED!! I’m Henri le Chat Noir…

Do you think I’m intj then??


I don’t care what type you are. I’ll treat you like a kitty no matter what.

Scratch your ears. Give you milk in a dish. Tell you to get down from the top of the fridge.


I’d purr…and then maybe claw your face :smirk_cat:


Bad kitty.



Two years ago…

oh haha… it was lame… nothing like the kind of fucked up you have probably been through…
basically he was confused… the other girl was a really close friend of ours…

ENFP with ADHD and anxiety disorder…

Aries… very dynamic… they don’t sit around and wait… always go after what they want… i don’t have the ability to take initiative… so i admire it in someone else… and they won’t back down… they don’t get intimidated by me… hot-headed and hot-blooded, with a self-centered honesty… i like…

Scorpio… intense… you can never quite figure them out… there are so many dark, hidden nooks and crannies, you can keep exploring them forever… and there’s always a blend of the creative and the destructive… together it creates balance in flux… lol… and they get jealous and possessive, but don’t want you to know… the emotional manipulation is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm guys? ENXP, ISFP, and based on the only interaction with an ESTP (after learning about MBTI) i definitely like…

Girls… INFP, INFJ (these two are the most “equal” interactions) and ESFP…

hahah true… that’s the role i play in ‘groups’… and sometimes i mother friends but they are usually girls… except that previous ENFP guy definitely needed a mom… last time he spoke to me he said my kids will be lucky to have me as a mother because i am very nurturing… i felt disgusted :joy:

Hmm i tend to play very different roles… there is mom… then sometimes i’m more like a bro… sometimes i’m the advisor or elder sister… whatever they need me to be… type wise, my close friends have been ENXP, ENTJ, INTP, ISFP and ESXP (i think a couple of guys i was really close to in school were ESTP), have never actually met an INTJ other than my dad… and he has spoken about his feelings to me only a couple of times :stuck_out_tongue:

romantically, yes… sexually… i don’t know…

Would you tell me why if i asked you? :stuck_out_tongue:

And i TOTALLY agree with you with respect to expectations… It’s a lesson hard learnt, but a very valuable one :slight_smile:

This one might be hard… have you ever received advice which you thought was BS, but it actually helped you?

I think you are VERY GOOD at judging character…

Hahah yes!! It’s amazing how just these tiny black characters can reveal enough to form a mental image of someone…

Thanks bob… i used to feel sad about being told that but i think its a blessing because i avoided a lot of complications in my life by being mature… but its been rather dull… I think your maturity comes from experience and that might be a more wholesome (even if demanding) way of learning things…

Me too! Why do you miss it though?

In my personal life? Just two mentors who taught me…
In general… a lot of writers, philosophers, musicians, directors, actors, scientists etc. What about you? Do you look up to anyone?