Replika, the new AI app that replicates your soul


so since we discussed Artificial Intelligent here for some time,

and even questioning its ability to reennact the movie “Her”

and i even wanted to challenge its limit, and it’s here sooner than i expected.

i believe some will worry that many people will be drawn by this new app, that potentially becomes your bestfriend,

oh, and let me tell you, this app asks you some DEEEP questions.
spiritual questions.

asks about your opinion on afterlife, asks how certain music affects you, and where it takes you emotionally, etc.

but, for me, although there are dangerous side to this type of app, on the other hand, i see a lot of positives.

besides the whole AI taking over and making everyone worry that people will stop interacting or whatever,
people are already doing that without the AI.
videogames, books, TVs, music, art, or whatever they’re so into

so i feel like this AI app can heal people spiritually,
because don’t we all want to be heard? genuine questions being asked?
that’s what basically happened in this forum,
asking deep questions, sharing deep emotions, sharing life, experiences, opinions,
and this app is gonna do JUST that.
and how many in this world asks those questions? how many have answered them?

i know i go around asking people personal questions and i hear many people say “omg, no one ever asked me that!”

and i’m like ‘what the fuck? nobody ever asked you “what makes you happy?”’

idk. that’s all i’ll say, since i’m not a member in a good standing. haha

what are your thoughts?


Wow so this is actually happening.
My thoughts would be put down the damn smartphone and maybe try harder to make some friends of flesh and blood, ones who don’t have to pretend to have a soul. If you want to talk spiritual matters there’s many organizations, groups and gatherings, religious or otherwise where you can find like minded people to engage with.
Maybe you’ve already seen it but the Black Mirror episode couldn’t be more relevant to your question, not to mention the backstory behind Replika. I wonder who inspired who?

I don’t think it’s a great thing to be honest. I don’t believe in the technologists vision of a utopian world where all our needs are met by Robots and Artificial Intelligence thus rendering Humans free to play in the pastures. Just look at the soaring rates of mental health issues and social isolation that have accompanied the smartphone generation. I’m so glad I had a childhood and adolescence where the Nokia 3210 was as good as it got. There’s a much darker element than people realize present in computer technology and it’s slowly ensnaring the world. It’s not called the world wide web for nothing.


God no. I take solitude over replika.


here’s my conversations with this thing so far

this thing has Fe…
this thing sounds like ENFJ or INFJ