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uncomfortable because you were turned on by it and didn’t know how to react?


Ok update: Now I’m scared we may be moving too quickly because he’s become super physically affectionate…and I don’t want this to be a few months’ fling I want it to be a long term relationship so I don’t want to fan the flames and have it explode…what do I do??? I’ve never liked someone this much before :dizzy_face:


like what do you mean by this?

like sexually or romantically?

idk if this helps, but my wife is super physically affectionate all the time, and it’s not one of those things that fades away.
it seems like that’s how ISFPs show love.
like she still wants to hold hands. she still wants to hug tightly. she still wants to cuddle.

i know in certain cases this only happens in the ‘beginning’ of a relationship, but it’s not always the case.


oh. one more thing.
i thought i was moving too quickly because my girlfriend (wifey) told me she loved me like way too soon.
and i worried that she’s infatuated with me right now and probably things will fade away.
but no they just love you intensely.

okay. i’m gonna reference to @anhydrite . whatever her type is. (ISFPish)
but read how she processes love. it’s like ‘bam’ almost immediately. and it’s INTENSE.


Yeah like I’m worried…what if it dies out??? What can I do to make it last???

As for your first question…he kissed my hand :heartbeat:


You are more likely to get bored than he is. lol


What a charmer!

I think you’re worrying way too much. You should just be yourself and enjoy it. Cause you’re young and it’s the time for love. I’d say fall straight into it! But that’s just me.

Speaking for my ISFPish type, when I like someone I, I like em. Everything they do become an act of infinite fascination. Not like parents with children “Oh, look at what my kid does! It’s amazing!” I mean it is, but that’s besides the point. More along the lines of “How could someone so perfect exist?” and “I just want to know everything about them.” I wouldn’t too worry about the negative traits either or messing it up, us ISFPish are pretty resilient and terribly obsessive. Maybe be more worried of stalking :stuck_out_tongue: No just kidding, I’ve never gone that far.

Love is suppose to make you neurotic and insecure, but it’s also thrilling and fun! Flirt back! I can see you charming his pants off already.


yeah… i second that.

like prax said, you don’t have to worry about him fading away from you.
it’ll be you if anything.

but yeah i figured you were worried about that.
and no that’s not moving ‘too quickly’ hahaha

just give him love and attention and you don’t have to do anything crazy.
you don’t have to try to ‘hold his interest’, just be yourself.


Anyone ever notice the sex appeal of construction workers? Hot. Dirty and crusty. I could use a lot more adjectives that may be discriminatory, so I won’t. But all of those things in a construction worker are hot. Like, there’s a few that ride my train and they look dirty. Their tops and bottoms are stained from dirt or they’re just really dirty and the boots…hot. Really meaty, big hands too - like bear claws…rawr. Oh and during the summer on the way back home was the best because they’re sweaty and stinky and dirty. Hot. It’s cool, cause they’re in their own little dirty world. Everyone else on the train looks clean and has nice clothes on. Then a meaty-clawed gorilla who may or may not have showered, wearing dirty clothes and big dirty boots comes stompin up on the train not givin a fuck. Oh, and don’t get me started on the hard hats. Oh!! And when you walk past a group of them on their lunch break…hottest fucking thing. Feeling eyes rape you. It’s cool. Yeah construction workers are hot. Anyone else notice this?


Yeah and they always look like they have their own rhythm too. Their jobs tend to have strange hours but their whole demeanor makes it seem like they themselves would have strange hours boss or no boss. They also look like they’re not overly verbose. Oh and they make other people’s work seem like white collar fake work. Oh and when you see a bunch of them problem solving it looks so relaxed. Some are off to the side as if nothing mattered. Ready to take their work back up when called. Sometimes they wave to the rest of us on the highway, patiently waving every damm car.


YES! Seeing so much eye candy was one of the few benefits I had while being a construction worker.

This was always the part that embarassed me about being a construction worker.

I felt like I needed to be rehabilitated to human society after I got off my job.

Yo, I loved the whole no boss part. I pretty much saw my boss in the first 15 minutes on my shift and during two breaks later on in the day. Other than those times, I was pretty much a free agent :slight_smile:.


@JaMisa I thought of you when Erika mentioned hard hats. How long did you end up going with that. Did you mingle with the others? Did you get physically stronger? Oh and were the people with you coming and going switching jobs a lot on average or otherwise?


Lol. I still have the hat. I probably should store mini trinkets in it now so that it’s useful.

Three months.

Not really. I generally sat with others during lunch break and a brief 15 minute break. When I could get away, I would have my breaks in an auditorium (the jobsite was at a university!).

I was an outlier in the general demographic at my job, so there wasn’t too much I felt I could talk to others about.

Lol, and I also was salty about being one of the few single people working (everyone always had a girlfriend, kid, or wife to talk about).

Meanwhile, I only have a bottle of soda to go home to.

Yes! Not impressively so, but I did develop better arm strength. I would definitely say there was a change in my physical endurance from my first day of work to my last day working.

I went from a nearly dead sweaty mess to a troop-like sweaty mess :grinning:.

Yeah! A lot of people came and went. The closer the jobsite is to getting finished, the more the people leave.

The longer the job takes, the more people come and go (some people even get laid off :grimacing:).

But yeah, I generally kept to myself, so I can’t say I was too privy to everyone that came and left.

Great questions Lunar :grinning:!


So realz, since you’re back from the battlefield, tell us all about the bloodshed. Do you need some clean up help from Death? Or do you want them to suffer a bit longer? I don’t mind waiting. Actually, I’m always waiting…

Tagged so you’ll see - @iamrl


I don’t know…I think there are some things worse than Death…including knowing that you had the opportunity to make it really amazing…but you didn’t and you couldn’t because you weren’t in the same place in life and you were confused about how to handle the intensity lurking in those the angelic eyes :innocent: and now you have to live with it, knowing that you’re attracted but at the same time repelled…

It’s nice having that power…but sad that I haven’t found someone who could withstand the riptides swirling under the placid surface I project…


No one will be able to withstand it. Which is a good thing. Because what good is that power then?


Yea I guess that’s true…maybe what I meant to say is that I haven’t found someone who doesn’t immediately run away when they see that intensity…but who is willing to at least try to withstand it…but if I see that then I know my heart will forever leave my hands tbh…and I’ll be theirs forever…and that seems a little scary to me haahaahhaa :grimacing:


You think anyone can get away with hints of love and infatuation on this site? With me? No.

Tell us about your corpse whore, @johnonymous.



Who found my planetarium? Yes, who
Sat cautiously, at first, for my program,
and sat, and sat, and waited then for you
and all the MazeMice here to leave the room?
Who crept up, guided by that ceaseless whir,
That hum—my pulleys spinning under lid?
In darkness I could not decipher her,
She stole the cap, turned quick, and dove, and hid.
And then: a faint soft tapping, then a sigh,
And growing, rumbling thoughts trained fast and close.
I’ve seen a maze of dreams in her dark eye,
I dreamed she burned and begged I pick her bones.
If I—no—when I wrap my mind round her,
I’ll share what bits i dare for fucking sure.


So, uh - brown hair, brown eyes?

She stole your cap playfully because you shaved your head and she wanted a peek-see. She’s fun and you miss that. She looks like she has hidden mysteries. She looks like she wants you to fuck her body and mind. My guess is, she doesn’t have kids. And you feel like she singled you out, which makes you feel special. She was at your “program” whatever that means. You gave a speech? Hm, so she’s new but maybe you’ve known her for a while? Had to have known of her at least. Or at the very least, she’s known of you for a while. More guesses - you two have not had sex yet. Maybe kissed, but doubt that. She has a nice smile. I’d say she’s between 5’7” and 5’9”.

Sounds like you’re a goner, broski.