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That I don’t know. How would I if they didn’t tell me? It’s the one thing that pisses me off in relationships…talk to me. Unfiltered. Don’t hold back. I’d rather cry than wonder.


most unsuccessful relationships comes from lack of communication.
and it’s those that holds stuff internally are the ones with bad relationship.


@supernokturnal @Ankh @Prax Thanks for the answers y’all…I have hope!!! :persevere:

Now here’s the thing: I can make it so that he’s the only guy I treat with this much affection (I like him a lot) but I am fond of being cuddly and close with female friends…I won’t inflame any jealousy there right?? Cause I need friend support…and I’m straight as a ruler so there should be no fear there…


I think usually ISFP are only jealous of same sex. So just avoid other guys lol. He will be all “I am the only dick she craves” . Though I think, if you do get together, do not blow him off for your friends.

You know how tv scenario women don’t like guys being out with their friends and leaving them hanging to dry at home? Same applies to ISFP men if they had plans to be around you for whatever special thing in their mind. Don’t just leave with a girl’s night out. They will get suspicious or passive aggressive. Unless you want that and wanna “make it up to him” lol… just follow through if you do, because ISFP remember every slight that goes unrepaid.

I think of Si-id as like an internal scoreboard. It seems many ISFP operate this way, which makes them a bit vindictive when they are stressed. But it seems like if you can stroke and smooth out their feelings well (or honestly, if they can’t find anyone else to handle their bs), you’re golden.


Either I am not an ENFJ or … yeah… this sounds like shit. Lol


I thought you LOVE the idea of jealous possessive men? This is what it means! hhahah

Maybe your fantasy doesn’t match with reality.


Me thinks you’re right. I just think I need communication. Like if either myself or my husband is needy, we say it. “I’m needy, I need attention.” Or this is code for needy: “I have the lovies really bad.” Or I just tell my husband: “I need to rest my head on your lap. You need to pet my head and tell me I’m good and that everything’s okay.” And I’m very lucky in this regard, because he always gives that to me.

I don’t want someone moping around because I decided to have girls night with my mom and sister and make me feel bad about it later. Fuck that. I also like when people aren’t dependent on me. It’s like, go do something. Everybody needs their own time.



Yeah, just blow him, period.

Or blow him on your period.

Or periodically blow him

Or blowingly periodic him.

Or blow him on your friends.

Whatever works.

You gonna have to stroke and smooth out more than that. :yum:


Dirty mind!!! Despicable!!! Outrageous!!! Awesome.


Haaahahah okay duly noted!!! We still have a long way to go before that point though…:grimacing:


Are you kidding me!?? This is the stuff I dream of…I want to be chained to someone and have him be chained to me like this…it’s hot!! :kissing_heart:


hahaha ISFP’s obsession is not as bad as others… That are possessive.

i actually enjoy very much my wife’s possessiveness. it’s very subtle and gentle.
and healthy.

i had a girl where she was extremely possessive and I thought at first this is kinda fun because it’s different. but later it wore me out.
like the first time she screamed my ears off because some girl called me while we were together.
I thought it was cute and funny at first.
but that shit was taxing and draining after awhile.
like it was so bad to a point that I couldn’t even spend time with my own fucking family. now that’s just fucking batshit crazy.

were you guys always this communicative?
that’s a very healthy relationship you have! awesome!

and wow Prax hit the nail.

but yeah @iamrl you have hope.
he definitely likes you.
if you understand his psyche you’ll think it’s rather cute that he’s doing that.
but I think we spoiled the fun by exposing his plan.
I usually want people to figure these stuff out on their own because it’s more exciting with anticipation and confusion.

but at the same time I don’t want people to be all confused and be stressed out and miss out on good opportunities.

but… Omg so many buts.
but also I think the person isn’t really ready to be in a relationship if you can’t even figure something out that simple.

it’s like fast-forwarding growth without the process.

but I find benefits of knowing these relationship skills because you can avoid emotional turmoil.

… do you get what I mean? hahaha


I agree there’s definitely a balance that needs to be made so that the possessiveness doesn’t feel too stifling…

:grimacing: Well I really doubt that a perfect situation will ever arise for a relationship to start…so I’m just going to roll with this captivating imperfection and see where it leads…I have no illusions and I am willing to grow!!

You guys are like my older siblings helping me figure out isfp because I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with one before now…


love the attitude!

yes we are.
aren’t you blessed!


How susceptible are ISFP actually to be “won over” by sex after they are pissy?
That’s differen’t from being seduced, I think… ISFP will let themselves be seduced (aka courted) by anyone they think is “worthy” LOL. But once they are angry at you for impropriety, is a blowjob offer or surprise blowjob really the ticket?

I think in most cases, they will think the sex is a reward for the other person. Maybe ISFP men are different, but it seems like they would also withhold reciprocating sexual attention until they get regular “pure” attention. (Though maybe a physical or emotional massage is pure enough. Maybe they are nitpicky, but not overly nuanced??)


Physically, of course. I don’t even mind the brutal reality of being chained. Bruising, scratches, the weight… I want someone to choose to be with me and vice versa. I don’t want an emotional chaining. If I get in that mindset, things become overwhelmingly obsessive. Kinda like Romeo and Juliet shit. Awww isn’t it romantic? No. They’re dead, while they could be laughing and eating a burrito.


I love the healthy mindset you have. [quote=“Erika, post:534, topic:44”]
Awww isn’t it romantic? No. They’re dead, while they could be laughing and eating a burrito.

never thought you would say something like this hahaha

oh btw the cantaloupe guy isn’t infj. he’s infp…


I don’t care what type someone is. If they’re fucking a cantaloupe, then we shouldaloupe.


Hahahaha okay true true. But thought I’d mention because that’s also your “soulmate” type.

so I’m guessing you find American pie a turn-on?
the first movie where the dude tries to stick it in warm American pie and his dad catches him…


This one time at band camp, I saw that movie when I was TOO young with my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle. It was very uncomfortable…ha.