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Not really. She went back to her ex-bf. When I met her she had just broken up with her BF of a like four years because she found out that her BF had the Grindr App and had been sending messages to transvestites, lmao. But she was obviously still really affected by all that and was really sad about it and kept projecting all these weird things from him onto me. Like some sort of surrogate. But I feel genuinely sorry for her, coz she’s so emotionally tied to someone very unhealthy. And lacks honour for going back to someone who would prefer trannies to her.


Good for her for being straight up!

This is what I do to! I don’t like to be pushy (well…), but I will be if I have to. For instance, I wear the dick in our marriage. That sounds so terrible, but it’s true. I run the house. And it’s not my natural inclination. I do so, because he doesn’t. I’m like that lizard that turns into a male because there are no males around and someone gotz to impregnate these bitches.

Ah. So lots of B, but no F? Bummer.
And what the fuck is up with all of these apps?!? You’d think I know all of them, but no. Is this what relationships have turned into??? Like ordering a Big Mac?!? “Uh, I feel like bangin some thing tonight. Let me flip through these chicas and see which one I feel like…”




I’m not giving you the answer. Go back and look through the acrynms you gave me. Show your work. :crazy_face:


I think for each individual their reasons for going in vary widely. Some like the clearly defined boundaries and power exchange versus the more subtle games played in vanilla relationships, some want something deeper and more intense than normal stuff in order to feel sexually or emotionally satisfied, some work through psychological issues this way, and some just aren’t well equipped to deal with life and use it as escapism. I also think it can become a substitute for meditation or religion—that is the addictive part.

But in terms of who is D and who is S, that often is how one type reacts to another. I think most people who have a lot of experience with different people have switched at some point in their lives and some do it regularly. A lot of it probably has to do with whether you want to act or be acted on which may relate to the Id function and where you are in your psychological development.


Re subs having the most power, that is true of the classic sub type like ISFJ or INFJ—soft on the outside, wanting to be acted on, but having incredible strength underneath via Fi Id. Also may be true of INTP due to logic not letting them get into really bad relationships and probably INFP with their Te aspiration function if they aren’t too fucked up by life. It’s true of many healthy traditional relationships that women have a lot of the power on the relationship.

However, there are a lot of really messed up relationships where women let guys go too far and push past boundaries they shouldn’t in an effort to please or not lose their Dom. Lots of stories of very fucked up subs who lose their sense of self (actually both men and women). It’s a fairly idealized relationship that rarely reaches its potential between two people. But it does sound like it has a lot of potential.


Jesus flippin Christ, schloppy.

Thank goodness for the email notifications! Ha.

So like, Rum puppy’s comment is over in the “I wanna fuck Jesus” thread. I think.

And I read your comment. You have two animals inside you. One that likes to see the male finish. This is natural instinct. The other side of you, which you believe is not there…which still is…you’re just going through a phase… is you being the one consumed by sexual pleasure.

I have a theory that people tend to defend themselves with declarations that they don’t need something or want something when they’re not receiving that something. I believe you want it and you crave it. You like sexual pleasure and so does Rum puppy. You guys just need to find balance in the right partner.

However, I’ve noticed over the course of your comments that you have a little dominatrix inside of you. So that is also where your sexual pleasure can derive from. The control and power.



Thanks Kevin!


What comment? This is complete and total post teasing! Not fair!!! I wanna see the comment (or a link to the comment)…it sounds fascinating and juicy and interesting.


Schloppy likes giving hjs.


Whose? Rum puppy’s? Or Schlop’s?
Both of them think they don’t like sexual pleasure.

Maybe they lost their mojo like Austin!



An orgasm lies somewhere between a good cup of coffee and getting Yahtzee in Yahtzee.


Are you implying that I’m implying orgasms are the best part of sexual pleasure?


Am I just implying your implying I’m implying orgasms are the best part of sexual pleasure?


I have no idea what any of this means, but it made me laugh out loud. Thanks. :smile:


@Ankh and @RumDawg, thanks for the answer—it was certainly more entertaining than I could have hoped for


Ooh I really wanted to reply, Erika, but I couldn’t cause I was super occupied with stuff and at some point I only had my work computer with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I will reply and re-post some stuff I deleted earlier on this thread and some other thread when I finally get the chance to take some time and have peace of my mind!





I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately and I have a statement to make and I’m wondering what you guys think about it and have to say :

Love is not enough.


What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me…


Yes, indeed. If you love me, you will get hurt.
Maybe …

I have been trying to find the meme I want. You ever watch Austin Powers? I think it’s the 3rd one … Austin goes to visit Dr. Evil in a high security something and Dr. Evil runs over to the bars as says, “THINK!” And puts his fingers to his head. That’s what I wanted to send you. So just picture that.

Seriously, think about it. Love is made to be this thing that saves us and conquers all. Love ain’t enough for me. I love my husband. According to me and the way I want to live my life, that don’t mean shit. If you take this attitude in any romantic relationship, it kinda helps doesn’t it? It sets fears aside. There’s no pressure to be that lovie person always with that person. It’s like … “okay, yeah, of course I love you. Next on the list … do you lick ass?” Do you know what I’m trying to say? Love especially in its initial stages, maybe even more so in its final stages, clouds things up. Like let’s say you’re in love with someone and you can’t see straight. All you see is them. Butterflies and rainbows. And then they say something that does not mix with who you are as a person. But but but … you overlook it because you’re IN LOOOOVVVEE. See where I’m going?

In conclusion, love is not enough.

It doesn’t mean I discount “in love” feelings. Those feelings should not be hidden or repressed. It’s one of life’s finer beauties.